1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Peyton L Wade   atty at law 9 East Clayton res 916 Prince ave
ROBERT M WADE   physician 9 East Clayton res 916 Prince ave
George Wagner c plumber   res 608 North Lumpkin
Henry Wagner   clk   bds 13 North Lumpkin
Charles Wales c drayman   res Cleveland
Milton Wales c lab R L Moss & Co res 9 Warsaw
Thomas W Wales   wood   res 621 2d
Wm Wales c blksmth   res 503 River
Berry Walker c lab   res Green
Felix Walker c lab   res 621 South Lumpkin
Henry Walker c lab   res 979 Oconee
Jonas Walker c lab   res 619 Hill
Mrs Sarah Walker   fy operative   res 503 Cemetery
Perry Walker c farmer   res 979 Oconee
Taylor Walker c farmer   res 1120 Baxter
Wilson Walker c wks Cass Bode res Oconee
J Monroe D Wall   grocer 802 Prince ave res same
James E Wall   merchant   res 108 North Lumpkin
Miss Ophelia Wall   clk   bds 108 North Lumpkin
James Walter c lab   res 109 North Lumpkin
Edgar G Walthall   Brittain & Walthall   res 611 College ave
James A Walton       res 518 Reese
William Walton c lab 312 Hoyt    
Henry Ware c blcksmth   res 892 River
William Ware c lab   res 436 River
WILLIAM E WARE   Weatherly & Ware   res Hoyt
George Washington   porter Jo C Bernard res 2d River
WASHINGTON STREET SCHOOL   G G Bond principal Washington cor Jackson    
gram and high school
Bershareba Waters       res 1309 East Broad
Bascomb Watkins   carp   res 138 Tabernacle
C V Watkins       res 1227 East Broad
F W Watkins   fy operative   bds 1227 East Broad
James Watkins c lab   res 304 North Thomas
John W Watkins   wks Athens Mfg Co res 1214 East Broad
M G Watkins       res 1227 East Broad
Martha Watkins c laundress   res 428 West Broad
P E Watkins       bds 1227 East Broad
S O Watkins       bds 1227 East Broad
William Watkins       bds 419 River
A J Watson   carp   bds 1304 East Broad
A W Watson   messenger So Express Co    
Mrs N E Watson       res 1304 East Broad
Obediah Watson   eng   res 488 Oconee
Miss E J Watt   tchr Lucy Cobb Inst    
Henry F Wayne   trav salesman Childs, Nickerson & Co    
Sarah Weatherford   tchr   res 22 Rock Row
W C Weatherford       res 865 Oconee
Charles N Weatherly   Weatherly Bros   res North Jackson
H A Weatherly   clk   bds 218 East Strong
JOSEPH M WEATHERLY   Weatherly & Ware   res 218 East Strong
William A Weatherly   Weatherly Bros   res North Jackson
WEATHERLY & WARE   gen store 103 North Thomas    
J M Weatherly. W C Ware See adv
Weatherly Bros   dry goods, grocers and shoes 121 East Clayton    
Wm A and Charles N
Alex Webb   blcksmth Athens Planing Mill res 411 Meigs
Joseph N Webb   Webb & Crawford   res 133 West Broad
Mrs A W Webb   seamstress   res 411 Meigs
Mrs L J Webb   seamstress   res 417 Rock Spring
Newton Webb c lab   res 325 Pearl
WEBB & CRAWFORD   grocers 37-39 East Clayton    
J N Webb - H H Crawford
Bage H Webster c blcksmth Wesley Merriwether res College ave
PETER WEIL   boot and shoe manufr and leather 28 East Clayton res 521 West Hancock ave
See adv
Dilmus Wells c porter The Athenaeum res Dearing
Henry Wells   civil eng   res 506 Franklin
James B Wells c apprentice R B Jefferson res 1014 Dearing
James F Wells   clk Jackson & Vincent res 733 College ave
Charles West c carp   res Barberville
Anthony Westbrook c lab   res 23 Pulaski
Charles Westbrooks c lab   res 1115 West Hancock ave
Joshua W Westerland   tinner E E Jones res 406 North Thomas
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY   Miss L A Pipkin, mngr 125 Clayton    
Ellen Westmoreland   seamstress   res 916 West Hancock ave
Miss S P Whaley   tchr   bds 715 Prince ave
W S Whaley   physician 715 Prince ave res same
Alice White   wks Check Fy res 302 Water
