1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
E S Mabry   carrier Athens Evening Chronicle    
George W Mabry   printer H L Crawford res Watkinsville Rd 2 miles
George W jr Mabry   carrier Athens Evening Chronicle    
James Mabry   printer Banner-Watchman    
John Henry Mack c carpenter   res 759 South Lumpkin
Milledge Mack c     res 643 5th
C C Maddox   photographer   res 820 Springdale
E F Maddox       bds 820 Springdale
J E Maddox   clerk   bds 820 Springdale
John B Maddox   wood turner Athens Planing Mill res 824 Springdale
JOSEPH B MADDOX   foreman Athens Planing Mill res 618 Pulaski
Voss & Maddox
Orion L Maddox   opr Athens Planing Mill bds 820 Springdale
Wm E Maddox   steward Commercial Hotel bds same
Moses M Maddrey   stoves, tinware and housefurnishing, tin roofing and guttering 218 East Broad res 207 South Jackson
Joseph Mahoney   printer Banner-Watchman bds Allan House
Amy Malone c nurse   res 708 Prince ave
Isaac Malone c porter J S King & Co res Oconee
Albert S Mandeville   watches, clocks and jewelry 105 East Broad res 102 West Dougherty
John Mann c lab R & D RR    
Morgan Mann c lab R & D RR res 407 Hoyt
Squire Mann c lab   res 204 College ave
Alex Mapp   lab 1227 Fairview    
Louisa Mapp c cook   res 526 Barber
Margaret Marable c laundress   res 433 Pulaski
Matilda Marable c laundress   res 1133 Prince ave
Wash Marcus c lab   res 120 Rock Spring
King M Marks   floor mgr Max Joseph res 109 Pulaski
Mrs P S Marks       res 109 Pulaski
Samuel Marks   bkkper   bds 109 Pulaski
Clarence Marshall c porter Commercial Hotel    
Daniel Marshall c lab   res 634 Lumpkin
Willie Marshall c lab   res 632 Prince ave
E Thomas Martin   clk   res 221 East Dougherty
Henry Martin   merchant 3 South Foundry    
HORACE E MARTIN   Klein & Martin   res 419 Oconee
John E Martin   clk Ga R R bds Fears House
Miss Bessie Martin   housekpr   res 226 South Lumpkin
W A Martin   carp   res 26 Rock Row
Wm Martin   butcher Alfred Bertling    
Wm Martin c waiter Commercial Hotel    
Douglass Mason c lab   res rear 205 North Milledge ave
George W Mason   chief engineer fire department, cotton buyer O'Farrell & Ash res 12 South Lumpkin
Mattie Mason c lab   res 1501 E Broad
Claud Massey   carrier Athens Evening Chronicle bds Cemetery
Henry Massey   merchant   res 726 Oak
James H Massey   merchant   res 713 Oconee
James Matthews c carp   res 2 North Harris
Lee C Matthews   clk Max Joseph res 412 West Hancock ave
M P. Matthews   merchant   res 509 River
Mrs A L Matthews       res 109 North Lumpkin
R D Matthews   merchant   res 701 River
Sarah Matthews c laundress   res 2 North Harris
Clark M Mattox   clk Julius Cohen & Co bds Fears House
Dennis Mattox c lab   res 518 West Hancock ave
Smith Mattox c lab   ras 505 Meigs
George Maxley c paker Georgia Roller Mills    
Georgia Maxwell c laundress   res 1250 Fairview
Glenn Mayfield c lab Reaves W House Co res 666 Fourth
W F Mayfield   Foreman Lyndon's shop res 514 North Thomas
Mayor's Court   Hon J A Hunnicutt, judge meets every Tuesday 4 p m, City Hall    
Asbury Mays   lab Athens Pottery Wks    
Henry McAlpin   lawyer 119 East Broad    
F McBain   bridge builder   res 326 Oconee
A McCain   wks Check Factory res 709 East Broad
Fred W McCleskey   chief clk R & D RR res 616 College ave
Edward McClesky c carp   res 104 North Harris
Jeff L McClesky   cond C & M R R    
John McClesky c carp   res 13 Valley
Cicero McCombs c cap   res 901 Run
