Will of Thomas L. Epps

Clarke Co., GA Probate Court Book G, pg 61 1927


Georgia, Clarke County.

I, Thomas L. Epps of said State and County, being of sound and disposiing mind and memory, do make and publish this as my last will and testament, hereby expressly revoking any and all wills heretofore made by me.

ITEM FIRST: I direct that all my debts be paid.

ITEM SECOND: I give, beceuath and devise all my estate of every kind whatsoever to my wife Ollie Lee Cunningham Epps, to have and use the same, for and during her natural life, she to have, use and enjoy, and dispose of as she may desire, the rents, issues, profits and income therefrom absolutely as her on property having only a life estate, however, n the corpus.

ITEM THIRD: At the death of my beloved wife, Ollie Lee Cunningham Epps, all of my property of whatever nature or kind, I give, devise and bequeath in fee simple to my children, Effie Epps Weatherford, Lamar Epps, Durham Epps, Celestia Epps, John Tooner Eps, Bina Epps, Ruby Epps Katenbrink, and Tommie Epps, all of said children residing in Clarke County Georgia, to be divided amongst said enumerated children share and share alike.

ITEM FOURTH: Should any of my said children be dead at the time of said division of mye state leaving a wife, or a child or children, the said wife and child or children of my deceased child shall stand in the place of their deceased parent, and his distributive shave go to such wife, child or children.

Should any of my above named children be dead at the time of the division of my estate leaving no child or children or wife living at said time, such share that would otherwise to such deceased wife, child or children, shall remain as a part of my estate and be divided amongst the other brothers then living, or their wife of children then in life, as hereinbefore provided.

ITEM FIFTH: I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my wife Ollie Lee Cunningham Epps, executrix of this my last will and testament, expressly relieveing her from having any appraisement or inventory made of my estate, or making returns to the Court of Ordinary, or any other court, or giving any bonds, or getting any orders from the Court for sale of property, or any other legal formalities, whatsoever.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand affix my seal, this is the 11th day of March, 1927.

Thomas L. Epps (Seal)

Read over to him, Thomas L. Epps, and signed, declared and published as his last will and testament by Thomas L. Epps, in the presence of the undersigned, who in his presence and in the presence of each other. This the 11th day of March, 1927

Irene Epps,
W. Milton Thomas,
Deupree Hunnicutt

Petition for Appointment of Administrator De Bonis Non with the Will annexed. April Term, 1979. Margaret P. Hartman, Probate Judge

Contributed by Connie Epps Bond