George P. Fellows

The family stories of the migration of George P Fellows to Georgia from Rome, Oneida Co, New York, I don't know exactly when he left New York but the first records I find of him in Athens is in 1831:

From ‘Bits of Fellows Family History from Father's Pen' by Emma: (Israel Buell Starks writing): my mother [Caroline (Fellows) Stark] had only one full brother - Geo P Fellows, The "P" probably stands for Partridge as [lotes - ?] it speaks of her as a Partridge, taking after her mother in disposition. George was like his grandmother Fellows [Molly Partridge Fellows] and like his father Cyrus, not like his Aunt Roxy. Caroline was a Partridge also, not like Roxy.

Geo P Fellows went & drove the team & took the family, or his mother & children to the State of Georgia. The Eve before he started he & Caroline came down to our house & I went back with them as far as Elmers Hill. Then parted with him for all time probably. He then expected to return to Rome [NY] in a few months, but Ga & the sunny South had unexpected attractions - at least he remained there & settled at Athens, Ga he became a slave holder, but a very mild one, for he was like his Grandmother Fellows - very mild in disposition. Like his father, he did not take after Aunt Roxy, neither did your mother - she was a Partridge. Grandmother Fellows was a Partridge & one of the mildest women I ever saw [________] Grandmother Gardinier, They were very much alike.

The following is taken from correspondence between CD Smith and my great-grandmother, Emma (Stark) Hampton, probably sometime between 1915 and 1925 when she died at age 82, the writing looks like that of an elderly person, and explains how George happened to settle in Georgia:
"After George's father died, his mother married Samuel Cone and they removed to Georgia probably because Samuel's father, who had been a "Yankee Peddler" had settled there and became a very successful merchant in Rome, Georgia."
[I think this means Sam's father was the merchant, not Sam Jr, as I went to Rome in November 1998 and couldn't find a trace of Sam Jr- mj]

Contributed by: Margaret James