Benjamin Peeler

Benjamin was born 5 Feb. 1798 in Orange County, NC. He was the son of Abner Peeler b 13 July 1773 also in Orange County. Abner married Susannah Nicks 13 July 1793. They had four children: Benjamin, Abner Jr., Joseph, and Allen. Abner’s father was Benjamin and Benjamin’s father was Christian, Christian’s father was Anthony Biehler/Peeler who landed in Philadelphia 11 Sept 1738 aboard the Ship “Robert & Alice”

Benjamin moved sometime before 18 March 1819 to Elbert County, GA., where he married Elitha (Delitha) Ginn. The ceremony was preformed by Levi Teasley JP. Benjamin and Elitha had 7 children as we are aware of at this time and they were Elisha Mack b 1820, William Henry b 1823, Jacob F b 15 June 1825, Mary b 1830, Wiley Gaines b 1833, Cynthia (Synthia) b 1835, and John W Peeler, b 3 Jan 1838. Benjamin is shown in the 1830 Census of Monroe County, TN where he and two of his brothers were located during the Cherokee Indian War. Mary his fourth child was born in Monroe County, Benjamin was back in Elbert County, GA and shown on the 1840 Federal Census. Sometime between 1840 and 1850 Benjamin moved his family from Elbert County, GA to Clarke County, GA, as he and family was shown in the 1850 Federal Census of Clarke County, GA.

Elisha Mack married Mariah Blake, Loving b ca 1834, William Henry married Susan Ann Culbreath b 1833, Jacob F married Martha A Merritt b 1829, Mary married George Williams V b 15 Jan 1912, Wiley Gaines married Susannah Jane Adams b 1833, Cynthia married Samuel E Revell b 1845, and John W Peeler married Antonette Moore b May 1841.

The three brothers, Elisha, Wiley and Jacob all joined and served at the same time G company, 25 Infantry as Private. Served Highland Guards, Co. G. 25th Reg. NC State Troupes, William Sammons Grady, Capt., Commanding Officer, Civil War. The company organized July 8, 1861, became Company G., 25th Regiment, North Carolina State Troops. Its officers and men came from Clark County, GA. and Clay and Macon county, North Carolina. The company served throughout the war, surrendering at Appomattox. Elisha Mack enlisted at Athens, GA, at age 42, April 20, 1862, for the war as a substitute. Present and accounted for until wounded at Fredricksburg, Virginia, Dec. 13, 1862. Died in a hospital at Richmond, VA, December 27, 1862 of "variola" (Small Pox). (A Government marker has been placed in his memory on the burial plot of Harry Hirman Peeler along with the markers in the memory of his two other brothers, Wiley Gaines and Jacob F. who also served in the same regiment during the war. The marker for Wiley will probably be moved to Mars Hill Baptist Cementer, Oconee County, GA. His granddaughter, Bessie Rivers Robertson, daughter of Franklin Tyler and Olivia Peeler Rivers, said that is where he is buried. Unfortunately, his grave is unmarked. Jacob F. moved to Jackson County, GA, and believe that after 1900, he moved to Hall County. The marker for Elisha Mack I hope to move to the Peeler Plot in Gray Hill Cemetery in the Spring of the year 2000 to be in the family plot.


Issue of August 7, 1877

Rev. Benjamin Peeler was born February 5, 1793, and reared in Elbert county, Ga., and died at Jewells, July 5, 1877. In 1845 he moved to Clark county. He left several children and grandchildren. Elitha died 14 July 1871 and is believed to be buried in Mars Hill Cemetery, Oconee County, GA

Contributed by Earl Peeler