1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
JOHN R CAIN   drayman supt Orr & Hunter res 723 College ave
Joseph Cain   pipe fitter J H Hull    
Sarah E Cain       res 326 Factory
Miss Cecelia Callahan   milliner Michael Bros res 720 Prince ave
Miss Jessie Callahan   house kpr   res 418 Milledge ave
Richard Callahan c lab   res 207 College ave
Isaac Callaway c lab   res Rutherford
Jennie Callaway c cook   res 715 States Rights
Miles R Callaway   farmer   res 669 South Millege ave
Dr James Camak   capitalist   res 319 Meigs
R T Camer   farmer   res 673 Berlin
Wm Camp c lab   res 115 North Thomas
Andrew Campbell c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
Chas D jr Campbell   clk C & M R R bds 308 South Milledge ave
Harman Campbell c carp   res 1223 West Hancock ave
Henrietta Campbell c laundress   res 625 5th
John P Campbell   prof biology University of Ga bds 5 East Hancock ave
Marcellus Campbell c carp   res 1223 West Hancock ave
Profit Campbell c carp   res 1217 Vine
Rev Charles D Campbell   pastor Athens Baptist Church res 308 South Milledge ave
James R Cantaloe   express messenger Ga R R res 326 Oconee
J J Carithers   genl store 215 South Elberton res same
James Y Carithers   J Y Carithers & Co 220 Prince ave    
Wm G Carithers   Griffith, Whitehead & Co   res 246 South Lumpkin
Carithers J Y & Co   fertilizers and buggies 9 East Clayton    
J Y Carithers - Z W Betts & J A Pitner
Hon Henry H Carlton   member congress 8th congressional district, lawyer 245 East Broad res 534 South Milledge ave
James A Carlton   teller the National Bank of Athens res 821 Hill
Joseph H Carlton   farmer   res 410 South Milledge ave
Miss E A Carlton       res 203 North Thomas
Miss Emma H Carlton       res 410 South Milledge ave
Wm Carlton   lab   res 677 river
Wm A Carlton   Carlton & Steedly   res 212 College ave
Carlton & Steedly   W A Carlton - W B Steedly, physicians 107 North Jackson    
Miss F A Carr   prin Oconee st school   res 786 Oconee
W D Carrington   brick mkr   res 426 Hancock ave
Albert Carroll c drayman Orr & Hunter res 415 North Milledge ave
Nancy Carroll c laundress   res 417 North Milledge ave
Floyd Carson c tanner   res 19 South Rock Spring
Augustus Carter c porter McQueen & Durham bds 15 Warsaw
Charles Carter   wks Check Fy res 1132 East Broad
D L Carter   wks Athens Mfg Co res 337 South Thomas
David Carter c lab   res 1306 West Broad
Dorsey Carter c eng   res 15 Warsaw
Eddie Carter       res 310 North Foundry
Hamilton Carter   wks Check Fy res 1132 East Broad
J N Carter   butcher   res 106 West Washington
Mrs Mary Carter       res 1132 East Broad
Neary Carter c laundress   res 1206 West Broad
Oliver Carter c lab   res South Elberton
Sanford Carter c well digger   res 414 North Church
Wm E Carter c barber McQueen & Durham res 15 Warsaw
Wm T Carter   collector   res 601 North Thomas
J S Jr Cary c teacher   bds 578 North Hull
Rev I A Cary c pastor Pierce Chapel A M E Church res 578 North Hull
Towns Cary c lab   res 1018 Reese
Voss Cary c gardner   res 643 5th
- Cash c laundress   res rear 701 Barber
Francis Cash   clk   bds 14 West Dougherty
Young F Cash   clk Cobb Lampkin bds North Foundry
Fanny Castles c nurse   res 109 South Milledge ave
Catholic Church   Rev A J Semmes pastor cor Prince ave and Pulaski st    
Alben M Center   grocer 11 South Foundry res same
Mrs Polly Chambers   wks Check Fy res 43 Mulberry
Z T Chambers   wks Athens Mfg Co res 903 Oak
Burrell Champion c lab   res 631 Odd
Clara Champion c cook   res 215 East Dougherty
B M G Chandler   machinist   res 760 South Milledge ave
CHARLES B CHANDLER   soliciting agt Piedmont Air Line 117 East Clayton res 1124 Cobb
Cicero Guy Chandler   clk Ga R R res 1124 Cobb
Cyrus Chandler c lab   res 318 River
Mrs Julia Chandler       res 1124 Cobb
Mrs Mary Chaplin       res 226 Peters
Fanny Chapman c laundress   res 6 East Washington
Grant Chapman c porter Commercial Hotel bds 6 East Washington
Robert Chappell   real estate assessor   res 916 Oconee
Edward R Charbonnier   clk Henderson Warehouse Co bds 239 South Milledge ave
Leon H Charbonnier   prof University of Georgia res 239 South Milledge ave
