1904 Athens Directory

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Name Spouse
Type Home
Cain, John R L M   boss city hands r 326 Oconee
Caldwell, John   c fireman r 1127 Reese
Calloway, Brantley   c laborer r 150 Water
Calloway, Knox   c laborer r 10 Wray
Calloway, Sue   c washerwoman r 420 Prince Ave.
Camak, James W     attorney bds 319 Meigs
Camak, Louis     bookkeeper Athens Foundry & Mach Works bds 319 Meigs
Camak, Mrs M W       r 319 Meigs
Campbell, Aolnzo   c laborer r 632 Foundry
Campbell, Charles   c laborer r 506 Ash row
Campbell, Crawford   c carpenter r 1217 Vine
Campbell, Della   c washerwoman r 652 Morris
Campbell, Harrison   c carpenter r 1223 W Hancock avenue
Campbell, J A     clerk Athens Hdw Co r 109 N Lumpkin
Campbell, Jerry   c laborer r 636 Morris
Campbell, John   c butler Capt R Nickerson r 642 Morris
Campbell, John P Martha   prof Univ of Ga r 19 S Milledge avenue
Campbell, Louis   c carpenter r 1223 W Hancock avenue
Campbell, Luke   c laborer r 652 Morris
Campbell, Miss Agnes     seamstress r 404 Foundry
Canning, L P     merchant r Prince ave near Park avenue
Canning, W R     merchant r Prince ave near Park avenue
Cannon, Oscar   c laborer r Barberville
Cape, Miss Lizzie     housekeeper r 328 E Dougherty
Capps, William A     jeweler bds 114 N Thomas
Carithers, D J     carpenter r Childs
Carithers, Herschel     bookkeeper So Mutual Ins Co bds 604 Meigs
Carithers, Horace   c laborer r 970 Oconee
Carithers, James Y Eula   pres Athens St Ry Co r 726 Hill
Carithers, John G     cotton buyer bds 604 Meigs
Carithers, L T Fannie   carpenter r Childs
Carithers, Miss Eula     clerks D W McGregor bds Childs
Carithers, Mrs Lucy       r 25 Peters
Carithers, W E Annie Laurie   printer Athens Banner r Childs
Carithers, William G Mary   collector r 604 Meigs
Carlovitz, Otto Belle   clerk Central R R r 221 E Dougherty
Carlton, Bud   c laborer r near 225 S Lumpkin
Carlton, H H Jr     insurance bds 221 S Pope
Carlton, John N Annie   cotton weigher r 1220 Springdale
Carlton, Major Henry H Helen   insurance r 221 S Pope
Carlton, Miss Livy     teacher city schools bds 221 S Pope
Carlton, Miss Marion     teacher bds 221 S Pope
Carlton, W A     physician r cor Milledge and Springdale
Carlton, W T Belle   fireman city department r 444 Oconee
Carmack, Albert   c laborer r 243 Cleveland avenue
Carr, C L     clerk Webb & Crawford bds 505 N Jackson
Carr, Miss F C       r 786 Oconee
Carson, Harriet   c nurse r 407 E Broad
Carter, Colonel   c works Bryant's barber shop r 9 Paris
Carter, D L Emma   miller r 23 Summey
Carter, Laura   c washerwoman r 143 Elberton
Carter, Mrs J W Georgia   works Athens Banner r 712 Oak
Carter, Mrs Margaret       r 15 Mulberry
Carter, Sanford   c laborer r 228 S Hull
Carter, Susie   c teacher city schools r 803 Prince avenue
Carter, W G   c pool room manager r 803 Prince avenue
Carter, W T Lula   collector r 749 College avenue
Carter, Y J Mamie   works So Mfg Co r 712 Oak
Cartledge, Rev Thomas D Ada   minister r 522 Franklin
Cartledge, S C Belle   mail carrier r Hill
Cash, Y F Almeta   clerk Cobb Lampkin r 605 College avenue
Caskey, G M     contractor r 19 E Clayton
Caskey, J W     contractor r 19 E Clayton
Cason, Henry   c works E H Dorsey r 833 Cherry
Center, A M Lillie   city sanitary inspector r 706 Oconee
Center, F L Bessie   works Athens Foundry r 710 Oconee
Chafin, H L     bicycle repairer r N Lumpkin
Chambers, Z T     factory operative r Baldwin
Chandler, B M G Mary   blacksmith r Barberville
Chandler, Charles B Mamie   farmer r 1114 Cobb
Chandler, James     clerk Ga National Bank bds Grady avenue
Chandler, Mrs J J       r 1124 Cobb
Chandler, Ralph A Lena   ins agt r 1124 Cobb
Charlton, West   c laborer r 846 Cherry
Chastain, Ephraim   c   r 1625 Nellie B avenue
Chatman, John   c farmer r 546 Barber