Lizzie McCombs c tchr   res Church cor West Broad
Nelson L McCombs c baker   res 602 West Broad
Will McCormack   factory operative   bds 414 Cemetery
William L McCormack   wood wkr Klein & Martin res 414 Cemetery
Laura McCray c cake baker   res 819 Prince ave
Edward McCree c lab   res 664 Rutherford
Georgia McCree c laundress   res 664 Morris
Hill McCree c drayman Parr Bros res 1213 West Broad
Lindsey McCree c hostler   res 644 Morris
Louisa McCree c laundress   res 110 West Hancock ave
Reed McCree c carp   res 655 Morris
Wash McCree c lab   res 655 Morris
JAMES McCULLOCH   architect and civil engineer 17 College ave bds Commercial Hotel
Mrs C McCune       res 709 East Broad
J M McCurdy   salesman William McDowell & Son res 22 Narrow
Carter McDonald   factory operative   res 208 South Elberton
Laura McDonald   factory operative   bds 208 S. Elberton
Mrs India McDonald   seamstress   res 422 River
Sarah J McDonald       res 208 South Elberton
J W McDonold   bridge builder   res 326 Oconee
George McDorman   wks Check Factory bds 648 1st
Miss Lena McDorman   clk Casper Morris res Oak
Robert McDorman   wks Check Factory bds 26 Mulberry
William McDowell   William McDowell & Son   rms 10 College ave
WILLIAM A McDOWELL   Mayor pro tem, Councilman 2d ward   rms 10 College ave
William McDowell & Son
McDowell William & Son   grocers 8 College ave    
William and W A McDowell
Arch A McDuffie   Lucus & McDuffie   res 124 West Hancock
L McElroy   wks Check Factory res 8 Pine
Mollie McElroy   wks Check Factory res 8 Pine
Frank McGinty   clk   bds 603 States-Rights
H C McGinty   brick mason   res 721 States-Rights
J E McGinty   carp   res 326 West Hancock ave
L F McGinty   clk 204 South    
Manassas B McGinty   alderman 3d ward   res 120 South Lumpkin
McGinty & Hunnicutt
McGINTY & HUNNICUTT   contractors and builders, sash, doors, blinds, builders' hardware, etc. 204 South    
M B McGinty, John A Hunnicutt
David W McGregor   McGregor & Robertson   res 204 Waddell
McGREGOR & ROBERTSON   wholesale and retail books and stationery Broad cor College ave    
D W McGregor, J W Robertson
Benjamin McHenry c lab   res 2 Elberton
George McIntosh c porter Brittain & Walthall res 530 North Lumpkin
Charles D McKie   agt, genl store and cotton buyer 13-19 North Thomas res 129 Hancock ave
John S McKie   policeman   res 908 Prince ave
Charles McKinley c porter Webb & Crawford res rear 355 Oconee
John McKinnon   mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co res 725 Oak
Wesley McKinnon   Supt Athens City Water Works Alderman 1st ward res 725 Oak
Miss L McLane       bds 306 South Lumpkin
G E McLester c teacher   res 304 North Chase
James G McLester   capitalist   res 317 East Dougherty
Wm McLester c teacher   res 304 North Chase
J J C McMahon   merchant   res 10 Wray
Fred McMillan   factory operator   res 784 Oak
Mack McQueen c driver So Express Co bds 628 North Hull
Samuel McQueen c McQueen & Durham   res 628 North Hull
McQueen & Durham c barbers 9 College ave    
Samuel McQueen, Robert Durham
Pleasant McWhorter c lab Orr & Hunter Compress res east of Barber
Thomas McWhorter c lab   res 326 River
Robert L McWilliam   clerk   bds 101 West Hancock ave
K Mead   Fy operative   res 216 South Elberton
M F Mead       res 216 South Elberton
Thomas Mead   Fy operative   res 216 South Elberton
George C Meadowcroft   mach Athens Found & Machine Co res 464 Oconee
Henry Mealor   molder Athens Found and Mach Co res 1104 East Broad
