1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Casual J Hadaway   harnessmkr T G Hadaway res 226 West Hancock ave
Thomas G Hadaway   saddles and harness manufacture 128 East Clayton res 226 West Hancock ave
Isaac Haddock   grocer 101 West Hancock ave res 433 Pulaski
Wm Haddock   grocer 301 Prnce ave res same
Ellen Haggard c cook   res 501 Prince ave
W H Haines   blacksmith Klein & Martin res 321 Strong
Ella Hale c laundress   res 216 Fulton
Eugene H Hale   physician 201 College ave res 776 Milledge ave
Hope H Hale   lawyer 306 Oconee res 309 East Broad
Miss Gussie Hale   dressmaker 1 1/2 East Clayton res 749 College ave
Miss Sarah A Hale   milliner   res 749 College ave
Mrs Mary G Hale       res 749 College ave
Robert L Hale   forwarding agt R and D R R res 749 College ave
B W Hall   student   bds 485 Springdale
Kenan Hall   Taylor Bros & Hall   res 17 South Milledge ave
Miss R Hall       res 488 Oconee
Mrs L E Hall   seamstress   res 339 South Thomas
C E Hamilton   painter   res 458 South Milledge ave
Guy C Hamilton   bkkpr Bank of the University res 14 Milledge ave
JOSEPH T HAMILTON   Witherspoon & Hamilton   res 525 Baxter
Marion Hamilton   painter Parr Bros res Church
Thomas Hamilton c drayman Orr & Hunter    
Willis Hamilton c lab   res 966 College ave
Robert I Hampton   dentist 3 East Clayton res Blairsville
Richard Hapner   tailor   res 326 Oconee
James A Harbin   grocer 519 Prince ave res same
O C Harbin   Eng Check Fy res 27 Pine
Callaway Hardeman c lab F G Umbach res 605 Hill
Dock Hardeman c lab   res 455 Oconee
Samuel Hardeman   cook   res 105 West Washington
Ed Harden   cabinet maker   res 33 Valley
Joseph Harden c porter Alfred Bertling    
Mary Harden c cook   res 305 Franklin
Robroy Harden c painter   res 109 Pulaski
Frank M Hardin   agt R and D R R res Church
D Clinton Harmon   clk Haselton & Dozier bds Turner House
A B Harper   supt Check Factory res 1013 East Broad
George Harper c boatman   res 151 Pearl
Henry Harper   lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
James Harper c lab   res Rutherford
James R Harper   operative Athens Mfg Co res 798 Oak
Ann Harris c restaurant 6 North Foundry res 114 Baldwin
Charles Harris c lab   res 1402 Milledge ave
Christopher Harris c lab   res 415 North Milledge ave
Dr Hugh N Harris   agt Ga R R res 5 South Middedge ave
Edward Harris c lab   res 710 North Chase
Elijah Harris c well-digger   res rear 701 Barber
Esther Harris c laundress   res 1002 West Broad
Evaline Harris c   313 South Lumpkin    
Henry Harris c lab   res Pulaski
Holcombe H Harris   bkkpr Orr & Hunter res Pulaski, cor Reese
Isaac Harris c lab   res 202 North Peters
Jacob Harris c helper Julius Dornblatt    
Jeff Harris c drayman Gann, Murray & Co res 861 Oconee
John Harris c messenger W U Tel Co res East Broad
Laura Harris c cook   res 419 Hill
Mary Harris c laundress   res 332 Flint
Nancy Harris c laundress   res 509 Prince ave
Richard Harris c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
Richard S Harris c Davis & Harris   res 503 North Milledge ave
Robert Harris c lab   res 332 Flint
Samuel Harris c shoemkr   res 502 North Foundry
Sarah Harris c laundress   res 17 Newton
Stephen Harris c shoemkr 20 North Jackson res 502 North Foundry
Susan Harris c laundress   res 41 Newton
Thomas Harris c Johnson & Harris   res 710 New Chase
William Harris c carp   res 41 Newton
William Harris c lab   res 1243 Prince ave
Willis Harris c lab   res 22 West Strong
