1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Henry Eads c lab   res 1642 Arch
Jack Eads c basket mkr   res 1548 East Broad
Ebenezer Baptist Church c Rev A L Brown, c, pastor      
Amanda Eberhart   wks Check Fy res 25 Mulberry
Harrison Eberhart c lab   res 643 Morris
Hasty Eberhart c laundress   res 609 North Hull
John W Eberhart   carp Athens Planing Mill res 621 College ave
John W, Jr Eberhart   clk Hirschfeld & Blumenthal bds 621 College ave
Lewis Eberhart c     res 609 North Hull
Louisa Eberhart c laundress   res 517 North Hull
Mollie Eberhart c cook   res 603 North Hull
Ormand Eberhart clk     bds 17 North Jackson
Parthenia Eberhart c     res 332 North Foundry
R P Eberhart   carder Athens Mfg Co res 323 Factory
S P Eberhart       res 25 Mulberry
Thomas Eberhart   wks Athens Mfg Co res 1248 East Broad
Thomas Eberhart c lab   res 608 North Hull
Dock Echols c clk Emiline Echols res 1406 West Broad
Emaline Echols c grocer 1406 res same
Essick Echols c lab   res 333 John
Felix Echols c farmer   res 1432 West Broad
George Echols c lab   res 220 Rock Spring
Stepney Echols c drayman Hodgson Bros res 246 South Lumpkin
Wiley Echols c lab Lyndon's Planing Mills res 509 Prince ave
Ezekiel S Edge   Edge, Dorsey & Co   res 309 North Foundry
Warren Edge   cooper Hancock ave cor Pope res 209 North Pope
Edge, Dorsey & Co   furniture and undertakers 236-240 East Broad    
E S Edge, W F Dorsey and P Funkenstein
Adeline Edwards c     res 630 Fourth
Cicero Edwards c janitor University of Georgia res 326 Pearl
Fred Edwards c grocer 506 River res same
John G M Edwards   prop Clayton House Clayton cor North Jackson    
John R Edwards   painter   res 722 Oak
Mrs E Edwards       res 722 Oak
Mrs J R Edwards       boarding 722 Oak
Wesley Edwards c drayman Orr & Hunter res 326 Oconee
Wm Edwards   clk E E Jones bds Clayton House
Bernard Ehrhardt   stenographer J H Rucker res 224 East Strong
Benjamin S Eidson   grocer 1232 Prince ave res same
Wm Eidson   carp   res 412 Doboy
Henry Eitam   clk Athens Ice Works    
Abbey Elder c laundress   res 811 Cobb
David Elder c lab Ga R R    
Elijah Elder   lab   res 488 Oconee
Emily Elder c     res 225 Factory
John Elder c porter Athens Evening Chronicle res North Jackson
Mary Elder c laundress   res 1211 Arch
Minta Elder c laundress   res 1219 Ga R R
Richard Elder c lab   res 1211 Arch
Seymour Elder c lab   res 310 Peters
Elevator Mills   Taylor Bros & Hall, lessees North Hull    
Allen Ellington c lab   res 615 North Lumpkin
Wesley Ellington c lab   res 615 North Lumpkin
Rev B F Elliot   Baptist   res 785 Oconee
Clark Ellis c lab   res 7 Newton
Jacob Ellis c lab   res 1121 Dearing
John E Elrod   wks Athens Mfg Co res 140 Ga R R
Melvin Elrod   apprentice Lucas & Chippindale bds 140 Ga R R
Joseph H Emerick   Watchman Rucker Compress   res 712 East Broad
Joseph H, Jr Emerick   weaver Athens Mfg Co bds 712 East Broad
Emmanuel Church (Episcopal)   Rev J C Davis, rector East Clayton cor North Lumpkin    
Willis A England   grocer and meat market 8 North Foundry res 24 Rock Row
Wince English c drayman Orr & Hunter    
Frances Eppes   bkkpr C D McKie res 617 States Rights
Elizabeth Epps       res 312 Baldwin
Marshall Epps   farmer   res 248 South Pope
Mary Epps c laundress   res 229 West Broad
Miss Allie Epps   dressmkr   res 248 Pope
Miss Catharine Epps   mattress mkr   res 407 East Broad
Miss Lou Epps       res 314 South Lumpkin
Miss Maggie Epps   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 312 Baldwin
Miss Sallie Epps   tailoress   res 441 Pulaski
Samuel Epps   painter J L Arnold Jr    
Thomas Epps c shoemakr 232 East Broad res 109 Finley
Wm E Epps   clk J S King & Co res Church
A S Erwin   lawyer and R R Commissioner 309 East Broad res 804 Hill
Charles Estes c lab   res 214 Newton
Charles Etheredge   packer Edge, Dorsey & Co res Hancock ave
David Evans c porter   res 455 Oconee
Dennis Evans c drayman Talmadge Bros res 10 Pope
Fred Evans   clk Jo C Bernard bds 204 Baxter
Henry Evans       bds 104 Water
Jack Evans c lab   res 330 North Foundry
James A Evans   bottler Alex Nabers res College ave corner Dougherty
Joseph G Evans   notary public, ex officio justice peace, oil inspector Athens district 11 East Clayton res 204 Baxter
Lucinda Evans   wks Athens Mfg Co res 150 South Poplar
Maria Evans   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 150 South Poplar
Mary Evans   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 150 South Poplar
Mitchell Evans c lab   res 330 Oconee
Rev Jordan B Evans c shoemkr 511 Prince ave res 902 West Hancock ave
Rhodes Evans   lab   res 150 South Poplar
Sarah Evans       res 104 Water
W J Evans   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 150 s Poplar
Williams Evans c lab Georgia Roller Mills    
John Ewalt   baker J R Cobb & Co    

Transcribed by Frank Jenney