Clarke County Related Revolutionary Soldiers

Ezekiel AKRIDGE,   b. abt 1760, d. 3 Jul 1843
Philip ALLEN,   b. 1759, d. 1830s enlisted in GA Continental line joined General Greene's Army in Cheraw Dist., SC res. Clarke Co.
Jonathan Allred *#   b. Apr 5, 1758 Randolph Co, NC; d. Apr 5, 1822 Clarke Co. Soldier in NC
Rev. John ANDREW,   b. 14 Sep 1758, d. 10 Mar 1830 served in GA Continental Battalion and in the SC Light Dragoons m1. SC 10 Feb 1779 Ann LAMBRIGHT Colonels Island GA 20 Sep 1785 Mary Buer ANDREW Elbert Co., GA 11 Dec 1791 Mary Overton COSBY
John ARMSTRONG,   b. 1729, d. 1805 served in the GA Troops. m. Catherine MCDONALD
Jacob BANKSTON,   b. abt 1733, d. 1802 came from PA and served in the GA Troops.
John BANKSTON,   b. 11 Jun 1754, d. 25 Sep 1823 served in the GA Militia m. Henrietta COATES
John BARNETT,   b. June 27, 1762, Amherst Co, VA, d. Mar 10, 1814 Clarke Co. GA served in GA m. Columbia Co., GA 13 Jul 1783 Caroline Fleming TINDALL
Mial J. BARNETT,   b. abt 1760, d. 1819, bur. Oconee Cem. served in the NC Continental Army
James BARROW,   b. 31 Jan 1757, d. 20 Jan 1828, in Baldwin Co., bur. Oconee Hill Cem. served in NC Continental Army m. Ann -?, Nancy HARDWICK & Patience CRENSHAW
Moses BEARD,   b. 22 Apr 1759, Ireland d. 9 Feb 1833 enlisted in 1779 in SC Militia, res. Kershaw Co, SC res. Clarke Co.
Thomas Bonner *   b. c. 1744; d. a. Feb 15, 1805 Private, Roebuck's South Carolina Regiment
William Scott BRANCH,   b. VA 1760, d. 1838 served in VA Continental line form Chesterfield Co., VA res. Greene and Clarke Co., GA m. Dicy Jane CALICUTT
George BRASWELL,   d. 1821 served as a minuteman
Jonas BROACH *   c. 1755 VA, d. a. Jan 5, 1809; served in Caswell Co, NC
Theophilus BURKE,   b. 1761, d. 1823 served in GA Legiondary Corps
Dudley CAREY,   b. 1756, d. 1808, Col., served in Gloucester Co., VA Militia m. Lucy TABB. Died off of the coast of Georgia
Henry CASTLEBERRY,   d. 1807 served in the Wilkes Co., GA Militia res. Washington Co., GA
George CLIFTON,   b. 1761, d. 11 Jun 1840 enlisted 1777 in DE Continental Line res. Clarke Co. m. Elizabeth DICKINSON & Milly BROWN
Daniel CONNER *#   Lieutenant, Georgia Militia, Micajah Williamson's Company, Elijah Clark's Regt.
Drury Cook *   b. 1736 Brunswick Co, VA; d. p. Jan 1820. Soldier in North Carolina and South Carolina
Stephen Beadon DANIELL,   b. 1745, d. abt 1820 enlisted in 1776 in NC Troops, tranferred Aug 1777 to SC Troops his home along the Little River in Brunswick Co., NC, was burned by the British.
William DANIELL,   b. 1743, d. 1840 res. Clarke Co.
James DAVENPORT *#   b. Apr. 29, 1759, d. June 8, 1824. Private, 7th VA Regt. Was severely wounded at Brandywine (Obit in Milledgeville Journal, received VA pension) He married Dicey Kennedy Oct 20, 1783 in Louisa Co, VA. Beth's ancestor
Abraham DURHAM,   b. abt 1755, d. 1826 res. Clarke Co.
