Fellows Estate Record

1897 Clarke County, Georgia, estate records, book 6, folio 99, dated 5 April 1897 at the Athens Clarke County Library, viewed Nov 1998:

Ella Fellows, Principal and CS Fellows, Security, were bound for $600; Ella was appointed Guardian to Almira C Fellows; document signed by Ella N Fellows and CS Fellows

What does this mean ?? Ella and CS Fellows were Almira's sister and brother. Almira would have been about 53 years old in 1897??? what was wrong with her ?? in the 1900 census she is living alone in her own house so couldn't have been completely senile or retarded or incapacitated. According to the census records beginning in 1850 when she was listed as 6 years old, making her birth date about 1844, she became progressively younger until by the 1900 census she claimed to be only 46, which would make her birth in 1854 instead of 1844 ??

Contributed by Margarest James