Hopkins & Benge to Gann

William Hopkins et al and Micajah Benge et al To John Gann
Book B, pgs. 11-12
Clarke County, GA

Indenture made this twenty second day ? one thousand eight hundred and one, in the twenty ? of our American independence. By and between Micajah Benge ? William Hopkins both of Jackson County and state ? the one part, and John Gann of the aforesaid county ? Witnesseth that we the aforesaid Benge and ? and in consideration of the sum of two hundred ? and paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged ? before the signing of these presents, Both bargained ? by these present doth bargain and sell align convey and ? said John Gann a certain tract or parcel of land lying ? County of Jackson, and bounded as follows, Viz: ? at hickory corner to Nathan Gann, running ? links to a chestnut to Bailey's land. Thence north ? degrees West 33 chains and fifty links to pine adjoining Wm ? then south seventy four degrees east sixty six chains and five links to the beginning containing one hundred nineteen acres the same more or less: To have ? to the said John Gann his heirs and ? to their own ? use forever with all the ? thereto.Together with all mines mined wood water there is belonging or in anywise appertaining thereunto; we the aforesaid Micajah Benge and William Hopkins for ourselves, our executor administrator ? do by these presents ? agree to and with the aforesaid John Gann that we will ? and forever defend the right of the above mentioned land from ? and every person and persons from lawfully claiming to the same or any part thereof. Testimony of the law of this deed of conveyance we have hereunto set or mark and affixed our seal this day and year first above written

Signed sealed in the
Presence of
A. Bank(?)
M. Benge (his seal)
Jos. Clarkson
Wm Hopkins (his seal)
David Shay

Recorded the ? day of January, 1803

Submitted by Wesley Gann