Will of James Dunnahoo

Georgia Clark County
In the name of God Amen

I James Dunnahoo of said State and County being advanced in years but of sound mind and memory for which I thank God, Knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die and wishing to dispose of the property with which God has blessed me do make and declare this to be my last will and testament revoking all others.

1st I give unto my daughter Mary Eason Five dollars and nothing more of my estate She having been provided for heretofore.

2nd I give unto my son John W. Dunnahoo Five dollars he having also been provided for and nothing more of my estate.

3rd I give unto my sone Rufus P. Dunnahoo Five Dollars.

4th I give unto my son Joseph H. Dunnahoo Two Negros to wit Betsy a woman about Twenty Years old and George a boy about seventeen or eighteen years of age.

5th I give unto my Daughter Amanda Sims Five dollars and nothing more of my estate she having received her part.

6th I give unto my Sone Rabun G. Dunnahoo five dollars.

7th I give unto my Sone James H. Dunnahoo five dollars.

8th I give unto my Beloved Wife Jane Dunnahoo the House and lot in the Town of Athens on which I now live forever in fee simple.

9th I give unto my Sone Thomas J. Dunnahoo five dollars.

10th After all my lawful Debts and the above bequests are paid My Will is that all of My Estate both real and personal that remains shall be kept together as common property and used for the maintenance and support of My Wife Jane Dunnahoo and my children Joseph H. Dunnahoo, Rabun G. Dunnahoo and Thomas J. Dunnahoo Untill the said Thomas J. my youngest child shall come to lawful age Then and at that time all that remains of my estate of every description shall be sold on valued and equally divided between my wife Jane Dunnahoo and my sons Rufus P. Rabun G James H and Thomas J. Dunnahoo to have and to hold forever.

11th And lastly my will is that my beloved wife Jane Dunnahoo shall be my executor and my sone Joseph H. Dunnahoo my executor to cary this my last will and Testament into Execution

Signed sealed and
Acknowledged this
3rd day of March 1853

James Dunnahoo

In the presence of
Mr. E. L. Vinton
John Crawford
Mr. T. N. Wilson

Contributed by Marilyn McLeod