Gann to Smith

W.G. Gann To Patrick Smith
March 19, 1904
Book XX, page 534
Clarke County, GA

Warrantee Deed
W.G. Gann To Patrick L. Smith
Georgia Clarke County

Clarke County
This indenture made and entered into on this March 19th 1904, between W.G. Gann of said county and state aforesaid of the first part, and P.L. Smith, of said county and state of the second part. Witnesseth: that the party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of $250.00 cash in hand paid, at and before the signing, sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hath and does by these presents bargain, sell, alien and convey unto the party of the second part the following described property to wit: an undivided one half interest in and to all that tract or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the 1467th G.M. District of said county, and on the waters of the Middle Oconee river, containing 55 acres more or less and known as the William Gann Dower Land, and more fully described by meets and bounds as follows. Bounded by lands of Wigley and Allen; M.B. Morton (known as the Arenia Aubonia tract), Joe Smith (col), and the said Middle Oconee river.

To have and to hold the said property and premises together with all and singular the rights, members, and appurtenances thereto belonging forever in Fee Simple. And the said party of the first part for himself, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns unto the party of the second part, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, does and will by these presents forever warrant and defend the right, title and peaceable possession of the said property and premises, against the claims of any and all other person or persons whomsoever. In witness whereof the party of the first part does hereunto set his hand and seal and deliver these presents the day and year first above written Signed sealed and delivered.

W.G. Gann (L.S.)
in presence of:
Allen H. Talmage
John G. Quinn
N.P. Clarke Co. Ga
Filed at 9 A.M. May 11th 1904
Recorded May 12th 1904
E.J. Crawford Clerk

Submitted by Wesley Gann