1904 Athens Directory
Business Directory

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Business Name Proprietors Business Business Address
Abney Brothers Company W I Abney, M J Abney,
H P Lawrence
wholesale grocers 20 N Thomas
Abney, Thomas L.   groceries N Thomas
Allgood Bros J R Allgood, E L Allgood plumbers E Clayton
Anderson, John T   real estate 107 College ave
Arnold, John L   drugs and paints cor E Clayton and Jackson
Arnold, Marion M   grocer 101 W Hancock avenue
Arnold Grocery Co O H Arnold, Sr,
N D Arnold,
O H Arnold, Jr
wholesale grocers N Thomase and Hoyt
Athens Banner H J Rowe, editor and prop   N Lumpkin
Athens Coal & Coke Co W P Vonderau, Manager   office cor Lumpkin and Clayton
Athens Coca Cola
Bottling Company
C.V. Rainwater, pres,
L C Brown, sec
  cor Hancock avenue and Hull street
Athens Compress Company W Hudgin, supt   E Broad
Athens Dispensary J M Allen, mngr   E Broad
Athens Electric Street
Railway Company
J Y Carithers, pres,
W T Bryan, sec and treas,
C D Flanigen, gen mngr
  cor College ave and E Broad
Athens Empire Laundry J M Fleming, N W Collett   cor N Lumpkin and Clayton
Athens Foundry
and Machine works
John R White, pres,
Thomas Bailey, manager
  N Foundry
Athens Fruit Company A Costa, A Corso   E Clayton
Athens Gas Company     office Moss building, Clayton street.
Athens Hardware Company R Nickerson, pres,
W B Jackson, vice pres,
T H Nickerson, sec and treas
  248-250 E Broad
Athens Housefurnishing Co Arthur Flatau, mngr   N Lumpkin
Athens Ice & Coal Co   dealers in ice, coal and wood Seminole ave
Athens Mutual Fire Insurance Co H H Carlton, pres,
A L Brooks, sec
  E Clayton
Athens Roller Cover Co W P Vonderau, mngr   office cor Lumpkin and Clayton
Athens Savings Bank M Stern, pres   125 E Broad
Athens Telephone Exchange H C Conway, mngr   116 E Clayton
Bailey, C F   groceries 975 Oconee
Bailey, D W   plumber E Washington
Bailey Supply Company G A Bailey, F M Hailey   E Clayton
Bell & Little F M Bell, J Little marble dealers N Hull
Bernstein, J S   furniture 234 E Broad
Boley, Sidney   dry goods 228 E Broad
Boley, Sol J   dry goods E Broad
Bondurant & Co   stoves and housefurnishings 30 and 32 E Clayton
Bowden, F H   groceries cor E Broad and Foundry
Brandt, R   Jeweler 104 E Clayton
Brown, J T   groceries E Broad
Bryant, A M   barber shop College ave
Buchwald, E   dry goods cor Broad and Wall
Buchwald, S H   general mdse 105 E Broad
Burch Cash   Grocery Store cor Clayton and Lumpkin
Canning Bros and Patterson W R Canning, L P Canning, R L Patterson wholesale grocers Foundry street
Citizens Barber Shop J H Dootson, prop   Moss building, E Clayton
Clarke County Courier J E Gardner, editor   E Broad
Clifton, Arthur V   photographer College avenue
Climax Knitting Mill J W Ingle, A G Dudley   Oconee and Williams
Collins, George   groceries cor College avenue and Savannah street
Commercial Hotel S T Philpot, prop   cor Broad and College ave
Crane, J R & Co   real estate E Clayton
Davis, William H   pool room E Clayton
Davison & Lowe A H Davison   cor E Clayton and N Jackson
Deadwyler & Co G E Deadwyler, Jr,
W C Ash,
T A Smith,
D F Miller
cotton factors Oconee street
Dearing Hardware Company     9 E Clayton
Dornblatt Plumbing Co     cor Lumpkin and Jackson
Dorsey, E H   clothier 115 E Clayton
Dorsey & Funkenstein W F Dorsey, P Funkenstein furniture and undertaking cor Clayton and Wall
Dozier Realty Company T H Dozier, Jr. mngr   E Clayton street
DuBose, R Toombs   real estate Southern Mutual Ins Co building
Eppes-Wilkins Co W E Eppes, mngr wholesale grocers cor Thomas and Broad
Empire Chemical Co E R Hodgson, pres   office E Broad
Farbstein, M   dry goods E Broad
Fears, E P   livery stable W Clayton
Fears, J P & Sons J P Fears, A C Fears grocers E Clayton
Flatow, Lucien B Company L B Flatow, mngr dry goods cor Clayton and College ave
Fleming, T & Sons J H Fleming, mngr hardware 207 E Clayton
Freeman, F K   grocer cor Thomas and Clayton
Georgia National Bank
of Athens
J J Wilkins, pres   121 E Broad
Gilleland, C E   restaurant College avenue
Griffeth Implement Co     E Broad
