1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
James I Pace c barber Davis & Harris res 514 West Hancock ave
Mrs Ann Page   seamstress   res 707 Springdale
Abram Paine c lab   res 213 Run
Arthur Paine c lab   res 437 Oconee
Edward Paine c butcher Alfred Bertling    
Henry Paine c drayman E S Lyndon res North Jackson
Howard Paine c lab   res Rutherford
Thomas Paine c porter Hodgson Bros res 316 West Broad
Geo H Palmer   bkkpr The Athens Mfg Co res 420 Oconee
Henry R Palmer   bkkpr E S Lyndon res 449 Oconee
Tallulah Palmer   wks Check Factory res 21 Pine
T A Paner   woodwkr Athens Found & Mach Co    
August H Pape   clk J H Rucker res Hancock ave
Harry Parker c lab 609 North Hull    
J T Parker   wks Athens Mfg Co res East Athens
Mrs J W Parker       res 421 Baldwin
Wm Parker   wks Athens Mfg Co res 360 William
Emily Parks c laundress   res 611 North Lumpkin
Henry Parks c lab   res 1025 West Broad
John Parks c lab   res 603 North Lumpkin
Thomas Parks c lab J Z Cooper & Son    
Wesley Parks c lab   res 1251 Vine
Wm H Parks c lab Orr & Hunter Compress res 603 North Lumpkin
Lee Parnell   Williams & Parnell   res Mitchell
ALONZO N PARR   Parr Bros   res 701 Baxter
BENJAMIN H PARR   Parr Bros   res 701 Baxter
CALVIN W PARR   Parr Bros   res 319 South Milledge ave
CHARLES A PARR   Parr Bros   res 403 South Milledge ave
Daniel G Parr   painter Parr Bros res 925 South Lumpkin
Ferd L Parr   clk W M Pittman res 711 Baxter
James S Parr   painter Parr Bros res Baldwin
L N Parr   painter   res 623 Baxter
M H Parr   genl store 1129 West Broad res same
Mrs Sarah C Parr       res 623 Baxter
VARDY J PARR   Parr Bros   res 711 Baxter
PARR BROTHERS   wall paper, paints, oils, etc 17 North Jackson    
C W, V J, C A, B H, and A N, See adv
T M Parsons   wks Athens Mfg Co res 320 Factory
Berry Partee c lab   res 12 Green
Clarke Partee c lab   res 1115 Springdale
Levi Partee c lab 1111 Hancock ave    
Wm Pass c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
F Patat   cabinet mkr Athens Planing Mill res Spring
Frank S Patat   trimmer Klein & Martin res 612 East Broad
Henry E Patat   helper Klein & Martin res 415 River
Joseph A Patat       res 415 River
Thomas Patat   helper Klein & Martin    
John B Patman       res 408 South Lumpkin
Jane Patrick       res 16 Rock Row
Robert Patrick   wks Check Factory res East Athens
M A Patterson   carp   res 726 Prince ave
R Patterson   molder Athens Found and Mach Co    
J H Patton   carp   res 1229 Branch
John M Paul   gen store 773 Oconee res same
Miss A J Paulin   tchr Lucy Cobb Inst    
William Peak c lab   res 1321 East Broad
William Peek c lab   res 209 Hoyt st
Hiram Peeler   wks Athens Mfg Co res 648 3d
Joseph A Peeler   Bloomfield & Peeler   res 29 Wilkerson
Mrs S J Peeler       res 343 Williams
Robert Peeler   lab   res 343 Williams
Norris Peoples   photographer C B Mills bds Allan House
Stephen Perry c lab   res 624 North Hull
Rufus Peters c lab   res 104 Dougherty
Alfred Pettis c lab   res 27 North Billups
Asher W Phelps   fireman R & D R R bds 463 Pulaski
E W Phelps   car insp R & D R R res 463 Pulaski
W R Phelps   fireman R D R R res 463 Pulaski
Abram Phillips       res 4 West Dougherty
Felix Phillips   Rosenburg Spectacle Co   res 4 West Dougherty
Billups Phinizy   planter   res 124 North Milledge ave
Ferdinand Phinizy   capitalist   res 1123 Cobb
Rev D R Pickens   pastor Christain Church res 403 North Jackson
PIEDMONT AIR LINE (R & D R R)   C B Chandler, soliciting agt 117 East Clayton    
Andrew Pierce c whitewasher   res 318 West Broad
Henry Pierce c drayman Athens Planing Mill res 418 West Broad
Pierce's Chapel A M E Church c Rev J A Cary, pastor North Foundry    
Peter Pinson c lab   res 655 Odd
Pioneer Paper Mfg Co   R K Reaves pres Oconee cor Thomas    
W D Griffith sec
MISS LOUISE A PIPKIN   manager W U Tel Co res 313 North Jackson
