Bell HutchesonObituary

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, September 29, 1916

Miss Bell Hutcheson Died Saturday Night

Miss Bell Hutcheson, aged sixty-one, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. T.H. Dozier, in Athens, Saturday night about 8:30, after an illness extending over a period of two years or more, the past six weeks being practically confined to her room and bed all the while.

She was a daughter of the late T.D. Hutcheson and was born and reared in Oglethorpe county. Some twenty-odd years ago she moved to Watkinsville with her brother, Mr. James Hutcheson, recently deceased, and had mad her home here since that time. She was a sister of Mrs. T.H. Dozier and an aunt of Mrs. A. W. Dozier, both of Athens. A brother, Mr. Edward Hutcheson, died a few weeks ago in Atlanta; and a niece, Miss Bessie Hutches, daughter of Mr. Edward Hutcheson, died only a few days ago. Another brother, Mr. James Hutcheson, and his wife, Mr. Mamie Nichols Hutcheson, only a few short months ago passed away at their home here.

A nobler Christian character than "Miss Belle" never breathed God's sunshine; kind, gentle, loving, sympathetic, she went about her daily duties exhaling an atmosphere purifying in its nature, exerting to the utmost an influence for the good and pure in life, and lifting every man, woman and child coming within its charmed radius to a higher play. The earthy tabernacle that encased her noble soul will shortly revert to dust, but the example of her unselfish life, her devotion to loved ones, her purity of thought and deeds will live forever, yea "till the stars are old and the leaves of the judgment book unfold". She was brave and cheerful to the last.

Though she knew the insidious nature of her ailment far numbered her days on earth, that the final summons might come any day or hour, with the fortitude of a true Christian soldier she calmly faced the inevitable with a smile of resignation beautiful to behold and was ready to respond to the command of her Lord and Master when it so pleased Him to enunciate the magic, healing worlds "come up higher."

As she lived, so she died - a true, brave, tender, loyal, Christian woman, the noblest handiwork of all creation's wonder, a living, vivid testimonial of the absolute fact that thru service to mankind, following the example of the lowly Nazarene, we are lifted to heights sublime and in the final hour of life's fitful dream, on angel wings, transported to the glory land as a reward eternal for faithful service here performed.

Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, in the beautiful Winterville cemetery, loving hands tenderly lowed the tenement of clay of this good woman to its final resting place beside loved ones already there, the grave ceremony being conducted by a cousin of the deceased, Rev. Luke Johnson, of Grace M.E. church, Atlanta, assisted by Rev. J.C. Morris, of the First Methodist church, Athens. There under a spreading magnolia, her earthly couch bordered with the evergreen, "Miss Belle" rests from her labors, while in the hearts of all who knew her she lives, and like the evergreen, the example of her life will continue to live and exhale a kindly influence for life's better things through all the years to come.

Our hearts tenderest sympathy is extended to all who grieve over the departure of their loved one.