1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Mrs S G Salesbury       bds 102 West Dougherty
A H Saye   carp   res 931 Oconee
Chester Saye   wks Ckeck Fy res 15 Mulberry
Hoyt Saye   carp D S Forrester    
J A Saye   carp   res 1238 East Broad
J N Saye   miller Athens City Mills    
M B Saye   carp   res 704 Oak
Margaret Saye       res 15 Mulberry
Miss Lula Saye   wks Athens Mfg Co res 406 Cemetery
Mrs N B Saye       res 128 Baldwin
R A Saye   carp   res 804 North Lumpkin
Miss Ida Schaller   tchr Home School res Prince ave
Miss Sophie Schaller   tchr Home School res Prince ave
Lemuel Schevenell   mfg agt   res 419 North Jackson
Charles Schuhardt   butcher   res 40 North Peters
Isaac Scott c lab   res 129 West Washington ave
Jack Scott c     res 5th
James Scott c carp   res East Athens
Samuel Scott c tchr   res 666 5th
Wash Scott c turner   res 2 North Harris
William Scott c carrier Banner res East Athens
Z W Scott   lab   res 216 South Milledge ave
A M Scudder   tchr   res 5 East Hancock ave
CHARLES A SCUDDER   jeweler 113 Broad res 5 East Hancock ave
Andrew Seagraves   wks Athens Mfg Co res 942 Oconee
Bessie Seagraves   works Check Factory res 37 South Peters
Charles Seagraves   wks Athens Mfg Co res 37 South Peters
Hardy Seagraves   wks Athens Mfg Co res 37 Peters
James Seagraves   lab   res 539 Cemetery
Mattie Seagraves   wks Check Factory res 8 Pine
William H Seagraves   wks Athens Foundry and Mach Co res 731 Oconee
Mrs Sarah Seay       res 443 Oconee
Howell Self c carp 426 Bridge res 428 same
H T Shackelford   farmer   res Grove
Love A Shackelford   Shackelford & Hattaway   bds 617 Prince ave
SHACKELFORD & HATTAWAY   guano and farmers' supplies and real estate 14 North Thomas    
L A Shackelford, J B Hattaway
Claiborne Sharp c porter John Crawford & Co res 1230 Vine
Norman Sharp   trav salesman Childs, Nickerson & Co bds North Thomas
Burrell Shaw c lab   res 606 North Foundry
Charles Shaw c butler   res 417 Bridge
Frank Shell c lab   res 109 North Lumpkin
Marvel H Shepard   clk G H Mulme res 232 North Foundry
James Shepp c drayman Orr & Hunter    
M H Sheppard   clk   res 322 River
Robert Sheppard c lab   res 1600 Arch
Harry Shields c porter A G Turner & Son res 694 4th
Alex Shirley   wks Athens Mfg Co res 53 Poplar
Clark Shirley   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 Ga R R
Eliza Shirley   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 Ga R R
Girty Shirley   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 Ga R R
Lou Ella Shirley   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 Ga R R
Bernard Shivereudt   tailor S Raphael    
W A Short   supt farm   res 534 South Milledge ave
A F Shouse   lab Athens Planing Mill res East Athens
Joseph Silberman   clk Solomon Silberman bds 120 East Clayton
Marx Silberman   clk Solomon Silberman bds 120 East Clayton
Solomon Silberman   clothing 120 East Clayton res same
Jordan Simpson c lab   res 248 South Pope
Albert Sims c porter J M D Wall res 802 Prince ave
David E Sims   tax receiver Clark County City Hall res country
Singer Mfg Co   sewing machines cor Clayton and Jackson    
J F Jones agt
Jeff Singleton c gardener   res rear 510 South Jackson
John Sirk   car driver   res 214 South
Mamie Skelton   seamstress   res 845 Oconee
Valentine W Skiff   watchmkr and jeweler 233 East Broad bds cor Lumpkin and Clayton
Archer Skinner   gen store 926 West Hancock ave res same
Betsy Ann Skinner   wks Check Fy res 144 Water
Clara Skinner   wks Check Fy res 144 Water
Mrs Lucinda Skinner       res 144 Water