James A Mealor   carpenter 714 Oak    
Josie Mealor   Fy operative   res 714 Oak
Wm D Mealor   Fy operative   res 714 Oak
James A Medlin   printer Athens Evening Chronicle res 734 North Lumpkin
Mrs B W Medlin       res 734 North Lumpkin
Charles I Mell   warehouseman R L Moss & Co res South Milledge ave
E B Mell   music teacher   res 515 Hill
George A Mell   bkkpr Bank of the University res Dearing cor Harris
Griffith & Mell
Joh D Mell   lawyer 246 East Broad res South Milledge ave
Miss E L Mell   music teacher   bds 515 Hill
Thomas S Mell   lawyer 246 East Broad res 515 Hill
Sarah Melton       res 301 South Lumpkin
James Merriwether c blacksmith   res 229 Factory
James Jr Merriwether   tanner   res near Baxter
Thomas Merriwether c porter W A Jester res 216 South Thomas
WESLEY MERRIWETHER c blacksmith 222 Fulton res 216 South Thomas
see adv
Wm Merriwether c blacksmith Wesley Merriwether bds 216 South Thomas
Mme M Mettais   teacher Lucy Cobb Inst    
David Michael   cashier Michael Bros res 23 Pulaski
Henry Michael   genl store 312 East Broad res 437 Oconee
Isaac Michael   merchant 427 Oconee    
Moses G Michael   Michael Bros   res 23 Pulaski
Simon Michael   Michael Bros   res 23 Pulaski
Michael Brothers   whol dry goods, shoes and millinery 202 East Broad    
Simon and M G
Isaac Middlebrooks c lab   res 486 Barber
Sally Middlebrooks c cook   res rear 14 South Milledge ave
Ernest Miles c whitewasher   res 614 North Foundry
Alice Miller c seamstress   res 145 Pearl
Andrew J Miller   salesman and cabinet mkr J B Toomer bds Allen House
David J Miller   cotton weigher Reave W House Co res 201 Baxter
Israel A Miller   clk Rucker Compress res Hancock ave
J W Miller   clk 114 East Clayton    
Rev Wm H Miller c     res 145 Pearl
Thomas Miller c porter Julius Cohen & Co res South Lumpkin
Parthenia Milligan c cook   res 621 North Foundry
Alfred Mills c carp Athens Planing Mills res 31 North Rock Spring
Charles B Mills   photographer 115 East Broad res same
Edward Mills c carp   res 16 North Rock Spring
Isaac Mills c butler   res 1122 West Broad
Joe Mills c lab   res 1548 E Broad
Louise Mills c teacher   res 31 North Rock Spring
Rachael Mills c laundress   res 1548 East Broad
JOSEPH S MILNER   photographer 109 East Broad bds Oconee
Robert Milner c lab Orr & Hunter res 215 South Thomas
Wm H Mines   clk M Myers & Co res Jackson
Albert L Mitchell   attorney at law 125 East Broad res 24 West Dougherty
Andrew Mitchell c lab   res 240 South Hull
Dora Mitchell   Fy operative   bds 317 Oconee
E L Mitchell   clk   bds 209 Hoyt
Henry Mitchell   clk 25 East Broad    
John S Mitchell   mach Athens Found and Mach Co res 617 Oconee
Minnie Mitchell   Fy operative   bds 617 Oconee
Miss Fannie Mitchell   teacher home school bds 319 West Hancock ave
Miss M Mitchell   dressmkr   bds 312 Newton
Miss S Mitchell       bds 319 West Hancock ave
Mrs E V Mitchell       bds 617 Oconee
Rev C A Mitchell       res 209 Hoyt
Robert J Mitchell   bkkpr Webb & Crawford res 705 States-rights
Robert J, Jr. Mitchell   cashier Webb & Crawford bds 705 States-RIghts
Samuel D Mitchell   bkkpr Griffith, Whitehead & Co res 824 Prince ave
Thomas L Mitchell   asst bkkpr Reaves Warehouse Co res 209 Hoyt
publisher Woman's Work
W Erwin Mitchell   tinner M M Maddry res Narrow
Martin C Mize   grocer 201 North Hull res 112 West Washington
Miss Nannie Mize   housekpr R K Reeves 204 North Thomas    
