Lucy Cobb Institute

Historical Marker: Lucy Cobb Institute (1858 - 1931)
Lucy Cobb Institute, a College for Girls, was established in 1858 through the effort of T. R. R. Cobb and named for his daughter, Lucy. Later three of his nieces taught here: Miss Mildred Rutherford, Principal, Mrs. Mary Ann Lipscomb, Mrs. Bessie Rutherford Mell. Closed as a school in 1931, it served as a dormitory for girls attending the University of Georgia.
Nearby is Seney-Stovall Chapel, named for George I. Seney who contributed the funds to build it and Miss Nellie Stovall who solicited his help. He also gave a pipe organ and paintings for the walls of Lucy Cobb.
"Her Alumnae Rise Up and Call Her Blessed"

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