Leon H Jr Charbonnier   cotton weigher J H Rucker bds 239 South Milledge ave
Anna Charlton c laundress   res 217 South Thomas
Wesley Charlton c lab   res 634 Morris
Ernest A Cheatham   clk J J Angland res same
Check Factory     East End of Broad    
Mrs Lillie Cheek   wks Athens Mfg Co res rear 503 Cemetery
Samuel Cheek   lab Green    
Mrs Cynthea Cheeley   milliner Emil Gottheimer res States Rights
Frank W Cheney   agt The Athens Mfg Co res 615 West Hancock ave
Wyley Childers   tinner E E Jones res North Foundry
Charles Childress   eng Ga Roller Mills res 38 Willow
Henry C Childress   car driver   res 214 South
Mrs Elizabeth Childress   mattress maker   res 327 East Dougherty
Samuel P Childress       res 327 East Dougherty
Thomas R Childress   carp   res 666 South Lumpkin
A K Childs   pres Nat Bank of Athens res D C Barrow, Jr
Walter L Childs   Childs, Nickerson & Co   bds D C Barrow, Jr
Childs Nickerson & Co   W L Childs, Reuben and T H Nickerson and W B Jackson hardware 248-250 East Broad    
Christian Church   Rev C R Pickins pastor cor Dougherty and Pulaski    
Henry P Christy   printer   res 740 College ave
John R Christy   stenograph reporter Northern Circuit res 20 Baldwin
Mrs A A Christy       res 20 Baldwin
Walter S Christy   Christy & Stone   res 20 Baldwin
Albert H Church   clk Haselton & Dozier bds Turner House
City Cemetery   South End Cemetery      
CITY COUNCIL   meets first Monday each month 4 o'clock pm City Hall    
City Council Chamber     City Hall    
City Court   Howell Cobb, judge, C D Vincent, clk      
meets third Monday March, June, September and December
City Hall     103-105 South Jackson    
City Water Works     Pulaski cor Tanyard Branch    
Charles L Clark   tinner M M Maddrey res 555 Cemetery
John Clark c lab   res 502 Barber
Lewis Clark c teacher   res 384 South Chase
Lorenzo Clark c lab   res 1606 Arch
Margaret Clark c laundress   res 603 North Lumpkin
Mrs M C Clark   seamstress   res 555 Cemetery
Rev George V Clark c Congregationalist   res 413 West Hancock ave
Wm F Clark   painter Parr Bros res 733 Baxter
Classic City Social Club   Philip Stern, Pres 125 East Clayton    
Crit Clayton c porter Talmage Bros res 634 Morris
Lethea Clayton c laundress   res 302 West Broad
Lucy Clayton c laundress   res 634 Morris
Maria Clayton c laundress   res 450 Pulaski
Monroe Clayton c lab   res 302 West Broad
CLAYTON HOUSE   J G M Edwards propr Clayton cor North Jackson    
Clifford Clemons c porter Isaac Haddock    
Nathaniel Clemons c lab   res e Barber
Andrew Cleveland c drayman Orr & Hunter res Pope
John Cleveland c lab   res rear 701 Barber
Mrs Z B Clifton       res West Hancock ave
Lula N Coakley c teacher   res 128 Dougherty
Andrew J Cobb   City Attorney, lawyer 119 East Broad res 304 North Milledge ave
Howell Cobb   L and H Cobb judge, City court res 606 Dearing
Howell Jr Cobb   train hand R & D R R    
James R Cobb   J R Cobb & Co 7 East Clayton res 18 West Dougherty
soda water mfgrs
Jennie Cobb c cook   res 115 Waddell
Lamar Cobb   L and H Cobb   res 1173 Cobb
Mrs Howell Cobb       res 717 Hill
Robert Cobb c carp   res 26 North Rock Spring
Cobb J R & Co   wholsale and retail confectioners and Bakers 7 East Clayton    
James R Cobb - S I Hartsfield
Cobb L and H   Lamar & Howell, lawyers     245 East Broad
Wm Cofer c boot black Davis & Harris bds 593 Thomas
Herrman Cohen   clk M Myers & Co res 529 Hill
John Cohen   C W Baldwin & Co   res 203 East Broad
Julius Cohen   Julius Cohen & Co   res 22 West Clayton
Julius & Co Cohen   dry goods and notions 226-27 East Broad    
Julius Cohen - G H Yancey
Calvin H Coker   shoemaker 15 South Foundry res 134 Tabernacle
Mrs E C Colbert       res 412 Pulaski
Wesley Colbert c lab   res 330 Grove
Daniel B Cole c drayman   res 5 North Milledge ave
Randall Cole c lab   res 1013 West Hancock ave
Wm Cole c drayman   res 239 South Milledge ave
Wm Cole c driver   res 339 John
Wm Cole c waiter Allan House    
Andrew Coleman   dry goods, tinware, etc 214 East Broad and 601 Prince ave res same
Arthur Coleman   clk R T Brumby & Co res South Thomas
Friday Coleman c lab   res 209 Hoyt
H C Coleman   carp   res 301 South Thomas
Lelia Coleman c laundress   res 220 South Thomas