J E Pitman   farmer   res 233 Hoyt
WILLIAM M PITMAN   grocer and dry goods 19 East Clayton res 21 same
C L Pitner   bkkpr William McDowell & Son res 614 Hill
James A Pitner   J Y Carithers & Co Coroner Clarke County res 521 Barber
John R Pitner   clk Ga R R res 133 West Broad
Thomas A Pitner   clk Griffith, Whitehead & Co res 133 West Broad
James Pittard   grocer 115 North Lumpkin res 419 Meigs
Mrs J D Pittard       res 419 Meigs
William Pittard c gardener 1113 Dearing    
Margary Pledger       res 334 Factory
W A Pledger   carp   res 504 South Lumpkin
W A Pledger c     res 209 Pearl
W N Pledger   wks Check Factory res 9 Pine
Anderson Plummer c porter James Pittard res 232 South Lumpkin
Elijah A Plunket   cond Ga R R bds Commercial Hotel
Police Court   Hon J A Hunnicutt, judge meets every Tuesday 4 o'clock p m, South Jackson    
Police Headquarters   D Cran Oliver chief City Hall    
Albert Pollard c lab   res 328 Prince ave
John Pollard c lab Athens Pottery Works res 1637 Arch
Francis Pool   wks Athens Mfg Co res 615 Oak
Ida Pool   wks Athens Mfg Co res 615 Oak
Mina Pool   wks Athens Mfg Co res 615 Oak
Narcissa Pool       res 615 Oak
Bailey Pope c lab   res 218 South Elberton
Benjamin Pope c lab   res near Grove
James M Jr Pope c grocer 3 North Foundry res same
JOHN E POPE   physician 15 East Broad res 429 Dearing
Pierce Pope c lab   res Chapple Farm
Squire Pope c lab   res 314 South Lumpkin
Charles Porter   wks Athens Mfg Co res 620 Oconee
Edgar Porter c lamp lighter   res 602 North Hull
Edward W Porter   bailiff Justice Court res 720 Oconee
John Porter c lab   res 149 Ga R R
John E Porter   R R contr   res 201 Baxter
Len Porter c lab   res 621 North Foundry
Lula Porter   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 620 Oconee
Mary Porter c laundress   res 101 Pope
Newton Porter c lab   res 861 Oconee
Robert Porter   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 620 Oconee
Vick Porter   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 620 Oconee
Mrs B Porterfield   seamstress   res 32 Baldwin
Post Office   W B Burnett P M East Clayton bet College ave and Jackson    
Emma Potter   wks Athens Mfg Co res 512 Oconee
Gussie Potter   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 512 Oconee
J F Potter   wks Athens Mfg Co res South Poplar
M A Potter       res rear Lower Bridge
Mary Potter   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 512 Oconee
Mrs Martha Potter       res 53 Poplar
Willie Potter   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 512 Oconee
John Potts   plow mkr Athens Found & Mach Co    
W W Power   clk   res 34 Narrow
A G Powers   clk   res 505 North Jackson
Armstead W Powers c lab   res 27 Angle
Luther Powers   clk Michael Bros    
Robert H Powers   clk Max Joseph res Prince ave
Wm W Powers   physician 7 North Jackson res 110 Baldwin
A M Prather   wks Athens Mfg Co res 1220 East Broad
E A Prather   wks Athens Mfg Co res 341 Factory
Gabriel Prather c drayman Orr & Hunter res 5 East Hancock ave
H N Prather   supt drays Orr & Hunter res 213 West Broad st
John Prather   wks Athens Mfg Co res 350 Williams
Melinda Prather   wks Athens Mfg Co res 1220 East Broad
W L Prather   carp   res 523 South Lumpkin
William Prather   lab   res 350 Williams
D M Prewitt   butcher   res 1256 Arch
J M Prewitt   lab   res 1256 Arch
Lou Prewitt   wks Check Factory res 1256 Arch
W W Price   clk   res 2 West Hancock ave
Olive Pride c laundress   res 786 Oconee
R K Pridgeon   mach hand Athens Planing Mill res 608 Pulaski
William Pridgeon   painter Witherspoon & Hamilton res 608 Pulaski
Primitive Baptist Church c   Chase    
William B Pruitt   solicitor and reporter Banner-Watchman res 107 West Hancock ave
Thomas C Pulliam   clk Julius Cohen & Co bds Fears House

Transcribed by Frank Jenney