Power of Attorney

John Alexander Trustee To William Alexander Power of Attorney December 11, 1862 Book W, page 402 (filed in Clarke County, GA

State of Georgia
Cobb County

Know all men by these presents that I John Alexander of the county and state aforesaid Trustee of my mother Nancy Alexander(1) wife of Smith Alexander and her children to wit John H Alexander(2), Sarah Gann(3) wife of Henry Gann(4), mary Gann(5) wife of Seaborn Gann(6), Elizabeth Stephens(7) wife of Nathan Stephens(8) David Alexander(9) and William Alexander(10) all adults and Nancy Alexander(11) Henry Alexander(12) Elijah Alexander(13), Thomas A Alexander(14) Eliza Alexander(15) minors all of the county of Cobb and State of Georgia for dis on good causes and considerations, me hereunto moving have made, ordained and appointed William Alexander and by these presents do make ordain and appoint the said Wm Alexander of the county and State aforesaid my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and for my own proper benefit as Trustee as aforesaid to proceed forthwith to Clark County and examin the records of the Clark office of the Superior Court of the county of Clarke and if he should find recorded an order appointing me Trustee as aforesaid and ordering that the money and effects of the said Nancy Alexander and her children as before named be received by me and laid out and expended in the purchases of land for the sole use and benefit of the said Nancy Alexander and Children and in that event then I empower and order my Attorney to receive said money or effects, and to have use and take all lawful ways and means in my name as Trustee as aforesaid that may be found necessary or proper in the execution of this power of Attorney, to do all lawful acts or things whatsoever concerning the premises as fully in every aspect as I myself could were I personally present at the doing thereof ratifying and confirming ______ing whatsoever, my said Attorney shall in my name as Trustee as aforesaid, lawfully as in and about the premises, this December 11, 1862

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal

Signed Sealed and Delivered
In the presence of

? Winn? P
Whitfiel JP

John H X Alexander (his seal)

Recorded 22nd December 1862