1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
J E Ragsdale   foreman Banner-Watchman res Strong
Moses Raine c lab   res 1308 Rockdale
Thomas Raines c porter McGregor & Robertson    
A J Raney c tchr   res 304 North Chase
Hiram Ransom c lab   res 608 Broad
William Ransom c porter Childs, Nickerson & Co res East Clayton
SAMUEL RAPHAEL   merch tailor and gents' furnisher 3 College ave res 238 South Lumpkin
See adv
F C Ray   blacksmith   res 501 East Broad
F M Ray   lab   res 214 South
Mrs J C Ray   dressmkr   res 501 East Broad
Seymour Ray c waiter Caroline Thomas bds same
Reave Warehouse Co   storage and com 6 North Thomas, 311 East Broad    
Reaves, O'Farrell & Ash props
Harper Reaves c lab   res bet Barber and Pulaski
James H Reaves   clk Post-Office res 511 North Lumpkin
John Reaves c driver   res 678 4th
R K Reaves   pres Pioneer Paper Mfg Co res 204 North Thomas
R L Reaves       res 201 East Washington
W J Reaves   carp   res 743 4th
William A Reaves   clk J H Rucker bds 511 North Lumpkin
Reaves, O'Farrell & Ash   R K Reaves, O'Farrell & Ash proprs Reaves Warehouse Co res Thomas cor Washington
Emily Reddick c laundress   res 202 West Broad
R G Redwine   train hand R & D RR    
Caroline Reed c dressmkr   res 431 Bridge
Lorenzo Reed c barber 14 North Jackson res 431 Bridge
Rose Reed c cook   res 108 Pope
Thomas Reed c barber   res 431 Bridge
Asa Reese c lab   res 106 North Milledge ave
Mrs Martha Reese       res 314 Factory
Mrs N B Reese       res 123 West Hancock ave
Mrs S C Reese       res 123 West Hancock ave
George Reid c porter A P Henley res Foundry
Relief Fire Co c Ned Lester capt 429 Prince ave    
Prof A Resler   music tchr 31 East Clayton res same
Samuel Rexinger   prop Athens Ice Wks    
C W Reynolds       res 329 East Washington
Eugene Reynolds   wks Athens Mfg Co res South Poplar
Jeff W Reynolds   painter J L Arnold Jr res 703 East Broad
M W Reynolds   wks Athens Mfg Co res South Poplar
Miss E K Reynolds   dress maker   res 708 Reese
Miss Mary Reynolds   dress maker Miss M A Frierson res 329 East Washington
W B Reynolds   carriage mkr   res 708 Reese
J F Rhodes   bkkpr Talmadge Bros res 205 West Broad
N E Rhodes   clk   res 104 North Church
Adolphus Richards   painter Witherspoon & Hamilton res 45 East Peters
Alex Richards   carpenter   res 141 South Poplar
Ally Richards   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 South Poplar
Charley Richards   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 South Poplar
Fred Richards   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 South Poplar
John C Richards   rock mason   res 613 3d
Joseph H H Richards   brick mason   res 616 3d
Thomas Richards   wks Athens Mfg Co res 141 South Poplar
Cornelius Richardson c lab   res 453 South Milledge ave
Miss Lula Richardson   teacher   res 607 Meigs
Reese Richardson c carp   res 605 Reese
Rev Simon Peter D D Richardson   presiding elder M E Church South res 607 Meigs
Richard Richardson c porter Hodgson Bros res Meigs
Ross Richardson c carp 423 Prince ave res Church cor Taylor
Simon P Jr Richardson   clk McGregor & Robertson bds 607 Meigs
Richmond & Danville R R, (N-E Division)   F M Hardin Agt depot River cor North Hull    
F T Rivers   wookwkr Athens Found & Mach Co    
J H Rivers   bailiff Justice Court res Barbersville
James O Rivers   helper Klein & Martin res 751 4th
Tyler Rivers   drayman   res 731 4th
Henry Roberts c whtwshr   res nr West Broad
Sarah J Roberts       res 512 Oconee
Thomas Roberts c barber McQueen & Durham res 510 North Foundry
Thomas H Roberts c porter So Mutual Ins Co res 410 North Foundry
A R Robertson   marble wks 115 North Thomas res 450 South Milledge ave
J M Robertson       res 1219 East Broad
James R Robertson   McGregor & Robertson   bds 450 South Milledge ave
Mary Robertson c laundress   res 62 North Jackson
James Robinson c waiter Commercial Hotel    
Jane Robinson c laundress   res 109 Pulaski
H T Rogers   lamplghter   res 21 Pine
Larkin Rogers   carp   res 26 East Dougherty
Dock Roland c porter Henderson Warehouse Co    
John C Roland   lab   res 734 College ave
Nancy Roland c laundress   res 13 Sapolo
Wash Roland c drayman Orr & Hunter res 724 College ave
Miss G S Roper   teacher   res 715 Prince ave
Miss M J Roper   teacher Pub School res 715 Prince ave
Benjamin O W Rose   wtchmn Ga R R res 603 East Broad
Miss Georgia Rose   dressmkr 603 East Broad res same
P O Rose       res 309 East Strong
Herman Rosenberg   Rosenberg Spectacle Co   res 496 Barber
Rosenberg Spectacle Co   jobbers and manufrs spectacles 104 East Clayton    
H Rosenberg & F Phillips
Crocket Rosette c lab Gann, Murray & Co res 7 Hickory
Wm Rosette c grocer 530 West Broad res 516 same
Andrew Ross   sexton city cemetery res city limits
Henry Ross c lab 122 West Washington    
Minerva Ross c laundress   res 122 West Washington
Miss Ella Ross   housekpr for E R Brumby College Campus    
Eli Rowe   miller Ga Roller Mills    
Hugh Rowe         222 East Clayton
Jenks Rowe c drayman Orr & Hunter    
Mrs Julia Rowe   seamstress   res 455 Oconee
CHARLES A ROWLAND   bkkpr Hodgson Bros rms 103 East Clayton
Wm M Rowland   treas The Athenaeum rms 103 East Clayton
R L Moss & Co
Benjamin Royal   butcher Smith & Farr res 22 Willow
Deloney Royal   painter   res 1313 East Broad
Alex C Rucker   Supt Rucker Compress res 303 N Milledge ave
Jeptha H Rucker   cotton buyer 12 North Thomas res 5 North Milledge ave
Tinsley W Rucker   lawyer 203 East Broad res 726 Hill
Rucker Compress   cotton compress Ga R R Depot    
J H Rucker propr, A C Rucker supt
Richard Ruff c lab   res 742 Barber
Thomas Ruff c truck hand R & D R R    
George W Rush   W G Lowry & Co   res 220 Prince ave
Richard B Russell   solicitor gen Russell & Hughes res 628 Prince ave
RUSSELL & HUGHES   attys at law 11 East Clayton    
R B Russell, F M Hughes
MISS MILDRED RUTHERFORD   principal Lucy Cobb Inst res 117 North Milledge ave
Williams Rutherford   Prof Mathematics Unv of Ga res Dearing
Jacob Rutledge c shoemka   res 432 Bridge
Emma Ryan c cook   res 318 River

Transcribed by Frank Jenney