Cheney, A D Mamie   sec Athens Mfg Co r 401 N Jackson
Cheney, James S Emmie   liveryman r 409 N Jackson
Cheney, Neb   c laborer r 837 Cherry
Childers, Fred     clerk bds 3 Strong
Childers, J Hammond     Clerk Ga R R depot bds 3 Strong
Childers, John Linnie     brickmason r 488 Oconee
Childers, Joseph Mary   farmer r Little
Childers, S P     blaster r 202 Water
Childers, Wiley     tinner r 3 Strong
Chinn, Harry   c laborer r 1590 E Broad
Choate, H E Julia   sec-treas Michael Bros Co r Hill near Billups
Christian, Alexander   c laborer r 403 Bridge
Christian, Geo     works So Mfg Co r 536 Barber
Christopher, Miss Jessie     teacher city schools bds 600 Henderson
Christy, J R Cora   sten Northern Circuit r S Lumpkin
Church, Iowa   c servant r 109 Pulaski
Church, W A E S L   clerk r 755 S Lumpkin
Clark, Lewis S   c teacher r 413 W Hancock Ave
Clark, Maggie   c cook r 13 N Hull
Clark, Mat   c farmer r 978 Oconee
Clark, Mid   c laborer r 634 N Hull
Clark, W F Ellen   painter r 485 Hall
Clark, Will   c laborer r 208 E Dougherty
Clarke, Alex   c laborer r 833 Cherry
Clarke, John   c laborer r 838 Cherry
Clarke, Tom   c whitewasher r 16 Peters
Clay, Robert   c laborer r 62 Field
Clayton, Joe   c laborer r 17 Green
Clements, Cliff   c driver Dorsey & Funkenstein r 335 Strong
Clements, Harry   c waiter r 630 Athens avenue
Clements, J E Emma   carpenter   742 Fourth
Clements, Meck   c washerwoman r 308 Cleveland avenue
Clements, Nathan   c laborer r 642 N Hull
Clements, Nathan   c works Athens Foundry r 27 Willow
Cleveland, W P     commission broker bds 426 Dearing
Clifton, Arthur V Kate   photographer r 124 Waddell
Clifton, Mrs Y B     boarding house r 232 S Lumpkin
Clinton, Ophelia   c washerwoman r off from S Lumpkin
Clodfelter, Mrs D F     seamstress r 412 W Hancock Ave
Cobb, Howell Mary   judge city court of Athens r 6 N Milledge avenue
Cobb, J B L     clerk Windsor Hotel r Windsor Hotel
Cobb, Joe   c farmer r 437 Compress
Cobb, Julius   c laborer r 1105 W Hancock avenue
Cobb, Lamar Olivia     r 499 Barber
Cobb, Miss Carolyn     teacher bds 6 N Milledge avenue
Cobb, Robert   c carpenter r 26 Rock Spring
Cochran, A P Minnie   farmer r 210 N Church
Cofer, Ephraim   c gardener r 436 N Findley
Cofer, Willis   c gardener r 436 N Findley
Cohen, Aaron Sarah   trav salsmn r Commercial Hotel
Cohen, Edward B     trav salesman r W Dougherty
Cohn, Mrs Daisy     boarding house r 37 W Dougherty
Colbert, Mrs E C       r 421 Pulaski
Cole, Andrew   c drayman r 510 Ash row
Cole, Billy   c gardener r 339 Johns
Cole, Bishop   c driver r 217 S Thomas
Cole, Brydie   c servant r 1108 Reese
Cole, Hansell   c janitor city schools r 339 Johns
Cole, John   c works J P Fears & Son r 1025 Reese
Cole, Manuel   c carpenter r 615 W Broad
Cole, Richard   c works St Ry r 1271 Arch
Cole, Will   c servant r 1111 Reese
Coleman, Cora   c cook r 7 Hickory
Coleman, Mrs Ann       r 218 River
Coleman, Oliver Mary   butcher r 618 N Jackson
Coles, Nettie   c cook r rear of 1173 Cobb
Colley, Alvin     oper So Mfg Co r Nantahala avenue
Colley, Charles     oper So Mfg Co r Nantahala avenue
Colley, Ed Lula   oper So Mfg Co r Nantahala avenue
Colley, G W     drayman r Foundry
Colley, George V F     carriage trimmer r 802 E Broad
Collier, B S Maud   sec foreman So Ry r 623 College avenue
Collier, George   c servant r 105 Chase
Collier, Jesse     section hand So Ry bds 623 College avenue
Collins, Andrew   c laborer r 1698 E Broad
Collins, Ben   c laborer r 422 Bridge
Collins, Charles     painter bds 639 College avenue
Collins, Ed   c laborer r 1263 Fairview
Collins, George Effie   merchant r 639 College avenue
Collins, Isaac   c bill poster r 715 Washington
Collins, John     clerks Davison Lowe bds 28 W Hancock Ave
Collins, Joseph M Victoria   carp r 113 Washington
Collins, R A Henrietta   shoemaker r 409 Rock Spring
