Hopkins to Gann

John Hopkins by Atty In Fact et al To Nathan Gann
December 14, 1804
Book B, pgs. 315-316
Clarke County, GA

This indenture made this fourteenth day of December one thousand eight hundred and four between Joseph Lane sheriff in the County of Clarke in the state of Georgia of the one part and Nathan Gann of the county and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that whereas a tract of land containing four thousand acres lying and being on Barbers Creek in the county aforesaid granted to Horatio Marbry was levied on by said sheriff by virtue of execution of Scire Facias issued out of the Superior Court of the county of Columbia and dated the twenty sixth day of July eighteen hundred and two founded on a judgment addressed in said court on the 12th Sept 1792 at the instance of Benjamin (Frier?) John Cobb and John Hargrove which execution was afterwards to wit on the 31st July eighteen hundred and two by the said Benjamin___________ assigned and transferred to Thomas Cobb Sen for a valuable consideration of the said tract of land being it levied on as aforesaid as the property of John Cobb one of the defendants in said execution and after having been duly advertised was on the first Tuesday of this Fourteen December at the court house in the county of Clarke aforesaid exposed to publick sale and was fairly knocked off to John Hopkins who was the highest bidder for the sum of thirty five dollars the part of descd tract of land occupied and claimed by General David Merreweather being excepted out of said sale and whereas the said John Hopkins the highest bidder and purchaser of the said tract of land so lived on advertised and sold by virtue of the afore mentioned execution as the property of John Cobb as aforesaid having by his written order dated the 11th December 1804 authorizing the Sherriff aforesaid to make Title to the formal occupiers and claimants of the several farms or plantations on said four thousand acre tract of land at my descretion now know ye that I the sheriff of the county of Clarke by virtue of the powers in me vested by law as sheriff of said county and being authorised by the written order aforesaid and also in consideration of the sum of five (hundred is lined out) dollars and fifty cents to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do bargain sell align ? and confirm and by these presents have bargained sold aligned ?ed and confirmed unto said Nathan Gann the following tract or parcel of land being part of said tract of land so sold by public sale as aforesaid to wit beginning at the bank of the Ocone River on a hickory running S15W 40 chains to a red oak thence S30W25 chains to a pine then ?W 23 chains to a white oak on McNutts Creek thence N?W38 chains to a chestnut thence N50E 38 chains to a hickory thence N30W34 chains to a pine thence N30E40 chains to a gum on the said river then down the said river to the beginning containing three hundred sixty nine acres of land be the same more or less together with all and singular the rights and appurtenance to the aforementioned tract of land to the aforesaid Nathan Gann his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple

Signed Sealed and Delivered

In the presence of
Joseph Mays
Wm Crocker J.P.
Joseph Lane Sheriff
(his seal)

Submitted by Wesley Gann