Lewis Coleman c lab   res 1587 Vine
Richard Coleman c lab   res 628 Prince ave
Robert Coleman   brick mason   res 301 South Thomas
Sarah Coleman c nurse   res 214 East Strong
J C Colley   lab   res 414 Doboy
Amanda Collier c laundress   res 313 Pearl
George Collier c butler   res 627 Odd
George Collins   wks with Klein & Martin      
Joseph M Collins   carp   res 717 Baxter
Mrs Bessie Collins   boarding house 219 Reese    
Richard Collins c janitor public school   res 514 West Hancock ave
Thomas Collins c drayman Haselton & Dozier res 313 Pearl
Charles H Colson   clk Ga Roller Mills    
Mrs Colson       res 16 Willow
O A Combs c teacher   res 803 Prince ave
Henry Comer   clk Hodgson Bros res East Athens
Thomas Comer   clk J S King & Co    
COMMERCIAL HOTEL   Mrs H D Stanley prop Broad cor College    
see adv
Mrs Martha Compton       res 76 Cedar
Confederate Monument     College ave cor Washington    
Miss Bessie M Conger   teacher Oconee St. School res 207 Waddell
Michael F Conlon   clk Max Joseph bds Pulaski
G M Connell   drayman   res 503 Cemetery
Nora Connell c cook   res 437 Oconee
Stella Connell   wks Check Fy res 8 Pine
Lewis Conniton   rock mason   res 50 Poplar
HENRY C CONWAY   mngr Telephone Exchange   res same
Alice Cook c laundress   res 519 West Jackson
Camilla Cook c laundress   res East Athens
D J Cook   siriker Athens Found and Mach Co res 414 Pulaski
Fariby Cook c laundress   res 519 North Jackson
Harriet Cook c laundress   res 616 North Lumpkin
Harvey L Cook   printer J E Gardner bds 414 Pulaski
James O Cook   carp   res 729 Oak
John Cook c carp   res 619 Hill
Miss Sallie Cook   wks Athens Mfg Co res 503 Cemetery
Zachariah Cook c plasterer   res 10 East Hancock ave
Charles W Cooper   J Z Cooper & Co   res 303 East Dougherty
Charles W Cooper   collector J B Toomer    
H K Cooper   carp   res 223 East Strong
John J Cooper   J Z Cooper & Son   res 303 East Dougherty
Lucy Cooper c laundress   res 227 South Hull
Maria Cooper c cook   res 126 West Clayton
Miss Alma Cooper   dressmaker Miss M A Frierson res 323 East Strong
W O Cooper   carp   res 223 East Strong
COOPER J Z & SON   livery, sale and feed stable 16-18 West Washington    
John Z and Charles W
Henry Cothran c lab   res 642 North Lumpkin
Mrs Nancy Couch       res 611 Third
County Court House     Prince ave cor West Finley    
County Jail   J W Weir jailer Prince ave cor North Pope    
Alexander Covington c drayman Orr & Hunter res South Elberton
Charles Covington c lab Ga Roller Mills    
Seymour Covington c lab   res rear 611 North Thomas
Seymour Covington   porter G H Hulme res rear 16 Warsaw
Covington & Macon R R   A S J Hughes agt 229 Mitchell    
Arthur C Cox   receiving clk R & D R R bds 450 Pulaski
Elisha C Cox   cond R & D R R res 450 Pulaski
Jordan Cox c lab   res 615 Morris
Malissa Cox c laundress   res 1601 East Broad
Richard Cox c drayman Talmadge Bros res 1601 East Broad
Mary Craddock c cook   res 239 South Milledge ave
Robert Craddock c carp   res 690 North Chase
W H Craig   bridge builder   res 326 Oconee
James R Crane   clk J S King & Co res 716 Prince ave
Mrs Fannie T Crane       res 716 Prince ave
Horace L Cranford   book and job printer 8 North Jackson res 602 Hill
John R Cranford   merchant   res Barberville
Dobbs Crawford c carrier Banner-Watchman   res 19 Warren
Hiram H Crawford   Webb & Crawford   bds 367 Reese
John Crawford   John Crawford & Co   rms 107 East Clayton
Macon Crawford c lab Gann, Murray & Co rms same
Mrs A E Crawford   tchr private school   res 501 Prince ave
Thurston C Crawford   dray supt Orr & Hunter    
CRAWFORD JOHN & CO   John Crawford, druggist 12 College ave    
Miss Hallie Creighton   seamstress   bds 314 South Lumpkin
Mrs S W Creighton   dressmaker 117 North Harris    
Mrs Sarah Creighton   seamstress   res 314 South Lumpkin
Wm Creighton   carp   res 117 North Harris
Amy Crenshaw c cook   res 461 Oconee
Reese Crider c lab   res 341 River
Major Croft c lab   res 321 Rock Spring
Benjamin F Culp   policeman   res 617 Baxter
Peter Culp   ship clk Athens Mfg Co res 707 Oak
Edward Cunningham c porter Talmadge Bros res South Lumpkin

Transcribed by Frank Jenney