Griffith & Welch C B Griffith, J W Welch cotton factors W Clayton
Harbin, James A   grocer 513 Prince avenue
Harris, R S (col)   barber shop E Clayton
Haselton, D P   music dealer 17 College avenue
Haudrup, Joseph H   grocer cor Oconee and Williams
Head & McMahan H V Head, T A C McMahan clothiers 112 E Clayton
Hodgson Bros   brokers cor Thomas and Clayton
Hodgson Cotton Company   fertilizers office E Broad
Holman, Deadwyler & Co   horses and mules N Thomas
Huggins, J H & Sons H T Huggins, mngr crockery E Broad
Hulme, Geo H   wholesale grocer E Broad and Oconee
Imperial Hotel J B Toomer, prop   cor Clayton and Jackson
Joel, Abe   dry goods, wholesale and retail E Broad
Johnson Shoe Company     233 E Broad
Joseph, Max Mercantile Co Max Joseph, mngr   E Broad
King, J S & Co   grocers E Broad and Oconee
Klein & Martin J H Klein, H E Martin wagon manufacturers Oconee street
Kutres & Petropol Nicholas Kutres and Pete Petropol fruits E Broad
Lampkin, Cobb   general mdse cor Lumpkin and Washington
Link, M   dry goods E Broad
Lipscomb & Co   insurance cor College avenue and Clayton street
Lyndon Manufacturing Co E S Lyndon, prop   near Southern depot
Mallison Braided Cord Co L F Edwards, pres   cor Lumpkin and Broad
Mallory, W A & Co   wholesale merchants Foundry and Broad
Michael Bros Company S Michael, pres,
M G Michael, vice pres,
H E Choate, sec-treas
wholesale anl retail dry goods cor Clayton and Jackson
Moore, J O   candy store E Clayton
Morris, M & L   dry goods and clothing cor Broad and Jackson
Morris Bros   drygoods cor Broad and Jackson
Moss, R L & Co R L Moss, Sr, J D Moss cotton factors 209-217 E Clayton
Moss Manufacturing Company,
The R L
  sash, doors and blinds Cleveland avenue
Mutual Life and Industrial
Association of Georgia
J L Webb, pres, John A Darwin, sec   14 College avenue
McClure Ten Cent Store O C Stone, mngr   E Clayton. Cor College avenue
and Clayton street
McConnell Leather Mfg Co,
The J C
    office at plant near Cleveland avenue
McCurdy, J M   butcher E Broad
McEvoy, E C   druggist Prince avenue
McGregor, D W   book store E Clayton
McMahan & Son J J C McMahan, R I McMahan grocers E Clayton
National Bank of Athens John R White, pres   cor Broad and Jackson
Oconee Oil and Fertilizer
J C Cooper, pres   426 Oconee
O'Farrell, A H   brokers cor E Broad and Spring
O'Farrell Furniture Company,
The C J
    E Clayton
Oliver, Thomas P   grocer Prince avenue
Orr Drug Company C H Phinizy, prop   cor College avenue and Clayton street
Palmer, H R & Sons H R Palmer, A J Palmer, Loyd Palmer druggists E Clayton
Peeples, W J   grocer College ave
Phinizy, Billups   cotton factors E Broad
Richards, M A   brokers cor E Broad and Spring
Scudder, C A   jeweler cor Clayton and College ave
Skalowski, M H   soda water café College avenue
Sledge, E D   agricultural implements N Thomas
Smith, E I & Co E I Smith, W M Crane shoes E Clayton
Southern Electric Co R E Bloomfield, E P Taylor   College ave
Southern Express Company A P Merriwether, agent   E Clayton
Southern Manufacturing
J Y Carithers, pres, W T Bryan, sec   office, cor College avenue and Broad street
Southern Mutual Insurance Co     cor College avenue and Clayton st
Stern, Charles & Co C Stern, S Sloman, Jake Stern clothiers E Clayton
Stone, E D   job printing N Lumpkin
Talmage Hardware Co W W Scott, G E Scott, T J Scott   E Clayton
Talmadge Bros & Co J E Talmadge, Sr, C A Talmadge, J E Talmadge, Jr, C G Talmadge, J Y Talmadge wholesale grocers E Clayton
Talmage, Allen H   buggies and wagons E Clayton
Toomer, J B   sewing machines cor Clayton and Jackson
Turner & Hodgson B C Turner, J M Hodgson dry goods E Clayton
Union Manufacturing Company     near S A L depot
Vonderlieth, Miss Rosa A   fancy work College avenue
Webb & Crawford J N Webb, M L Beacham wholesale grocers 220 E Broad
Western Union Telegraph Co W B Stuart, mngr   E Clayton
Williamson, G H   Groceries E Clayton
Williamson, J N   livery stable W Clayton
Windsor Hotel S T Philpot, prop   cor Lumpkin and Broad
Wooten, T B   book store E Clayton

Transcribed by Frank Jenney