1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Miss E H Dale   dress mkr 114 Hancock ave res same
Hoyt Dammons c drayman Edge, Dorsey & Co res 217 South Thomas
Charles B Daniel   County Surveyor Court House res McNutts
Fannie Daniel c laundress   res 19 Chase
Mark A Daniel   grocer, soda water, cigars and tobacco 205 East Broad res 507 East Broad
R G Daniel   gen store 901 South Lumpkin    
Robert Daniel c lab R & D R R res 707 South Milledge ave
Wesley Daniel c lab   res East of Barber
Jacob Davenport c drayman Hodgson Bros    
Martha Davenport c laundress   res 341 River
Mattie Davenport c     res 453 Bridge
Peter Davenport c porter S C Dobbs res 1241 Fair View
Sarah Davenport c cook   res 1250 Prince ave
Mrs Mary David   quilting   res 43 Mulbery
Carlton Davis   clk J H Dootson res 619 Oak
Caroline Davis c cook   res 16 North Rock Spring
Cornelia Davis c cook   res 430 Prince ave
DR B B DAVIS   dentist 119 East Clayton res 607 College ave
Emma Davis   wks Athens Mfg Co res 615 Oak
Esther Davis c laundress   res 105 Finley
George H Davis c Davis & Harris   res 319 Reese
H Cobb Davis   clk Talmadge Bros res Hancock ave cor Church
Henry Davis c cook W A Jester res 1024 Reese
James P Davis   gen store 901 Oconee res 202 East Clayton
John Davis c waiter W A Jester res Strong
Lizzie H Davis c teacher   res 27 Newton
Madison Davis c real estate cor Broad and Wall res 27 Newton
Marion Davis   tailor S Raphael    
Mattie B Davis c teacher   res 27 Newton
Mrs Emma A Davis   clk Miss R A Vonderlieth bds 18 College ave
Murtis Davis c tailoress   res 8 North Harris
Polk Davis       res 407 East Broad
Rebecca Davis c seamstress   res 25 West Strong
Rev J C Davis   rector Emmanuel church res 515 North Jackson
SAMUEL B DAVIS c publisher and prop Athens Clipper res 16 Rock Spring
see adv
Samuel L Davis   tel operator and ticket agt R & D R R res 732 College ave
W H Davis c teacher   res 27 Newton
W W Davis       res 20 Rock Row
Wm Davis c clk   res 12 North Jackson
Wm H Davis   Davis & Garebold   res 110 West Hancock ave
DAVIS & GAREBOLD   books and stationery 111East Broad    
W H Davis - W J Garebold
DAVIS & HARRIS c barbers 117 East Broad    
Geo H Davis, Sr - R S Harris
Alex H Davison   trav salesman Julius Cohen & Co res 327 Broad
Charles Deadwyler c carp   res 916 Meigs
George E Deadwyler   Holman & Deadwyler   res Maysville Ga
Mattie Deadwyler c cook   res 3 West Strong
Sarah Deadwyler c nurse   res 604 West Hancock ave
Elijah Dean c lab   res 11 Chase
Joel T Dean   wks Check Fy res 1201 East Broad
Nancy Dean c boarding 215 North Hull    
Ruth J Dean   wks Athens Mfg Co res 1320 East Broad
Reese Dearbon c lab   res 130 West Hancock ave
Alben P Dearing   city real estate assessor   res 215 South Milledge ave
E E Dearing       res 216 South Milledge ave
wid Albin P
L S Dearing   clk   res 222 South Lumpkin
Thomas H Dearing   genl store 105 North Thomas bds 216 South Milledge ave
Mrs R C Deloney       res 605 Hill
Thomas C Deloney   clk   bds 605 Hill
Miss Mattie DeMore   milliner Michael Bros bds 302 East Dougherty
Barcus Derricotte c carp   res Rock Springs
Bart Derricotte c farmer   res 615 Fifth
Charlotte Derricotte c laundress   res 222 West Broad
Edward Derricotte c lab   res 222 West Broad
Frank Derricotte c porter E I Smith & Co res 605 Reese
Henry Derricotte c carp   res 1107 West Broad
Isaiah T Derricotte c shoemaker 16 East Clayton res 16 Strong
MIchael Derricotte c cook 621 North Hull    
Randall Derricotte c carp   res 615 Plum
Savannah Derricotte   laundress   res 1107 West Broad
Wm Derricotte c shoemaker   res 703 West Hancock ave
Miss M Dibowski   music teacher Lucy Cobb Inst    
Wm Dillard c gardener   res 640 Fourth
Floyd Dixon c   437 Bridge    
Parthenia Dixon c cook   res 426 West Hancock ave
John E Dobbs   clk S C Dobbs res North Thomas
STEPHEN C DOBBS   whol and retail grocer 313 East Broad res 304 North Thomas
Wm L Dobbs   clk S C Dobbs res 125 Waddell
Clark Doggett c drayman Gann, Murray & Co res 518 Prince ave
Thomas Dooly c lab   res 517 North Hull
James H Dootson   grocer 497 Oconee    
Miss Ada Dootson   milliner Michael Bros res William cor Baldwin
Wm Dootson   supt The Athens Mfg Co res Williams cor Baldwin
alderman First Ward
JULIUS DORNBLATT   plumber, steam and gas fitter, lock and gunsmith 11 East Clayton res George cor Hull
see adv
Walter P Dorough   trav salesman J B Toomer bds cor Dougherty and Jackson
A S Dorsey   farmer   res 327 East Broad
E H Dorsey   commercial trav   res 327 Broad
J H Dorsey   with M & C R R res 458 Oconee
Wm F Dorsey   Edge Dorsey & Co   res 329 East Clayton
Arthur Dottery   mach Athens Found and Mach Co bds 139 East Poplar
E L Dottery   mach Athens Found and Mach Co res 139 East Poplar
Jack Douglass c carp   res e Barber
Wm A Downs   clk T G Hadaway bds 226 West Hancock ave
Luther Dozier   med student   bds 818 Meigs
THOMAS H DOZIER   Haselton & Dozier   res 818 Meigs
W Brantly Dozier   clk Haselton & Dozier bds 818 Meigs
Wash Dozier c lab   res 19 Sapilo
W S Duggard c private school Pierce Chapel res same
Mary Dukes c cook   res 216 Hancock ave
Emily Dunaway   wks Check Fy res 19 Wilkerson
Miss M Dunaway       bds 19 Wilkerson
Narcissa Dunaway   wks Check Fy    
Valentine Dunaway   appr Athens Planing Mill bds Princeton Factory
Lizzie Duncan c cook   res 16 North Rock Spring
Laura Dunn c cook   res 205 East Clayton
George Dunnon c lab Gann, Murray & Co res same
Miss Pearl Dunston   clk Andrew Coleman res 625 Prince ave
Mrs Dunston   boarding House 625 Prince ave    
Mrs N A Dunston       res 320 Factory
Ella Dupree c cook   res 646 North Hull
Joseph Dupree c lab   res 1227 Vine
Thomas Dupree c drayman Orr & Hunter res 646 North Hull
Dupree Building     Broad near cor Thomas    
Rev D L Durand c     res 1026 Broad
John Durham c lab   res 23 Valley
Nancy Durham c nurse   res 410 Reese
Robert Durham c McQueen & Durham   res 410 Reese
Willis Durham c farmer   res near West Broad

Transcribed by Frank Jenney