1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
A H Talmadge   Talmadge & Brightwell   bds 452 Oconee
Charles A Talmadge   ship clk Talmadge Bros bds 1247 West Prince ave
Clavis G Talmadge   Talmadge Bros   res 453 Milledge ave
John E Talmadge   Talmadge Bros   res 1247 West Prince ave
Mrs W P Talmadge       res 452 Oconee
Talmadge & Brightwell   hardware East Clayton nr Lumpkin    
A H Talmadge - George P Brightwell
Talmadge Bros   whole and retail grocers 23 25 27 East Clayton    
Clovis G and John E
David Tate   paintr Witherspoon & Hamilton    
Jerry Tate c lab   res 111 Dublin
H N Taylor   Taylor Bros & Hall   res 17 South Milledge ave
Isaac Taylor c porter E E Jones res 214 North Milledge ave
James Taylor c apprentice I T Derricotte    
Lewis Taylor c plumber J H Hull res Cooper's stables
Lizzie Taylor c cook   res 14 Dougherty
Neal Taylor c lab   res 14 West Dougherty
R G Taylor   Taylor Bros & Hall   res 821 Hill
Wm Taylor c porter Jackson & Vincent res 106 North Thomas
Taylor Bros & Hall   millers brokers 123 East Clayton    
H N & R G Taylor - Kenan Hall
Henry Terrell c porter J T Anderson res East Athens
Abram Thomas c     res 130 South Hull
Anderson Thomas c carp   res 508 Hodgson
Arthur Thomas c waiter R R Hipkins res 20 Warsaw
Caroline Thomas c restaurant 10 Wall res same
Charles Thomas c lab   res 474 Oconee
Clark Thomas   lab   res 13 North Rock Spring
Daniel Thomas c porter   res 17 Newton
Edgar Thomas c lab   res 207 South Milledge ave
Edward Thomas c driver Webb & Crawford res 409 Reese
Edward Thomas c lab   res 607 Odd
Eugene Thomas   candy mkr Athens Candy Mfg Co res 11 West Washington
Foster Thomas c lab   res 611 Plum
Frank Thomas c drayman   res 338 Flint
George Thomas c boatman   res 620 Odd
George C Thomas   Thomas & Strickland   res 5 South Hull
George Dudley Thomas   Prof Unv Law School Prince ave cor Barber    
Barrow & Thomas
Grandson Thomas c lab   res 1425 West Broad
Hamilton Thomas c cabinetmkr   res 20 Warsaw
Harrison M Thomas c porter Max Joseph res South Thomas
Henry Thomas c carp   res 14 South Billups
J L Thomas   fireman Ga R R res 29 Hickory
James Thomas c lab   res 638 Morris
Lou Thomas c restaurant 102 Hancock ave res Reese
Lucius Thomas c porter H L Crawford res 110 West Hancock ave
Randall Thomas c gardener   res 12 East Dougherty
Remus Thomas c lab   res 212 Rock Springs
Sandy Thomas c lab   res 418 Milledge ave
Simon Thomas c lab   res 512 Hodgson
Stevens Thomas   sec and gen agt So Mutual Ins Co res 125 Pulaski
Thomas Thomas c porter J H Hulme res 20 Warsaw
Wiley Thomas c lab   res 638 Morris
William Thomas c porter Orr & Hunter res 1218 Arch
William C Thomas c tailor R B Jefferson res 105 Finley
William W Thomas   asst sec and adjuster So Mutual Ins Co res 758 Prince ave
Thomas & Strickland   lawyers 306 Oconee    
G C Thomas, J J Strickland
Oscar Thomasson c lab   res 698 North Chase
Daniel Thompson c shoemkr   res 507 South Lumpkin
J N Thompson   merch   res 713 States-Rights
Miss Claude Thompson   tchr public school bds 226 South Lumpkin
Frank Thornton   cash boy Hodgson Bros res 208 South Lumpkin
George H Thornton   clk McGregor & Robertson bds 256 South Lumpkin
Homer C Thornton   fireman Ga R R res 608 East Broad
Moses Thornton c waiter Commercial Hotel    
Mrs Asa Thornton       res 258 South Lumpkin
Thomas J Thornton   clk Hodgson Bros bds 258 South Lumpkin
W J Thornton   clk   res 109 Baxter
Moses Thrasher c lab   res 204 South Lumpkin
T C Threlkeld   sewing mach agt   res Pulaski
Miss O Thurman   milliner   res 106 West Washington
Miss Ruby Thurmand   tchr public school bds 226 South Lumpkin
Mrs E A Thurmond       res 607 Dearing
William M Tiller c tinner M M Maddrey res 636 5th
Nathan R Tilton   cabinet mkr and upholsterer 14 East Clayton res 739 College ave
Belle Tolbert   fy operative   res 511 Oak
William Tolbert   fy operative   res 511 Oak
Joshua B Toomer   furniture, undertkr and sewing mach 114 East Clayton res 101 East Dougherty
Mrs Susan Towns       res 203 South Elberton
William H Towns   dry goods and grocer 101 North Thomas res 330 Oconee
Richard Treadwell c     res 128 Dougherty
Ann E Tuck   wks Check Fy res 104 Water
HON HENRY C TUCK   lawyer 245 East Broad bds Commercial Hotel
Thomas R Tuck   carp   res 305 Hoyt
Virginia Tuck   wks Check Fy res 104 Water
A L Tucker c     res 513 North Milledge ave
Annie P Tucker   tchr   res 515 North Milledge ave
Charles Tucker c cabinet mkr   res 515 North Milledge ave
James Tucker c porter   res 515 North Milledge ave
Jeff Tucker c lab   res North Pope
Caroline Tuggle   fy operative   res 632 2d
Joseph Tuggle   fy operative   bds 632 2d
Levi Tuggle   fy operative   bds 632 2d
S G Tuggle       res 632 2d
A G & Son Turner   china and glassware and jewelry 33 East Clayton    
A G and W W Turner
Anderson G Turner   A G Turner & Son   res 111 Waddell
B Cliff Turner   cash boy Julius Cohen & Co bds 824 River
E V Turner   apprentice   bds 717 College ave
Edward G Turner   clk A G Turner & Son bds 824 River
J A Turner   carp   res 717 College ave
J H Turner   carp   res 717 College ave
Mary Turner c nurse   res 420 Prince ave
Meshach A Turner   cutter Lucas & McDuffie res Dougherty
Peter Turner c lab   res Barbersville
Wallie W Turner   bkkpr Julius Cohen & Co bds 824 River
Wm A Turner       res Dougherty
Wm Walter Turner   A G Turner & Son   res 824 River
Jacob R Tweedy   clk J H Rucker bds 20 North Foundry
Mrs J K Tweedy       res 20 North Foundry
Miss E Tyler   musc tchr Lucy Cobb Inst    

Transcribed by Frank Jenney