Benjamin White c drayman Orr & Hunter res 6 East Washington
Charles White c lab   res 1115 Springdale
H C White   prof Univ of Ga res 207 South Milledge ave
Huldah White c laundress   res 112 Pope
James White   cashier The Nat Bank of Athens res 518 Prince ave
James W White   carp   res 302 Water
John White c lab   res 124 Rock Spring
Milledge White c driver   res 626 5th
Ned White   porter W M Pittman res rear 15 East Clayton
Sarah White   wks Check Fy res 302 Water
Warren White c porter Weatherly & Ware res 773 River
Wm White c messenger W U Tel Co res Rock Spring ave
Wm T White   mail carrier railroads res 601 North Thomas
George Whitefield c janitor   res 527 Reese
Wm J Whitehead   Griffith, Whitehead & Co   res Baxter
James A Whitfield c blacksmith 322 East Broad res 527 Reese
James B Whitfield c wks J A Whitfield bds 527 Reese
Wm Whitfield c blksmth   res 527 Reese
Wm Whitfield c blksmth   res 527 Reese
Wm Whitfield c porter So Express Co    
John Whittock c lab Athens Found & Mach Co    
Edward Wier   clk Isaac Haddock    
John B Wier   grocer Prince ave beyond limits res same
John W Wier   Sheriff Clark Co Court House res 419 Hill
Mrs Fannie Wier   dressmkr   res 203 South Jackson
F A Wilbanks   carp   res 307 Hoyt
John L Wilbanks   printer J E Gardner bds Baldwin
Miss Mary Wilbanks   clk   bds 203 South Jackson
Sarah E Wilbanks       res 203 South Jackson
Miss Mattie Wilbrnks   saleslady Brittain & Walthall cds 203 South Jackson
Philip Wiley c lab   res 813 Cobb
Miss Callie Wilkerson   dressmkr Miss M A Frierson res 507 East Broad
Edward Wilkins c porter J H Rucker    
J C Wilkins   supt Orr & Hunter Compress    
Wm Wilkins c barber Lorenzo Reed res North Lumpkin
C P Willcox   prop Univ of Ga res College Campus
HUGH N WILLCOX   Grant & Willcox   res College Campus
A C Williams   wks Check Fy res 49 Mulberry
Albert Williams c lab   res 412 West Hancock ave
Albert Williams c lab   res 532 North Lumpkin
Alfred Williams c carp N R Tilton res 613 Reese
Alfred Williams c waiter Commercial Hotel    
Bart Williams c lab Reaves W House Co    
Calvin Williams   fy operative   res 631 2d
Charlotte Williams c laundress   res 613 Reese
Daniel Williams c lab   res 509 Prince ave
Dawson P Williams   wks Athens Mfg Co res 302 Baldwin
Ferdinand A Williams   printer H L Crawford res Hoyt head of Thomas
Flora Williams   fy operative   bds 631 2d
Frank Williams c well digger   res R R cut
George Williams       res 919 South Lumpkin
George W Williams   Williams & Parnell   res East Broad
Harriet Williams c laundress   res 612 Broad
Henry Williams c lab Athens Gas Light Co    
Henry Williams c lab   res 1405 West Broad
Henry Williams c lab   res Carlton
Howard Williams c lab   res 205 East Hancock ave
Isaac Williams c train hand Ga R R    
Isaac Williams c lab   res 624 Morris
Isaac Williams c lab   res 420 East Strong
J D Williams   clk   res 631 2d
J M Williams   carp   res 321 South Thomas
James Williams   carp   res 321 South Thomas
James Williams c carp   res 526 North Lumpkin
James H Williams   printer Athens Evening Chronicle res Baldwin
Jordan Williams c lab   res 1233 Fairview
Marcus W Williams   clk J R Cobb bds 18 West Dougherty
Minnie Williams   wks Athens Mfg Co    
Nicholas Williams c lab   res 412 West Hancock ave
P L Williams   brickmsn   res 27 South Poplar
Riley Williams c lab   res rear 66 South Milledge ave
Thomas D Williams   printer H L Crawford res Hoyt head of Thomas
Thomas R Williams   mach Athens Found & Mach Co res 335 South Jackson
W A Williams   wtchmn   res 15 Wilkinson
W D Williams   brickmsn   res 36 Baldwin
W J Williams   tanner   res near Baxter
Wesley Williams c carp   res 532 Baxter
