Moore to Gann

William Moore To Nathan Gann
December 1, 1831 Book O, page 343
Clarke County, GA

Clarke County

This Indenture made and entered into this first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one, between William Moore on the one part and Nathan Gann on the other both of the county and state aforesaid. Witneseth that the said William Moore hath this day for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty four dollars to him in hand paid the receipt in hand the said William Moore hereby acknowledges doth grant bargain sell and convey and hath by these presents granted bargained sold and conveyed unto the said Nathan Gann one certain tract or parcel of land containing fortey five acres lying and being in the state and county aforesaid on McNutts Creek butting and bounding as follows Beginning at a white oak on the creek thence running south 27 W 42 chains 12 links to a pine corner thence N 82 W 25 chains 4 links to a Black Oak Corner thence N 9 W 16 chains to said creek thence S 78 W 20 chains to a stake thence north 82 W 40 chains and 6 links to Stake Corner thence north 15 W 44 chains and 8 links to stake Corner thence south 78 E 120 chains 6 links to the beginning To have and to hold the above mentioned tract or parcel of land including the mill shoal near and adjoining David Stevens with all and singular the appurtinances thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining unto the only __________ use in behooft of him the said Nathan Gann , his heirs administrators or assigns - Also the said William Moore do by ____ property oblige myself heirs administrators or assigns to warrant and forever defend the title of the above mentioned tract or parcel of land unto the said Nathan Gann his heirs administrators or assigns against the claim or claims demand or demands of me my heirs administrators or assigns or of all and any person or persons whatsoever Las witness my hand and seal this day and year as above written

[Remaining signatures, etc illegible]

Submitted by Wesley Gann