Collins, Richard   c janitor r 414 W Broad
Collins, Tom   c farmer r 1114 Dearing
Collins, Will     clerk Davison & Lowe bds 2 W Hancock avenue
Colquitt, Jeff   c laborer r 1011 Waddell
Colquitt, Reese   c tailor r 212 Newton
Comer, Austin F Mary   clerk E H Dorsey r 223 S Milledge Avenue
Comer, Miss Anna       r Church
Comer, Thos F J Pauline   clerk King & Co r 502 Barber
Compton, Mrs Mattie       r 76 Cedar
Conaway, L D Cora   mail carrier r 329 E Washington
Cone, Miss Myra     dressmaker r 219 E Hancock avenue
Conlon, D J     clerk Michael Bros Co r Cor Clayton and Lumpkin
Connally, Mrs Lizzie       r 611 Third
Connell, Miss S E     housekeeper r 1014 Hill
Conway, Alfred T Bessie   bookkeeper Ga Nat Bank r Reese
Conway, Henry C Mattie   manager Athens Tel Ex r 517 Prince
Conway, William B Julia   physician r Wynburn Place
Cook, A H Mary   horseman r Fair Grounds
Cook, Arthur   c laborer r 19 Warsaw
Cook, D J Martha   policeman r 520 N Lumpkin
Cook, Harriet   c cook r 708 Cohen
Cook, Harvey L (E F)   bookkeeper Abe Joel r College avenue
Cook, J A     clerk Athens Hdw Co bds 410 N Jackson
Cook, J E Maude   clerk Athens Hdw Co bds 410 N Jackson
Cook, J O Mattie   carpenter r 1218 Herring
Cook, Miss Olivia     milliner Davison & Lowe r 219 E Hancock avenue
Cook, Miss Vida     dressmaker r 219 E Hancock avenue
Cook, Walter     works Henry Reaves r Fair Ground
Cook, William Lula   farmer r 27 Pine
Cooper, Burrell   c laborer r 1550 Oconee
Cooper, C C Mamie   bkpr Oconee Oil & Fert Co r cor College and Strong
Cooper, Charles     carpenter r 780 Oak
Cooper, Charles W Beulah   horse dealer r 303 E Dougherty
Cooper, H K Julia   carpenter r 780 Oak
Cooper, J C Mamie   pres Oconee Oil & Fert Co r 220 Prince ave
Cooper, J P     fertilizers bds Windsor Hotel, N Lumpkin
Cooper, John H     student bds 303 E Dougherty
Cooper, John Z       r 303 E Dougherty
Cooper, Marcellus     mechanic r 703 Peabody
Corbin, Henry Laura   tinner r 962 Oconee
Corso, A     merchant r 509 Barber
Cosby, Lum   c laborer r 324 Strong
Costa, A Rosina   merchant r 509 Barber
Couch, Mrs M J       r Wood
Couch, Mrs Nancy       r 611 Third
Covert, Angeline   c cook r 335 Strong
Cox, Arthur C Annie   conductor So Ry r 630 College avenue
Cox, Bob   c laborer r rear of 5 E Hancock avenue
Cox, C D Mary L   agent Ga R R r 259 S Church
Cox, Claud H Mary L   trav salsmn Talmade Bros & Co r 602 Hill
Cox, Dick   c driver r rear of 14 W Dougherty
Cox, E C Mary   conductor So Ry r 630 College avenue
Cox, Edward D     collector Athens Banner r 511 College avenue
Crane, Benjamin A     cotton buyer bds 716 Prince avenue
Crane, James R Daisy   real estate agent r 716 Prince avenue
Crane, Mrs Fannie T       r 716 Prince avenue
Crane, Rufus     cotton buyer bds 716 Prince avenue
Crane, William M Irmine   merchant r 820 Springdale
Crawford, George Dora     r River
Crawford, Ike   c laborer r 502 Ash row
Crawford, Jane   c washerwoman r 145 Tabernacle
Crawford, Mack   c laborer r rear of 604 N Jackson
Crawford, Mrs E A     teacher r 818 Hill
Crawford, Thomas R Mattie   farmer r 854 River
Credelle, Annie   c cook r 306 S Lumpkin
Credelle, Mamie   c cook r 306 S Lumpkin
Creighton, Belle   c washerwoman r 619 N Hull
Creighton, Miss Ida     music teacher r 117 S Harris
Crenshaw, Charlie   c laborer r 621 Third
Croft, Major   c laborer r 207 Rock Spring
Cronenburger, J     pastor Christian church r 444 Barber
Crow, Dr L H Lollie   physician r 128 W Broad
Crtuchfield, Miss Hattie     sten Michael Bros Co bds 410 N Jackson
Culberson, Clarence   c laborer r 663 Water
Culberson, Will     clerk Sol Boley bds 449 Oconee
Culp, Benjamin F S A   chief of police r 617 Baxter
Cumbers, George Ambrosia   insurance agent r 217 Strong
Cumming, Frank   c bottler r 209 Waddell
Cunningham, J F Pink   butcher r 740 N Lumpkin

Transcribed by Frank Jenney