1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Henry Lamar   clk   bds 212 Reese
J Lambert   bkkpr the National Bank of Athens res 26 North Milledge ave
Cobb Lampkin   city real estate assessor, gen merchandise and furniture 110 North Lumpkin res 1014 Hill
Mrs Lucy P Lampkin       res 14 West Dougherty
R H Lampkin       res 602 Prince ave
William H Lampkin   bkkpr S C Dobbs bds 1014 Hill
Rev C W, D D Lane   pastor Presbyterian Church res 13 North Hull
Samuel Laney   supt farm Carlton    
Mrs Laura Langford   housekpr Andrew Coleman res same
Benjamin Langston c drayman Orr & Hunter res 7 Newton
Edward S Latimer   clk Hodgson Bros res 53 East Dougherty
Robert C Latimer   trav salesman Julius Cohen & Co res 53 East Dougherty
William Law c lab   res 258 South Lumpkin
Miss Dicy Lawless   wks Check Factory bds 32 Williams
William Laws c lab   res 15 Sapelo
Carrie Lawson c laundress   res 620 College ave
T F Lawson   tinner 427 Pulaski    
Mark K Layton   clk L D Eledge & Co rms over 29 East Clayton
Milus Leach c lab Hunter & Orr Compress    
Harvey Leaman   horse trainer   res 201 East Washington
Alexander Lee c plasterer   res 10 South Pope
Edward Lee c shoemkr   res 409 Bridge
Philip Lee c coachman   res 314 West Broad
Viney Lee c laundress   res 649 Odd
John Leslie c lab   res 5 East Strong
Miss N V Lesseur   tchr   bds 5 East Strong
Mrs S J Lesseur   dressmkr   res 5 East Strong
Eugene H Lester   clk Childs Nickerson & Co bds North Thomas
Frank Lester c drayman Orr & Hunter res 24 Warren
J D Lester   wks Check Factory res East Athens
John Lester c brick mason   res 1402 West Broad
Lewis Lester c lab   res 236 Factory
Lizzie Lester   wks Check Factory bds East Athens
Martha M Lester   wks Check Factory res East Athens
Ned Lester c lamplghr   res 25 East Hancock ave
Sally Lester c laundress   res 236 Factory
Van Lester c cook   res 26 Baxter
W Lester   clk   bds 219 Baxter
Edgar Levy   cotton classer Orr & Hunter bds 27 West Hancock ave
Jeff Lewis c drayman   res 210 North Chase
Lou Lewis c cook   res 722 Cobb
Nancy Lewis c cook   res 214 Newton
Queen Lewis c laundress   res 216 Fulton
Robert Lewis c painter Klein & Martin res 1122 West Broad
Albert Lilly   brick mason   res 750 South Milledge ave
John Lilly   stone mason   res 750 South Milledge ave
J C Lingle   carp   res 501 North Thomas
Herman Link   tailor Lucas & McDuffie    
Dr J S Linton   planter   res 742 Barber
Henry H Linton   bkkpr J H Rucker 12 North Thomas res 742 Barber
and tax collector Clarke County
Miss Annie Linton   tchr Lucy Cobb Inst bds 742 Barber
Dr A A Lipscomb       res 6 North Milledge ave
Mrs M A Lipscomb   tchr Lucy Cobb Inst res 121 Milledge ave
Ophelia Lipscomb c cook   res 326 Oconee
Albert Livingston c cook   res 823 Prince ave
Eliza Lockett c cook   res 214 East Strong
Ransom Lofton c lab   ros 17 Valley
Richard Lofton c lab   res 611 North Lumpkin
Lucy Logan c laundress   res 1009 Waddell
A B Long   clk W G Lowry & Co res 607 Dean
J W Long   farmer   res 805 Hill
Miss Emma Lord   Misses Lord   res North Lumpkin
Miss Sallie Lord   Misses Lord   res North Lumpkin
Lord Misses   dressmkrs North Lumpkin    
Sallie, Fannie and Emma
Charles Loving   molder Athens Foundry and Mach Co    
Monroe Loving   operative Athens Mfg Co res 503 Cemetery
Wm Loving   wks Check Fy res Rock Row
Francis Lowe c nurse   res 101 College ave
Harriet Lowe c cook   res 1216 West Broad
Isaac Lowe   merchant   res 101 East Hancock ave
Joe B Lowe   clk Julius Cohen & Co bds 101 East Hancock ave
Richard Lowe c porter   res 21 North Rock Spring
N N Lowman       res 826 Hill
DR HENRY A LOWRANCE   dentist 17 East Broad res 826 Hill
N W Lowrance   salesman William McDowell & Son bds 862 Hill
Wm G Lowry   physician 105 East Clayton res 603 Oconee
W G Lowry & Co
Lowry W G & Co   druggists 105 East Clayton    
Wm G Lowry - George W Rush
Frederick B Lucas   Lucas & Benedict   res 510 South Jackson
Frederick W Lucas   clk Julius Cohen & Co res 510 South Jackson
GEORGE E LUCAS   E I Smith & Co   res 510 South Jackson
Joe T Lucas   clk E I Smith & Co bds 510 South Jackson
John H Lucas   Lucas & McDuffie   res 510 South Jackson
Miss Fannie Lucas       res 1122 Broad
Miss Mary Lucas   teacher Home School    
ROBERT LUCAS   engineer and mechanist 3 Wilkenson res East Broad nr Ga R R
see adv p
Lucas & Benedict   merchandise brokers and commission merchants 117 East Clayton    
F B Lucas, J A Benedict
Lucas & McDuffie   merchant tailors and gents' furnishers 107 East Broad    
John H Lucas, A A McDuffie
LUCY COBB INSTITUTE   Miss M Rutherford principal 117 North Milledge ave    
college for young ladies
Daniel Lumpkin   clk M Myers & Co bds Fears House
Dr J M Lumpkin       res 311 North Jackson
E K Lumpkin   lawyer   res 911 Prince ave
Lucinda Lumpkin c laundress   res 603 North Hull
Mack C Lumpkin c grocer 211 N Hull res same
Thomas B Lumpkin   clk C W Baldwin & Co bds Thomas
Eugene Lyle c porter Smith & Farr bds 270 North Hull
Eugene C Lyle   clk T Fleming & Sons res 15 Wray
Gib Lyle c porter Smith & Farr bds 270 North Hull
Mrs N E Lyle       res 15 Wray
Albert O Lyndon   stoves and tinware 15 East Clayton res 201 Hoyt
E S Lyndon   druggist 237 East Broad res 201 Hoyt
Lyndon A J & E S   props Lyndon Mfg Co office 237 East Broad    
Lyndon Mfg Co   planing mill, sash, doors and blinds junction Thomas and Hoyt    
A J & E S Lyndon proprs, D M Kenney supt
Rev C H Lyons c pastor Baptist Church res 731 South Lumpkin

Transcribed by Frank Jenney