Wm. H. Lowe Obituary

The Southern Watchman
Athens GA
June 22, 1864


In Clarke co., Ga., on the 19th day of Feb., 1864, Mr. Wm. H. Lowe, eldest son of Mr. John H. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lowe, aged 21 years, 9 months and 14 days. In August, 1859, he yielded a cheerful obedience to his Saviour, attaching himself to the congregation of Disciples at Union church, Clarke county, and continued a faithful and exemplary member of the Christian Church until the day of his death.

On the 4th of July, 1861, he enrolled his name as a member of the Clarke Rifles, commanded by the lamented Vincent, and passed through the severe campaigns of 1862 and '63 with the immortal 3d Ga. Reg. Placing his trust in the Saviour whom he had obeyed, and to whom he had committed his all, he ever bore himself with chivalrous gallantry on the field of battle.

But it is his virtues as a Christian hero that enshrine his memory in the heart of his teacher and pastor, and in the hearts of all who knew him. Amid all the temptations incident to a soldier's life "on the tented field," he uniformly exhibited that moral heroism, which in his early youth led him to embrace the "Saviour of sinners" as his only hope. His letters to his parents, while in the service of his country, all breathed a spirit of devout piety, and patient resignation to the will of God. His exhortations to them to love the Saviour, whom he had found so precious to his own soul in times of trial and danger, will not soon be forgotten by them.

In the Providence of God, he was permitted to breathe his last surrounded by his weeping loved ones at home. He had been granted a short furlough and for the first time after entering the service was at home--sweet, sweet home. But alas, how brief was his stay with those loved ones, from whom he had been so long separated. One brief week he is at home with fond parents, kind brothers and loving sisters. He leaves them, ere his furlough expires, to go home-his home in the skies.

His earthly home was but a pleasant way station on the road from the confusion and wickedness of the army, to mansions in the skies. Loved at home and loved by his comrades in arms; a good soldier in the Confederate army, and a soldier of the Cross, his loss is mourned by all who knew him, but with the consoling hope that he "sleeps in Jesus." May thy parents and loved ones, dear Billy, grasp thee by the hand on the bright resurrection morn, and enjoy with thee an immortality of glory.

The Southern Watchman
Athens GA
July 27, 1864

Died of Typhoid pneumonia, Wm. H. Lowe, Co. L. 3d Ga. Reg., about the 20th of February, 1864, at his father's residence, in Clarke county, Ga. Private Lowe entered the service of his country near the beginning of the war, and continued faithful up to the time of his death. When he received a furlough to come home and see his friends, his joy was only exceeded by that of his mother upon his return, who had like to have died from excessive joy; but alas! how soon is the cup of sorrow given for that of gladness on earth, and joy is turned to heaviness, for in one short week after his return he bid a final farewell to earthly friends, to go to his eternal home. Our days are soon numbered and death sounds our knell; We scarce know our friends till we bid them farewell.

W. H. Beardin, Lt. Co. L, 3d Ga. Reg.

Contributed by Bobbie Keenan.