1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
William Jacks c lab   res 236 South Hull
Alice Jackson c laundress   res 16 South Rock Spring
Andrew Jackson c lab Gann, Murray & Co res 1230 West Broad
Anna Jackson c laundress   res 31 Valley
Daniel Jackson   porter   res 19 College ave
David Jackson c tailor   res 105 Finley
Ebenezer Jackson c porter Dr H A Lawrence res 1230 West Broad
Edward Jackson c lab N R Tilton res College ave
Eliza Jackson c laundress   res 19 South Miller
Elvira Jackson c laundress   res 247 Factory
George Jackson c shoemkr 1 North Lumpkin    
Harriet Jackson c     res 516 West Broad
Jack F Jackson   Jackson & Vincent   res 109 North Lumpkin
Jennie Jackson c laundress   res 657 Water
John Jackson c plasterer   res 311 Run
John F H Jackson   carp   res 417 South Jackson
M B Jackson   brick mason   bds 112 Hancock ave
Martha Jackson c cook   res 311 Run
Mary Jackson c laundress   res 630 5th
Mary C Jackson c teacher Public Schools res 101 Finley
Miss Anna Jackson   clk Cass Bode bds same
Miss Caro Jackson   milliner Michael Bros res Dougherty
Stephen Jackson c lab Orr & Hamilton res 16 South Rock Spring
Thomas Jackson c lab   res 19 South Miller
Thomas Jackson c tailor   res 327 Run
Trump Jackson c hostler   res nr Rock Spring
W Jackson   mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co    
W B Jackson   Childs, Nickerson & Co   res 252 South Lumpkin
W H Jackson   clk 112 East Clayton    
Wesley Jackson c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
Jackson & Vincent   farmers' supplies, fertilizers and cotton buyers 1 East Clayton, cor Lumpkin    
Jack F Jackson, Thomas P Vincent
Henry Jacobs   clk Myer Myers bds cor Strong and Lumpkin
Felix James c lab   res 203 East Dougherty
George James c fireman Ga Roller Mills res 1222 Fairview
William James   brick mason   res 128 Balwin
David Jankower   bkkpr Reaves Warehouse Co res Oconee
Morris Jankower   O'Farrell and Jankower   res 27 Hancock ave
Henry F Jarrell   clk T Fleming & Sons res North Thomas
H A Jdeur   baker   res 415 Doboy
S Jealous   tailor Lucas & McDuffie res South Lumpkin
Ella Jefferson c dressmaker   res 22 Valley
ROBERT B JEFFERSON c tailor and repairer 219 East Broad res 22 East Broad
see adv
Frank Jenkins c porter McGregor & Robertson    
Thomas Jenkins c lab   res 28 South Billups
Benjamin Jennings c lab   res 654 Odd
Richard Jennings c     res 654 Odd
William A Jester   grocer and confectioner 241 East Broad res Dougherty
Ida Jewell c laundress   res 932 College ave
Jewish Synagogue   Dr Rosenstein, Rabbi cor Jackson and Hancock ave    
Abe Joel   clk I Morris & Son res Hancock ave
Alfred Johnson c lab J Z Cooper & Son    
Annie Johnson c laundress   res 629 5th
C L Johnson c teacher   res 635 5th
Charles Johnson c restaurant 11 Wall res same
Charles Johnson c lab   res 420 Prince ave
Ed Johnson c whitewasher   res 518 West Hancock ave
Elijah Johnson c lab   res 50 North Elberton
F M Johnson   brick mason   bds 112 Hancock ave
Felix Johnson c lab   res 438 Oconee
Frank Johnson c porter   res 603 Run
Fred Johnson c barber McQueen & Durham    
Griff Johnson c butcher Alfred Bertling res 20 River
Gus Johnson c lab   res 17 Sapilo
H B Johnson   clk   bds 326 Oconee
Hattie Johnson c laundress   res 602 Thomas
Henry Johnson c Johnson & Harris   res Broad
James M Johnson   mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co bds Fears House
John Johnson c lab   res 222 South Lumpkin
John H Johnson   dyer Miles Johnson bds 8 East Clayton
Jordan Johnson c carp   res 514 North Chase
Joseph Johnson c glazier   res 311 Run
Joseph Johnson   lab   res 1599 East Broad
Lafayette Johnson c lab J Z Cooper & Son rms 14 West Washington
Lewis Johnson c lab J Z Cooper & Son res 528 North Lumpkin
Macon C Johnson   Johnson & Moore   res 223 South Milledge ave
Miles Johnson c steam dying, cleaning and repairing 8 East Clayton res same
Mitchell Johnson c lab   res bet Barber and Pulaski
Morris Johnson c lab   res 236 South Hull
Moses Johnson c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
Noah Johnson c horseshoer Klein & Martin res 15 North Rock Spring
Parish Johnson c porter J S King & Co res 45 North Elberton
Pink Johnson c laundress   res 50 North Elberton
Rev Harrison Johnson c     res 786 Oconee
Richard Johnson c lab   res 1263 Fairview
Richard Johnson   painter Parr Bros res East Athens
Sallie Johnson c cook   res 575 Hill
Samuel Johnson c lab   res 920 College ave
Simon Johnson c lab Gann, Murray & Co    
Sophia Johnson c laundress   res 605 Reese
Thomas Johnson c porter W H Towns    
Johnson & Harris c blacksmiths 1244 Prince ave    
Henry H Johnson, Thomas Harris
Johnson & Moore   grocers 9 East Clayton    
M C Johnson, J R Moore
H Joiner   wks Check Factory bds 11 South Poplar
J W Joiner   wks Check Factory bds 11 South Poplar
Mary Joiner   wks Check Factory bds 11 South Poplar
Maxey Joiner   wks Check Factory bds 11 South Poplar
W Joiner   wks Check Factory bds 11 South Poplar
Allen Jones c lab   res 574 Hodgson
B J Jones c lab   res 20 South Peters
Edgar E Jones   stoves, tinware and house furnishing goods 209 East Broad res Clayton House
Edward Jones c lab   res 1208 West Broad
Ellen Jones c laundress   res 801Cobb
Floyd Jones c lab Raves W House Co    
Frank B Jones   clk E E Jones bds Clayton House
Georgia Jones c laundress   res 311 North Thomas
Harrison Jones c lab   res 603 North Jackson
Harrison Jones c lab   res Barberville
Iverson Jones c lab   res 311 North Thomas
J Jones   Supt Athens Gas Light Co res 203 East Clayton
Jack Jones c brick mason 112 Pope    
John Jones c lab   res 306 West Broad
John Jones c carpenter   res 24 North Harris
Martha Jones c laundress   res 22 West Strong
Noah Jones c carpenter   res 502 River
Oliver Jones c lab   res 13 Elberton
Rev W A Jones c     res 609 South Lumpkin
Thomas Jones c     res 221 Factory
Wesley Jones c shoemaker 12 North Foundry res 201 Pulaski
William Jones c lab   res 201 Pulaski
William H Jones   clk John Crawford & Co res North Thomas cor Washington
F Jordan   operative Athens Mfg Co bds 312 Baldwin
Thomas Jordan c lab   res 403 River
Floyd Joseph c lab   res 1223 Vine
Max Joseph   drygood and millinery 221-3 East Broad res 109 Pulaski
Justice Court   W H Fuller J P, J G Evans N P ex of J P meets first Monday each month Court House    

Transcribed by Frank Jenney