Hugh Montgomery c drayman Orr & Hunter res 5 East Hancock ave
Thomas Montgomery c lab Reaves Warehouse Co    
Larkin Moody c lab Porter & Wilson    
J L Moon   lab   res 1586 Branch
Laura Moon c laundress   res 507 South Milledge ave
Mrs Moon   dressmkr   res 428 Pulaski
Mrs Elizabeth Moon       res 12 Hickory
Robert Moon   painter Parr Bros res 723 Baxter
W T Moon   policeman   res 723 Baxter
William Moon c lab Porter & Wilson    
Augustus Moore   tanner   res Baxter
Caroline Moore c nurse for invalids   res 209 Pearl
Charity Moore c laundress   res 633 College ave
Edward Moore c lab   res 202 Rock Spring
Floyd Moore c lab   res 915 Run
Henry Moore c lab Ga R R res Ash
Huldah Moore c laundress   res 202 Rock Spring
J E Moore c gen store 1305 West Broad    
J R Moore   Johnson & Moore   res College ave
John Moore c harness mkr   res 510 Barber
Lee Moore c tanner   res 8 Sapelo
Mary Moore c nurse   res 116 Milledge ave
Mary H Moore c laundress   res 635 Odd
Mrs Emma Moore       res 30 West Dougherty
P A Moore   watchman C & M R R res 474 Oconee
Sylvia Moore c cook   res 335 East Strong
Thomas C Moore   eng R & D RR res 726 Lumpkin
Wash Moore c porter Johnson & Moore res 635 Odd
Gustav Morganstein       res 215 East Dougherty
Mrs Emma Morganstein   saleslady Emil Gottheimer res 215 Dougherty
Caroline Moroney   factory operative   res 539 cemetery
Abraham Morris   clk Casper Morris bds Dougherty
Casper Morris   dry goods 230 East Broad res 8 West Hancock ave
Charles Morris   prof University of Ga    
Charles Morris   I Morris & Son   bds 120 West Hancock ave
Israel Morris   I Morris & Son   res 120 West Hancock ave
Joseph Morris   clk L D Sledge & Co res 212 East Dougherty
Joseph Morris   L & J Morris   res Hancock ave
Louis Morris   L & J Morris   res Hancock ave
Mendel Morris   dry goods 206 East Broad res same
Sylvanus Morris   solicitor City Court 203 East Broad res University Campus
Morris I & Son   dry goods and clothing 216 East Broad    
Israel and Charles
Morris L & J   dry goods 228 East Broad    
Louis and Joseph
Charles W Morrison   trav salesman J B Toomer res 101 East Dougherty
Jerry Morrison c lab   res Barberville
Fred S Morton   clk National Bank of Athens 18 South Hull    
sec The Athenaum
Gratton Morton c porter Andrew Coleman res country
M B Morton c     res 801 Prince ave
W J Morton       res 18 South Hull
John D Moss   City Eng and Street Commr City of Athens 215 East Clayton res 919 Cobb
Miss Hennie Moss   housekeeper 616 Prince ave    
Miss Julia Moss   teacher   bds 919 Cobb
RUFUS L MOSS   pres Athens Gas Light Co res 919 Cobb
R L Moss & Co
MOSS R L & CO   cotton factors, warehouse 209-207 office 215 East Clayton    
Mrs Jane Mounce   dress maker   res 312 Newton
Robert D Muir   bkkpr Henderson Warehouse Co res 425 Oconee
J A Mulane   law student Russel & Hughes res Prince ave
David I Mulkey   clk Max Joseph bds Allan House
Will Murrah   painter   res 221 East Clayton
Isaac V Murray   Gann, Murray & Co   res 227 East Dougherty
John C Murray   fireman   res 212 North Pope
Moses Myers   M Myers & Co   res 529 Hill
Mrs S A Myers   boarding house 27 West Hancock ave    
Myer Myers   dry goods and clothing 217 East Broad res cor Strong and Lumpkin
MYERS M & CO   dry goods, clothing, carpets, boots and shoes 13-15-17 College ave    
Moses Myers, Philip Stern
Joseph C Mygatt   del clk Talmadge Bros res 401 West Hancock ave

Transcribed by Frank Jenney