Lucy Cobb Grad

This newspaper clipping was in Pat's grandmothers scrapbook and passed on down to the family: Ruth Francis McGinty was the daug. of Manasseh Benjamin McGinty of Athens, Ga. and the half-sister to Martha McGinty Stephenson, who's scrapbook this was found. Pat would love to know more about the "Lucy Cobb Institute."

Savannah Morning News
May 15, 1921

Popular Musician Again Furnishing Organ Music.
Patrons of the Odeon Theater and music lovers of Savannah generally will receive with pleasure the announcement yesterday by the Odeon management that Mrs. Ruth Allen has returned to Savannah and will again furnish the organ music at this theater. 

Mrs. Allen will be remembered as the organist who first opened the new Kimball organ at the Odeon last summer. During her engagement she made many music loving friends and hosts of admirers, with her unusual incidental music. Mrs. Allen is considered among the best if not the best photo-play organists in the entire South and the leading theaters, including the Forsyth, Rialto, Strand, the Tudor theaters of Atlanta. Her music will be heard at the Odeon every performance from 2 o'clock in the afternoon until 11 o'clock at night. 

Mrs. Allen received her early musical education at Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens, finishing with several of the celebrated masters of the New York city. In addition to her unusual ability upon the organ, Mrs. Allen has a spendid soprano voice and for quite a time was soloist in the First Baptist Church of Charlotte, N.C.

Contributed by Pat Floyd