YOUNG L G HARRIS   pres and treas So Mutual Ins Co res cor Pope and Dearing
Zach Harris c lab   res 1002 West Broad
Mrs Virginia Harrison       res 419 River
Myra Harrison c cook   res 603 States-Rights
Miss Mary C Hart   seamstress   res 617 3d st
William Hart c lab   res 16 North Miller
Mrs Susan I Hartsfield   J R Cobb & Co   res 30 North Foundry
Richmond B Hartsfield   manager Athens Candy Mfg Co. res 30 North Foundry
Christopher Harvey c lab   res 22 West Strong
Jesse Harvey c porter Bank of the University res 22 West Strong
Mrs F P Harvey   dressmaker Miss M A Frierson res 103 East Hancock ave
Mrs R W Harvey   dressmaker   res 103 Hancock ave
Rufus Harvey   wks Holman & Deadwyler bds 103 East Hancock ave
D P HASELTON   Haseton & Dozier and manager, Athens Opera House bds Clayton House
HASELTON & DOZIER   musical instruments, art goods and picture frames 112 East Clayton    
(D P Haselton, T H Dozier) See top lines
John B Hattaway   Shackelford & Hattaway   res 512 Franklin
Lizzie Hatton       res 1558 Vine
Joseph H Haudrup   clk Webb & Crawford bds 455 Oconee
Miss Ida Haudrup   saleslady Michael Bros bds 455 Oconee
Miss Lottie Haudrup   delivery clk postoffice bds 455 Oconee
William N Haudrup   shoemaker Peter Wiel res 455 Oconee
G Hauser   cigar manufr, cigars and tobacco 1 College ave res 126 West Clayton
Albert Hawkins c lamplighter   res 622 North Hull
Benjamin Hawkins c lab   res 748 Oconee
David Hawkins c Winkfield & Hawkins   res 748 Oconee
Hoyt Hawkins c drayman   res 718 College ave
Kate Hawkins c laundress   res 320 Pearl
Margaret Hawkins c laundress   res 718 College ave
Perry Hawkins c lab   res 320 Pearl
Shadrach Hawkins c porter   res 650 4th
J C Hawks   clk   bds 112 Hancock ave
Alfred Hayes c blcksmith   res 642 Odd
Betsey Hayes c     res 404 River
Charles Hayes c porter Weatherly Bros res 603 North Jackson
Gilbert Hayes c porter Wm McDowell & Son res 603 North Jackson
Gus Hayes c lab   res 1003 Waddell
Isaac Hayes   tailor Lucas & McDuffie bds 204 East Broad
J Hayes   city night watchman   res 716 Oak
Mrs Sarah A Hayes   seamstress   res 117 West Clayton
Young Haygood c lab   res 429 Rock Spring
Harrison V Head   clk C W Baldwin & Co bds Fears House
Benjamin Heard c brick mason   res 832 Cherry
George E Heard   planter   res 553 South Milledge ave
James Heard c plasterer   res 628 Morris
Seaborn Heard c lab   res 418 West Broad
Thomas Heard c blacksmith 618 Oconee    
Thomas Heard c plasterer   res 438 Bridge
William Heard c lab   res 1569 Vine
Mrs L S Heery   asst teacher   res 323 East Strong
Mary Hemphill c cook   res 319 Meigs
Mrs S A Hemphill       res 311 Prince ave
David Hemrick   grocer and cabinet maker 214 East Clayton res same
Henderson Warehouse Co   cotton factors Clayton, cor Hull    
Hodgson Bros & Griffith proprs
Albert P Henley   lawyer 245 East Broad res 103 East Clayton
W L Henley   clk Johnson & Moore res Thomas
Jeff Henry c lab   res 1243 Fariview
Robert Henry c carp   res 12 South Billups
Samuel Henry   blacksmith 323 East Strong    
Thomas Henry c lab   res Arch
C R Herring   operative Athens Mfg Co res 766 Oak
Elisha Herring   miller   res 766 Oak
G W Herring   wks Check Factory res 110 Water
J N Herring   merchant   res 1 Elberton
John Herring   moulder Athens Foundry and Mach Co    
Martha Herring       res 28 Rock Row
Mary A Herring   clk   res 1 Elberton
Mildred Herring   operative Athens Mfg Co res 766 Oak