Edward D Sledge   clk T Fleming & Sons bds 102 West Dougherty
LEON D SLEDGE   L D Sledge & Co   res 114 West Dougherty
L SLEDGE L D & CO   druggists 29 East Clayton    
L D Sledge See adv
Sallie Sloman c laundress   res 603 North Hull
Simon Sloman   Charles Stern & Co   res 25 East Hancock ave
Charles Sly c drayman Orr & Hunter    
Christopher Smilh c confectionery 16 North Jacksoon res Barberville
Butler Smitch c brickmsn   res 462 Pulaski
Ann Smith c laundress   res 619 North Jackson
Annie Smith   wks Athens Mfg Co res 532 Oak
Bedney Smith c porter C W Baldwin & Co res 1012 West Hancock
Candy Smith c seamstress Miss M A Frierson res Prince ave
Daniel Smith c brickmsn   res 605 Plum
Daniel Smith c lab   res 605 Odd
Daniel O Smith   stenographer Barrow & Thomas bds cor Thomas and Washington
Edward Smith   printer Banner bds West Hancock
EDWARD I SMITH   E I Smith & Co   res 216 South Lumpkin
Frank Smith   trav salesman Talmadge Bros bds Commercial Hotel
Grant Smith c lab   res 1127 Reese
Henry Smith c grocer 3 North Rock Spring res same
J J Smith   strikr Athens Found & Mach Co    
J Larkin Smith   eng R & D R R res Lula Ga
Jabe Smith   drayman Talmadge Bros res 511 North Lumpkin
James Smith   lab   res 611 2nd
John Smith c tr hand Ga R R res 1224 Fairview
John H Smith   Smith & Farr   res 30 West Washington
John H Smith   clk Webb & Crawford res 374 Oconee
Lewis Smith c train hand Ga R R res 18 River
Littleton Smith c lab   res East Athens
Lloyd Smith   wks Athens Mfg Co res 539 Oak
Mark Smith c lab   res 554 South Milledge ave
Mary E Smith   wks Athens Mfg Co res 535 Oak
Mary F Smith   wks Check Fy res 16 Rock Row
Mattie Smith   wks Check Fy res 8 Pine
Minerva Smith c restaurant 12 North Jackson res same
Miss Jennie Smith   art tchr Lucy Cobb Inst res cor Washington and Pulaski
Miss Mary Smith   housekpr 443 Oconee    
Miss Milly Smith   boarding house 8 Pine    
Mrs P J Smith   seamstress   res 701 East Broad
Mrs Rosa Smith       res 506 Franklin
Mrs S Frances Smith       res 129 West Washington
Perry Smith c lab   res East Athens
R G Smith   lab   res 535 Oak
Robert Smith c porter Dr J E Pope rms 429 Dearing
Robert Smith c porter Thomas & Strickland res North Foundry
Robert W Smith   wks Athens Mfg Co res 535 Oak
Sallie Smith   wks Check Fy res 8 Pine
Samuel Smith   carp   res rear 117 Hoyt
Samuel Smith c brick mason   res 609 Plum
Scott Smith c carp   res 915 Reese
Seaborn Smith c lab   res 657 Water
Susan Smith c restaurant 427 Prince ave res same
Susie Smith   wks Check Fy res 735 Check Fy
Taylor Smith c tchr   res 626 North Hull
Tiller Smith c lab   res East Athens
W F Smith c grocer 520 River res same
W L Smith   miller   res R L Bloomfield's yard
Warren J Smith   prescriptionist E S Lyndon res North Jackson
William Smith c carp   res 1133 Prince ave
Z T Smith   drayman   res 735 Oak
SMITH & FARR   meat market 207 North Hull    
Juo H Smith, David A Farr
SMITH E I & CO   boots and shoes 21 College ave and 40 Clayton    
E I Smith - George E Luccs See adv
Robert N Snead   W C & R N Snead   res 5 East Hancock ave
William C Snead   W C & R N Snead   res Newnan, Ga
Snead W C & R N   boots and shoes 233 East Broad    
William C & Robert N
Prof Chas M Snelling   Inst Mil Tac University of Ga    
John Snellings c lab   res 1572 East Broad
John Snelson c lab   res 403 River
C L Sorrels   clk   res 701 River
Madam S Sosnowski   princpl Home School Prince ave    
Miss C Sosnowski   principal home school   res Prince ave
AND TELEGRAPH CO (Athens Exchange)
  H C Conway manager College ave cor East Clayton    
SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO   William Williams agt      
SOUTHERN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO   Young L G Harris pres and treas College ave cor East Clayton    
Stevens Thomas sec and gen agt, William W Thomas asst sec and adjuster
Rev E W Speer   master in chancery   res 113 College ave
Mitchell Spratling c lab   res 111 Pope
Charles Spring c lab   res 646 North Hull
John Spurlock c lab   res 902 West Hancock ave
St. Mark's M E Church c   Arch    
St. Mary's Church, Episcopal   R L Bloomfield reader Oconee    
St. Paul A M E Church c Rev L D Durand pastor      
F R Stanley   clk M Myers & Co res 442 Pulaski
Maj M Stanley   capitalist   res 406 Dearing
MRS D STANLEY   prop Commercial Hotel res same
See adv
Samuel Stanley c St car driver   res Bridge
W T Stark   bootmkr 22 North Jackson    
John Starks c lab   res 402 River
John Statch c shoemkr   res 448 River
Wm B Steedley   Carlton & Steedly   res 220 Prince ave
M V Steiffer   tchr penmnshp   res 721 South Lumpkin
Mrs - Steiffer   wid Dr Homer   res 721 South Lumpkin
P B Steiffer   penman   res 721 South Lumpkin
S M Steiffer   penman   res 721 South Lumpkin
Cynthia Stephens       res 356 Williams
Jake Stephens c lab   res 314 South Lumpkin
L L Stephens   brick mason   res 603 State-Rights
Mrs Sarah J Stephens       res 328 Factory
Rev J L Stephens   Presbytn Minister   res 715 Prince ave
Willie Stephens   wks Athens Mfg Co res 356 Williams
Wm Stephens c lab   res 664 Rutherford
Charles Stern   Charles Stern & Co   res 25 East Hancock ave
Charles & Co Stern   clothing and gents' furnishers 229 East Broad    
Charles Stern, Simon Sloman
Myer Stern   capitalist   res 23 Pulaski
Philip Stern   M Myers & Co   res 529 Hill
Charles Stewart c lab   res 1290 Vine
Miss Julia Stilwell   clk Haselton & Dozier res College Campus
Miss O Stilwell   clk College Campus    
Rev W R Stilwell   boardg house College Campus    
Clement D Stone   carrier Athens Evening Chronicle bds 403 South Lumpkin
Edwin P Stone   printer Athens Evening Chronicle res 114 Baldwin
Ellison D Stone   Stone & Christy   res 403 South Lumpkin
George E Stone   printer Athens Chronicle    
Joseph H Stone   Stone & Christy   res 407 South Lumpkin
STONE & CHRISTY   props Athens Evening Chronicle 234 East Broad    
E D and J H Stone, W S Christy
S F Storey   cotton buyer C D McKie res Thompson, GA
A J Stovall c carp   res 4 South Rock Spring
Bolling A Stovall   reporter Banner bds 214 North Milledge ave
Mrs M W Stovall       res 214 North Milledge ave
Willis Stovall c carp   res 46 Branch
C Morton Strahan   Prof Univ of Ga res Harris
vice pres The Athenaeum
C F Streckfus       res 44 Cedar
Hattie Street   wks Athens Mfg Co res 503 Cemetery
Burton Strickland c lab   res 1120 East Broad
Dock Strickland c lab   res 615 North Hull
Henry Strickland c lab   res Peters
John Strickland c lab   res 58 North Elberton
John J Strickland   Thomas & Strickland   res Church
W E Strickland   clk C D McKie res 961 Berlin
Adam Stroud c lab   res 23 Warren
Gus Stroud c porter Lucas & Benedict    
Isaiah Stroud c lab   res 508 North Foundry
Sarah J F Stummer       res 1603 Arch
E M Suber   mill wright   res 731 Oconee
P A Summey       res 19 Summey
Superior Court   N L Hutchins Judge meets second Monday April and October, Court House    
C D Vincent Clk
Thomas Sutton   sewing mach agt 1586 East Broad    
Miss J O Swan   seamstress   res 314 West Broad
Mrs M E Swan       res 314 West Broad

Transcribed by Frank Jenney