Will of Oliver Wallace

In the name of God, Amen:

I Oliver Wallace of the State of Georgia and Clarke County being in a low state of heth (health?), but sound in memory, Thanks to God for all his merceys (mercies?) calling to mind that all men has (have?) once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say prinsipaly (principally?) and first of all I give and recommend my soul to God that give it and my boday (body?) to the earth to be buried in descency at the discretion of my Executor.

Nothing douting (doubting?) but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same againe by the Almighty Power of God and as tuching (touching?) such worly (worldly?) goods where unto God has been pleased to bles (bless?) me witt (with?) in this life, I give and demise and dispose of in the foloing (following?) manner and form..

Item: First I give and ordain my Beloved wife Ann to have the management of all my property as long as a mejority (majority?) of them sticks (stick?) with her when shee (she?) withe the mijority (majority?) of the children may come to a division when they may think proper, my beloved wiff (wife?) to reserve to her self her bed and furniture.

Likewise Hannah and Jeane to have they (their?) beds and furniture. The kitchen furniter ( furniture?) equily (equally?) devided (divided?) between my wiff (wife?) and two daughters, Hannah and Jeane, the bal (bald?) face (faced?) horse and sadell(saddle?) to my wife..Lastly all the property when colected (collected?) , to be equaly (equally?) devided (divided?) when all expense is settled amongst my children, reducing out of Saley (Sally?) Lasleys part one maire (mare?) still my Beloved wiff (wife?) a part with my children.. Forthemoore (Furthermore?) I appoint my wiff (wife?) and my son John- Lawfull Executors to execute this my last will and testament. Rattifying this will and now (no?) others. Whereof I have put my hand and affixed my seale this Twenty third of March 1802..

Oliver Wallace {seal}

Jn Wallace J.P.

Mary Willems (Williams)

May the 13th 1802: Tacking (Taking?) into concideration (consideration?) thinking that it would be more to the advantdg (advantage?) of my beloved wife that my negro wench should be and remain (with?) my wife, during her lifetime therefore I ordene (ordain?) that shee shall be her property as long as shee live (lives?) and then ballong (belong?) to the heirs.

Oliver Wallace

Jn Wallace

Mary Williams

The above Will was proved in open Court, March the 28th 1803 by John Wallace J.P. one of the subscribing witnesses, Clark Co. Jno Smith CCCCC.

Recorded the 30th day (of) March 1803

Source: Will Book A, (1803-1822) Page 5

Contributed by C. M. Wright