Sarah Herring       res 746 Oak
Sylvester M Herrington   ordinary Clarke County office Court House res 207 College ave
Charles Hicks c lab   res 609 5th
Ann Hill c     res 1401 West Broad
Emmett Hill c hostler   res Cherry
Gains Hill c lab Athens Gas Light Co res 1309 West Broad
Harrison Hill c lab   res 15 South Paris
Henry Hill   policeman   res River
Henry Hill c waiter Clayton House    
Jane Hill c laundress   res 1625 Arch
John Hill c lab   res 1401 Broad
Lizzie Hill c cook   res 5 East Dougherty
Martha Hill c cook   res 804 Hill
Mrs E A Hill       res 205 Pulaski
S J Hill   express messenger   bds Commercial Hotel
Samuel Hill c lab   res near John
Squire Hill c porter M Myers & Co res 431 Hill
Thomas Hill c lab   res 1625 Arch
William Hill c dairyman   res 23 South Rock Spring
Silas Hillman c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
Walter Hilton c lab   res 112 South Rock Spring
Alex Hines   packer Ga Roller Mills    
Crawford Hinton   lab   res 116 North Thomas
John W Hinton   pres High Shoals Mfg Co res 616 Prince ave
Russell R Hipkins   restaurant 9 North Jackson res Cobb
supt Athens Ice Works
Alex Hiram c lab   res 312 West Broad
Simon Hirschfeld   Hirschfeld & Blumenthal   res 13 West Hancock ave
Hirschfield & Blumenthal   dry goods and clothing 242 East Broad    
Hirschfeld & Blumenthal
Harvey Hodges   clk   bds 112 Hancock ave
Asbury H Hodgson   Hodgson Bros   res 1211 Cobb
Edward R Hodgson   Hodgson Bros   res 418 Milledge
George T Hodgson   Hodgson Bros   res Prince ave
Harry Hodgson   shipper 21 East Clayton    
Joseph M Hodgson   J S King & Co   res 107 Waddell
Miss Ann Hodgson       bds 425 Oconee
Miss Hallie Hodgson   teacher Public School res 740 North Lumpkin
Hodgson Brothers   wholesale grocers, Henderson Warehouse Co Oconee, Southeast cor Thomas    
George T, Asbury H and Edward R
Gustavus Hoffman   salesman Jacob Hoffman bds 9 East Strong
Jacob Hoffman   dry goods and notions 243 East Broad res 9 East Strong
Peter Hogan c lab   res 225 South Lumpkin
L W Holbrook c tinner   res 313 Rock Spring
Patsy Holbrook c laundress   res 607 North Foundry
Richard Holbrook c drayman Orr & Hunter res 30 West Strong
William Holbrook c tinner M M Maddrey res 117 Finley
Julius Holder c boatman   res 319 Flint
William S Holman   Holman & Deadwyler   res Mitchell Bridge Road, 2 miles
Holman & Deadwyler   live stock 107-111 North Thomas    
William S Holman, George E Deadwyler
Thomas Holmes c lab   res near Gann, Murray & Co
Wash Holmes c lab   res 616 Prince ave
Alvin Holsey c porter The Athenaeum res 542 Barber
Sallie Holsey c dressmkr   res 22 Valley
B C Holt   painter Klein & Martin    
Henry Holt c porter C A Scudder    
Julia Holt c laundress   res 207 North Chase
Laura Holt c laundress   res 514 North Chase
Home School   Madame Sosnowski, Miss C Sosnowski, principals Prince ave    
John F Hones   agent Singer Mfg Co bds 103 Hull
W F Hood   grocer 408 River res same
Benjamin Hopkins   lab   res 1001 Waddell
John Hopkins c lab Ga Roller Mills res 225 South Lumpkin
Edward Hopkinson   mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co res 304 North Foundry
Marie Horn   nurse   res 204 Waddell
Anna Horton c cook   res 207 South Milledge ave
Henry Horton c shoemkr   res 1211 Hancock ave
John Horton c lab   res 124 North Milledge ave
Queeny Horton c laundress   res 437 Oconee
W B Hosey   carp   res Branch
Ezekiel House c lab   res 1172 Cobb