Wm Williams c plumber Julius Dornblatt    
WM WILLIAMS   agt So Express Co bds College ave
Williams & Parnell   barbers 308 East Broad    
G W Williams, Lee Parnell
EVA WILLIAMSON   Adams & Williamson   res 467 Oconee
wid James C
George H Williamson   clk W A Jester rms 17 East Clayton
John N Williamson   clk W A Jester rms 17 East Clayton
John S Williford   real estate Ins Bldg res Newton Bridge Road 2 miles
W B Williford   mach Athens Found & Mach Co res 757 College ave
J F Wills   clk   bds 1 Lumpkin
ALBON S WILSON   livery, feed and sale stable 107-109-111 North Thomas res 5 Lumpkin
(successor to Porter & Wilson) See adv
George C Wilson   printer Athens Evening Chronicle res 901 Oconee
J Ed Wilson   carp   res 34 Narrow
J Fletcher Wilson   cabinet mkr   res 311 Baxter
J P Wilson   boarding 116 North Thomas    
J P Wilson   painter   res 1586 Branch
James Wilson c lab   res 837 Cherry
James F Wilson   farmer   res 603 North Jackson
James P Wilson   clk J H Huggins res 407 South Jackson
John E Wilson   blcksmth   res 618 South Lumpkin
Kinnebrew Wilson   clk Michael Bros    
W W Wilson   carp   res 406 Cemetery
John L Wimberly       res 314 North Foundry
Alex Winfrey c lab   res 330 Grove
John A Winfrey c grocer 331 East Broad res North Foundry
Scott Winfrey c lab   res 518 Hodgson
Solomon Winfrey c     res 1218 Fairview
West Winfrey c lab   res 923 Reese
Archibald S Wingfield   clk Isaac Haddock res 207 South Jackson
Miss Annie Wingfield   dressmkr   bds 326 Broad
Samuel Wingfield   clk Emil Gottheimer bds 207 Jackson
Samuel B Wingfield   bkkpr W H Towns res 207 South Jackson
William Wingfield   clk   bds 326 Broad
William Wingfield c lab   res 101 Pope
William C Wingfield   clk   bds 115 North Lumpkin
William C Wingfield   clk James Pittard bds 207 South Jackson
William Winkfield c Winkfield & Hawkins   res Upper Bridge
Winkfield & Hawkins   restaurant 18 North Jackson    
William Winkfield, David Hawkins
Matthew Winn c drayman Gann, Murray & Co res 312 Hoyt
Mrs Hattie Winn       res 902 West Hancock ave
Henry M Witcher   clk Julius Cohen & Co res 10 Wray
Isaac Witherspoon c carp   res 508 North Foundry
ROBERT L WITHERSPOON   Witherspoon & Hamilton   res 629 North Thomas
WITHERSPOON & HAMILTON   house and sign painters, paints and oils 122 East Clayton    
R L Witherspoon, J T Hamilton See adv
Fannie Wood   wks Check Fy res 18 Rock Row
Moses Wood c porter S C Dobbs    
T G Wood   bridge builder   bds 326 Oconee
Thomas J Wood   undertkr J B Toomer res 48 East Poplar
William Wood   hostler J Z Cooper & Son rms 16 West Washington
William L Wood   grocer 2-4 North Foundry res 12 Willow
bkkpr C and M R R
W G Woodfin   prof University of Ga res College Campus
H Mid Wooten   clk G H Hulme res S Hull
T Benjamin Wooten   clk McGregor & Robertson res Hull
Dora Wortham   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 147 East Peters
Effie Wortham   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 147 East Peters
Emily Wortham       res 611 2d
George Wortham   lab   res 618 2d
J R Wortham   wks Athens Mfg Co res 147 East Peters
W C Wortham   lab Athens Planing Mill res East Athens
William Wortham   lab   res 1120 Arch
J Wray   blcksmth Athens Foundry and Mach Co    
Andrew Wright   clk   bds 28 Baldwin
Ed Wright   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 615 Oak
Frank Wright   wks Athens Mfg Co res 615 Oak
Frank Wright c lab   res 925 Meigs
James Wright c lab   res rear 104 North Milledge ave
Samuel Wright   wks Athens Mfg Co res 615 Oak
Sarah Wright       res 615 Oak
Thomas Wright c drayman Wm McDowell & Son    
Wm Wright c lab Orr & Hunter Compress res rear Fair Grounds

Transcribed by Frank Jenney