Dinah Nunally Obituary

Athens Blade
Friday, October 31 1879
Page 3

In Memoriam

We, the committee appointed to draw up some suitable Resolutieus (sic) of respect to the memory of our beloved sister, Dinah Nunally, beg leave to make the following report:

WHEREAS, it has pleased Almighty God to His divine providence take from our midst our much beloved sister, Dinah Nunally; and as our hears are burdened with grief at such a loss from our young lodge, and as our sympathy goes out for the bereaved busband and motherless children, and relatives, and WHEREAS, it is expedient to make a public manifestation of the love we entertained for the deceased, whose character was unpolluted and whose life was that of a christain(sic). Her life was adorned with inestimable fidelity and beauty. Therefore be it Resolved, That the death of sister Dinah Nunally is lamented by all who knew her, and the lodge has been bereft of one of her most active and efficient members; one who was always at her post without sickness or some other providential hinderance(sic). To day (sic) she is one of God's elect. She was prepared to say in beautiful language of the bible "O! death where is thy sting? O! grave where is thy victory?" Resolved, That the death of sister Dinah Nunally be published in the ATHENS BLADE, and a copy be sent to the bereaved husband, Rev. John Nunally; also that a copy be sent to the William Ross Lodge, No. 10 Orchard Hill, Georgia.

N.E. Blanton
M. Prather
L.K. Evans