Jacob EARLY,   b. abt 1742, d. 1794 served in the VA Continental Line, res. old Wilkes, now Clarke Co. m. Bedford Co., VA 18 Mar 1767 Elizabeth ROBERTSON
Solomon EDWARDS,   b. 1756, d. GA 1844 m. Sarah MATTHEWS
Solomon EDWARDS,   b. 4 Sep 1756, d. 27 Jan 1844 served in VA Continental Line 1775-1781 res. Clarke Co.
James ESPY   or ESPEY, b. 7 Dec 1759, d. 12 Nov 1834, bur. Jackson St. Cem. enlisted in Tryon Co., NC in NC Militia. res. Clarke Co. m. Sarah -?
John ESPY *   d. Feb. 12, 1846
Robert FULLWOOD,   b. June 6, 1766, SC, d. a May 6, 1822 served in the SC Troops m. Jane Ware HUNTER, b. abt 1775, d. 2 Apr 1849, bur. Jackson St. Cem.
Charles GARNER *   d. p. Sept. 1836; Was in 11th VA Regt. commanded by Daniel Morgan (Pension S37950)
Edward HAGIN,   b. abt 1755, Wrightsborough, GA d. 1805 near Jackson, GA (could be Jackson Co.). Served in GA Troops res 9th Dist., Washington Co., GA
William HARVIE,   b. 1769, d. 1814 served in VA Militia m. Judith COSBY
Rev. John HARVEY *#   Served in the SC Militia
William HERRING   b. c. 1760 in VA and d. Nov. 1, 1812. He served in the VA infantry. bur Old Herring Graveyard, 4 mi so of Athens
Isaac HILL *   born in Chowan Co, NC and died Aug. 15, 1833
Lambeth HOPKINS,   d. a. Sept 12, 1800, Jackson Co. served in Wilkes Co., GA Militia res. along the Oconee R. and Briar Cr. in old Washington Co., GA
Hiram HOWARD,   b. abt 1760, d. Aug 1821, bur. Howard Cem., Parr's Dist. near Shoal Cr. served in NC Troops and GA Continental Line m. Lucretia -?
Rev. Hope HULL,   b. 13 Mar 1763, d. 4 Oct 1818, bur Oconee Hill Cem. served in MD Troops res. Salisbury Dist., NC and Wilkes Co., GA
Uriah HUMPHRIES,   b. c 1728, VA, d. a Feb. 20, 1817. Served in VA Militia as an Ensign. moved from Botetourt Co., VA to GA abt 1800 m. Sarah? & Nancy -?
Robert LAIRD *   b. 1742, Lancaster Co, PA; d. a. Sept 1, 1834 Was in SC militia (Pension S32369)
Jesse LANE,   b. Halifax Co, NC 3 Jul 1733, d. KY 18 Oct 1806 served in Halifax, NC Troops to GA 1784 m. Halifax Co., NC 1755 Winifred AYCOCK
James LASSITER,   b. 1759, d. 20 Apr 1828 enlisted 1776 in NC Troops and GA Light dragoons
Burwell LEE,   d. 15 Mar 1839 enlisted in Fairfield Co., SC Rangers res. Clarke Co.
William Manley *   b. Nov 24, 1761 Cecil Co, MD; d. 1824, near Watkinsville; Was a private in Maryland
Isaac MATHEWS,   b. abt 1743, d. 16 Nov 1822
John McDonald *   b. June 21, 1764, Scotland; d. Feb 25, 1848. Private, North Carolina line (Pension W6814)
David Wood MERIWETHER,   b. 1754, d. 16 Nov 1822, bur Meriwether Family Cem., Holly Estates, near Athens served in VA Continental Line res. Wilkes Co, GA m. Wilkes Co., GA 1782 Frances WINGFIELD
Richard Nall *   b c. 1762 Johnston Co, NC, d. a. July 6, 1818; Lieutenant, Georgia Militia
John L. OLIVER,   b. 12 Jan 1762, d. 1845 of Chesterfield Co., VA served in NC Troops res. Clarke Co.
