1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
George Fambrough c porter   res 204 South
William Fann c gardener   res 227 s Jackson
Marcus Farbstein   tailor Lucas and McDuffie res s Lumpkin
David A Farr   Smith & Farr   res 407 s Jackson
Thomas Favor c lab Athens Plaining Mill    
Andrew C Fears   clk Orr & Hunter Compress bds Fears House
James P Fears   propr Fears House 326 Oconee    
Fears House   J P Fears, prop 326 Oconee    
Cyrus S Fellows   clk M M Maddrey res 110 North Church
Miss A C Fellows       res 103 North Church
Emma Few   laundress   res 805 Cobb
Eldred Field c driver So Express Co residence 10 Warsaw
Curtis Fields c lab   res 612 4th
Dolly Fields c cook   res College Campus
William F Finch   butcher Booth Bros res 5 North Jackson
Columbus Finney c waiter Commercial Hotel    
First Baptist Church c Rev L T Smith pastor cor Reese and Pope    
First Congregational Church c Rev G V Clark pastor foot of Reese    
First M E Church, South   Rev W D Anderson pastor Southwest cor Hancock and Lumpkin    
H R Fitzpatrick   weaver   res 202 Water
J T Fitzpatrick   merchant   res 35 North Elberton
Moses Fitzpatrick   mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co    
V B Fitzpatrick   lab   res 204 North Foundry
William Flagg c butler   res 1110 Dearing
C D FLANIGEN   agt and manager Athens Gaslight Co res 406 Prince ave
Jacob Flatau   drayman   res 18 West Hancock
Lee Flatau   clk M Myers & Co bds 18 West Hancock
Max Flatau   Flatau Brothers   bds 18 West Hancock
Sol Flatau   Flatau Brothers   bds 18 West Hancock
Flatau Brothers   Sol and Max, brokers 11 East Clayton    
Elizabeth Fleming       res 435 Baldwin
Emma Fleming c cook   res 220 Rock Spring
Herbert Fleming   T Fleming & Son   res 209 Prince ave
Joseph H Fleming   T Fleming & Son   res 116 North Milledge ave
Thomas Fleming       res 209 Prince ave
Fleming T & Sons   hardware, buggies, sash doors and blinds 8-10 North Thomas    
J H & H Fleming
Robert Flournoy   bkkpr Booth Bros res 166 Water
John Floyd c lab 1307 West Hancock ave    
William Floyd c pipe fitter J H Hull res 108 Pope
Sing Foo   laundry 202 East Clayton res same
Anderson Ford c lab   res 205 West Broad
Moses Ford c     res 1570 Vine
D S FORRESTER   contractor and builder and hardwood finisher 18 East Clayton bds Fears House
Charles Foster c carp   res 120 West Washington
Felix Foster c lab   res 44 Green
Francis Foster c     res 1,243 Prince ave
J D Foster   carp   res 18 Hickory
James F Foster   bkkpr and supt Ga Roller Mills rest 407 West Hancock ave
Lizzie Foster c cook   res 514 West Hancock ave
Low Foster c lab   res 906 College ave
Miss Laura Foster   wks Check Factory bds 18 Hickory
Miss Mamie Foster   wks Check Factory bds 18 Hickory
Mrs Mary Foster       res 362 Williams
Robert Foster c lab   res 219 Reese
Thomas Foster   wks Check Factory bds 362 Williams
J A Fowler   distiller   residence 605 Prince ave
Lewis M Fowler   grocer 1118 Prince ave res same
Thomas C Fowler   grocer 808 East Broad res 802 same
William Fowler c lab   res 630 4th
Mary Ann Fox c laundress   res 658 Morris st
William B Francis   clk   bds 13 North Lumpkin
A L Franklin   prof State University bds Commercial Hotel
J S Franklin   clk Johnson & Moore res Cemetery
E A Frazier       res 628 2d
Mrs Mary Frazier   factory operative   res 628 2d
Clem Freeman c lab   res 517 North Hull
Lilla Freeman c laundress   res 929 Oak
R L Freeman   carp   res 645 North Chase
John F Frierson   stable boss Gann, Murray & Co res 227 Hoyt
Miss Mary A Frierson   dressmaker 10 College ave bds 203 East Dougherty
Miss Sarah Frierson   librarian University Library bds 203 East Dougherty
Mrs M R H Frierson       res 203 East Dougherty
Henry Fuller   striker Athens Foundry and Mach Co    
James M Fuller   eng   res 704 Broad
William H Fuller   justice of the peace 216 district G M, 245 East Broad res 211 West Broad
Pincus Funkenstein   Edge, Dorsey & Co   res 15 West Hancock ave
Samuel M Funkenstein   clk Julius Cohen & Co bds 15 West Hancock ave

Transcribed by Frank Jenney