James Houston c fireman   res 425 Bridge
Mary Houston c laundress   res 21 West Strong
Walter Houston c cook Allan House res 303 East Dougherty
Wm Houston c restraurant 10 North Foundry    
Carrie Howard c laundress   res 520 North Lumpkin
George Howard c lab   res 56 South Peters
George Howard c lab   res 113 North Chase
Jack Howard c lab   res 28 Baxter
John Howard c     res 36 Peters
Wiley Howard c lab   res 1247 Vine
Wm Howard c lab   res 520 North Lumpkin
H A Howell   music tchr   res 509 Barber
Etta Hubbard c laundress   res 16 East Dougherty
James Hubbard c lab   res 11 North Rock Spring
Seaborn Hubbard c shoemkr 16 Doughety res 13 North Hull
Stephen Hubbard c lab   res East Barber
Charles E Hubert   harnessmkr T G Hadaway    
Wescom Hudgens   clk   res 1220 Springdale
Mrs A G Hudgins       res 1220 Springdale
Wesley Hudgins   clk Reaves W House Co bds 1220 Springdale
Charles Hudson c lab Gann, Murray & Co res 641 Odd
Emeline Hudson c laundress   res 641 Odd
Susan Hudson c laundress   res 415 North Milledge ave
Sebron T Huen   bkkpr Andrew Coleman res North Lumpkin
Aldora Huff   barber 13 Wall res same
Martha Huff c laundress   res 932 College ave
HARVEY T HUGGINS   manager J H Huggins res 403 South Jackson
Henry Huggins c porter Athens Candy Mfg Co.    
James Huggins c carp   res 309 Factory
JAMES H HUGGINS c restaurant and grocer 9 Wall res 109 Mitchell
James H Jr Huggins   bkkpr J H Huggins res South Lumpkin
JAMES H HUGGINS   china, crockery and glassware 220-222 East Broad    
H T Huggins, manager
Viney Huggins c laundress   res 309 Factory
Albert S Hughes   agt C and M R R bds Clayton House
David A Hughes   clk M Myers & Co bds Fears House
Frank M Hughes   Russell & Hughes   bds Prince ave
Jane Hughes   factory operative   res East Athens
John H Hughes       res 718 North Lumpkin
Mrs Mary A Hughes       res 324 South Milledge ave
Rowena Hughes c cook   res 27 North Finley
Thomas J Hughes   wks Check Factory res 14 Rock Row
Augustus L Hull   cashier Bank of the University res 109 South Milledge ave
John H Hull   plumbing, gas and steam fitting 36-38 East Clayton res 605 Hill
George H Hulme   dry goods and grocer 17-20 North Thomas res 24 North Thomas
Fred Hunnicutt   Bkkpr   bds 205 North Milledge ave
HON JOHN A HUNNICUTT   Mayor of Athens and pres Bank of the University res 205 North Milledge ave
McGinty & Hunnicutt
George Hunt c lab   res 1238 Arch
Harriet Hunt c farmer   res 137 South Elberton
Jasper Hunt c lab   res 203 East Dougherty
Lewellyn Hunt c drayman J S King & Co    
Thomas Hunt   mail agt C and M R R bds Clayton House
William Hunt c janitor Court House res 1266 Vine
Alfred Hunter c lab   res 102 West Dougherty
Henry L Hunter   dray supt Orr & Hunter res 622 West Hancock ave
Hugh Hunter c lab Orr & Hunter Compress res 25 West Strong
James Hunter c fireman Water Works res 304 Pearl
Mrs J C Hunter   seamstress   res 513 Meigs
Samuel M Hunter   Orr & Hunter   res 622 West Hancock ave
Susan Hunter c     res 421 River
Wiley Hunter c porter   res 326 Oconee
Robert Hurt c lab   res 42 Green
Clarence T Hussey   clk Orr & Hunter    
B P Hutchens   clk 112 Hancock ave    
Matthew W Hutchens   cond Ga R R bds Commercial Hotel
Joshua C Hutchins   bkkpr and secty Athens Foundry and Mach Co res Dearing
Nathan L Hutchins   Judge Superior Court Court House res Lawrenceville, Ga
Ann Hutchison c laundress   res 442 Bridge
Floyd Hutchison c carp   res 502 Hodgson

Transcribed by Frank Jenney