1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
James Gaines c truck hand R and D R R    
Robert Gales c drayman Athens Gaslight Co    
James Galloway   eng Ga R R res 30 North Foundry
A M Gann   bridge builder   res 326 Wingfield
David Gann   Gann, Murray & Co   res 318 North Foundry
Eliza Gann       res West Broad
Frederick L Gann   transfer agt Gann, Murray & Co bds 318 North Foundry
J Thomas Gann   liveryman   bds 318 North Foundry
Jessie Gann   wool carder   res 319 Factory
William Gann   painter Witherspoon & Hamilton    
Gann Murray & Co   livery, sale and feed stable 201-203 South Thomas    
David Gann, Isaac V Murray, Thomas Bailey
T Larry Gantt   publisher and propr Banner-Watchman    
William Gantt c lab   res 851 South Lumpkin
JULIAN E GARDER   book and job printer 103 East Broad res 741 College ave
Henry Gardner   lab Athens Pottery Works    
J B Gardner   carp Lyndon Mfg Co res 402 South Jackson
Mary Gardner   dressmaker Miss Gussie Hale res 13 College ave
wid Robert J
Horace L Garebold   clk Davis & Garebold bds 449 Pulaski
J A Garebold   cabinet maker   res 449 Pulaski
William J Garebold   Davis & Garebold   bds 449 Pulaski
T B Garfield c blacksmith   res 919 Hill
J D Garrison   brick mason and plasterer   res 447 South Thomas
John Garrison   mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co res 617 3d
Marion Garrison   brick mason   res 39 East Peters
S J Garrison   operative Athens Mfg Co res 617 Thomas
Thomas Gause   bkkpr Athens Candy Mfg Co. res 30 North Foundry
Maria George c laundress   res 424 East Strong
Georgia Railroad, (Athens division)   H N Harris agent depot East Broad, cor Galloway    
Georgia Roller Mills   Taylor Bros & Hall, proprietors grist mill, Galloway, near Broad    
John Gerdine   physician 19 College ave res 10 East Hancock ave
Andrew Gesner   tailor Lucas & McDuffie    
O C Gibson   carp   res 315 East Strong
R S Gibson   wks McGinty's shop residence 315 East Strong
George W Giles   carp Athens Planing Mill res East Athens
Isaac J Giles   operative Athens Mfg Co res 332 Factory
J D Giles   opr Athens Planing Mill res East Athens
George Gilleland   tinner A O Lyndon res 116 East Clayton
John W Gilleland   clk T Fleming & Sons bds 4 West Strong
WILLIAM A GILLELAND   clk, City Council 107 South Jackson res 247 South Jackson
Angie Gillman c cook   res 2227 South Jackson
Charles Ginn   blacksmith   res East Athens
J M Ginn   painter   res 242 South Thomas
Mary Ginn       res East Athens
Henry Glasby c carp   res 133 Broad
William Gleason c porter Lucas & McDuffie    
Henry Glenn c shoemaker   res 12 North Foundry
Reuben Glenn c lab Athens Gas Light Co res 109 Pulaski
Thomas Glenn c lab   res 656 4th
William Glenn c lab   res 201 Pulaski
L D Goodrum   policeman   residence 632 Prince ave
Chris Goolsby c lab   res 1250 Prince ave
Moses Goolsby c lab   res 416 River
Sarah Goolsby c laundress   res 348 John
William Goolsby c lab   res 348 John
John Gordon c lab   res 715 Prince ave
R G Goss   bottler J R Cobb res 11 South Foundry
Emil Gottheimer   dry goods and clothing 234 East Broad res 16 West Hancock ave
Mrs Ann E Grady       res 509 West Barber
J P Graham   restaurant 427 Prince ave    
Lucy Graham c laundress   res 310 West Broad
JAMES A GRANT   Grant & Willcox   res 216 West Hancock
John Grant c porter J B Toomer    
Mrs.- Grant       res 30 North Foundry
GRANT & WILLCOX   general insurance and merchandise brokerage 213 East Clayton    
(James A Grant, Hugh N Willcox, see ad)
Emma Green c laundress   res 20 South Rock Spring
Joe Green c cook   res 316 South Lumpkin
Lucinda Green c laundress   res 24 Warsaw
Nathan Green c lab   res - River
Robt Green c lab   res 2 West Hancock ave
Sidney Green c carp   res 610 North Broad
Ellen Gregory c cook   res 39 Green
A J Grier       res 22 Hickory
Arthur E Griffith   Grriffith & Mell and bkkpr So Mutual Ins Co   res 23 North Milledge ave
Charles B Griffith   Henderson Warehouse Co pres The Athenaeum res 23 North Milledge ave
Frank P Griffith   Griffith, Whitehead & Co   res Baxter
Harriet Griffith c laundress   res 920 College ave
John Griffith c lab   res 902 West Hancock ave
M C Griffith   clk   bds 23 North Milledge ave
S E Griffith   weaver   res 709 East Broad
William D Griffith   alderman 3d ward secy Pioneer Paper Co res 222 South Lumpkin
Griffith & Mell   A E Griffith, Geo A Mell, insurance agents 121 East Broad    
Griffith, Whitehead & Co   genl store 3 East Clayton    
F P Griffith, W J Whitehead, and W G Carithers
Emma Grigsberry c cook   res 21 South Rock Spring
Davis Grisham c lab Orr & Hunter Compress res Railroad Cut
Dennis Grisham   lab   res 214 East Hancock ave
Henry Grisham c carp   res 310 West Broad
Joe Grisham c cook   res College Campus
Logan Grisham   cook   res 546 Barber
Stephen Grisham c lab   res 1216 West Broad
Grove School   Miss Julia P Moss, principal 819 Cobb    
W H Guill   fireman Ga R R res East Broad
Amos Gunn c     res 313 Hoyt
Alonzo P Gunter   lab Athens Planing Mill res 715 Oconee
Marion Gunter       res 18 Rock Row
Susan Gunter   wks Check Factory bds 18 Rock Row

Transcribed by Frank Jenney