Benjamin PARR,   b. 1 Sep 1761, d. 22 Dec 1842 Carroll Co, GA. served in NJ Continental Line res. Clarke Co.
Reuben RANSOM,   b. 1753, d. 18 Feb 1833 served in NC Troops res. Clarke Co. m. 1) Sally Leaman m. 2) Nancy C. Holmes
Philip RYAN,   b. abt 1755, d. 1822, bur. Old Ryan Cem,., 4 mi. from Athens took Oath of Alleg. 30 Aug 1777 in Henry Co., VA, served in GA Troops res. Jackson Co., GA
John SAWYER,   b. 1748, d. 1810 Putnam Co. served in GA Continental Line
Hill SMITH,   d. 28 Oct 1833 drafted 1780 in Chesterfield Co., VA Troops
John SMITH,   b. 1 Jun 1759, d. 18 Jul 1838 drafted in Surry Co., NC Militia res. Clarke Co.
William SMITH *   b. Apr 22, 1754, Sussex Co, VA; d. Jan 26, 1836
Charles STEWART,   b. abt 1758, d. 1809 served in GA Minutemen res. Franklin Co., GA
Isaac STEWART,   b. 1746 Chester Co, PA, d. 1819 served in GA Troops and SC Militia res. along Shoulderbone Cr., Greene Co., GA
James STEWART,   b. abt 1760, d. 1807 served in Amherst Co., VA Troops settled Wilkes Co 1784
John STEWART,   Sr., b. abt 1738, d. 8 May 1786 served in GA Troops res. Washington Co. kd by Indians at this home on the Big Shoal of the Oconee R.
Charles STRONG *   b. 18 Jan 1764 Hanover Co, VA, d. 16 Oct 1848 Oglethorpe Co, GA, bur. Oconee Hill Cem. served VA Continental line res. Oglethorpe Co. m. Sarah THOMPSON
Sherwood STRONG,   b c 1756 Hanover Co, VA; d ante 14 Sept 1825 Clarke; Private, VA 2nd Regt.
John THOMPSON *   b. c. 1749, d. Mar 1817; Private in Pennsylvania 10th Regt. Pension W6268
John THOMPSON *   b. June 12, 1762, VA, d. Feb 1810; Private, Capt. Smith's Co, Col. Flemming's Regt., Gen. Nelson's Brig.; at Siege of Yorktown.
Philip TIGNER,   b. VA 1760, d. GA 1819, bur. Oconee County, m. Nancy FORBISH & Greene Co., GA 1 Feb 1794 Nancy HALL
Alexander WALTON,   b. 15 Nov 1748 drafted in May 1777 in Spottsylvania Co., VA enlisted later in Cheraw Dist., SC res. Clarke Co.
Oliver WALLACE,   d. 1803 served in SC Troops in 1778 and later
Jesse WHITE,   b. 21 Jan 1762, d. aft 1840 enlisted 1780 in SC Troops res. Clarke and Jackson Co.
William WILLOUGHBY,   b. 24 Sep 1759, d. 1829 served in 1777 and later in VA Troops, res. Clarke Co. m. Jerusha JONES
Edward WILLS,   b. 1758 England, d. 1820 enlisted in 1777 in VA 1st, 10th, & 14th Regts. Continental Line
George WILSON,   b. 1 Jul 1750, d. aft 1840 enlisted 22 Mar 1777 in Talbot Co., MD res. Walton and Clarke Co., GA

*Facts & dates have been verified by Elijah Clarke DAR Chapter
#Has descendants still living in Clarke Co.

Compiled by Mary Carter, with additions by Michelle Mills. Corrections by Beth Collins and Elijah Clarke DAR