1889 Athens Directory

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Name C
Type Home
Edward Bacon c shoemaker 232 East Broad res 416 East Strong
Minerva Bacon c cook   res 414 North Foundry
Miss Lizzie Bacon   teacher Washington Street School res 226 South Lumpkin
Miss Mamie Bacon   teacher Washington Street School res 226 South Lumpkin
c F Bailey   butcher   res 149 South Elberton
Calvin Bailey   moulder Athens Found and Mach Co res 9 Wilkerson
cicero C Bailey   clk childs, Nickerson & Co res 444 Oconee
David W Bailey   tinner E E Jones res 204 South Elberton
Fanny Bailey c laundress   res 603 North Jackson
Fred Bailey   appr Athens Found and Mach Co bds 444 Oconee
Green R Bailey       res 19 Mulberry
John N Bailey   laborer   res 149 South Elberton
Lee Bailey       res 736 Oak
Lewis E Bailey   pattern mkr Athens Found and Mach Co res 432 Foundry
Mary Bailey c laundress   res 925 Oconee
Mattie Bailey   wks Check Fy res 19 Mulberry
Miss Eliza Bailey       res 957 Oconee
Miss Emma Bailey   wks Athens Mfg Co bds 9 Wilkerson
Mrs Minty Bailey       res 9 Wilkerson
Ralph E Bailey   fireman Athens Planing Mill res Hancock ave
Richard W Bailey   carp   res 957 Oconee
Thomas Bailey   agent Athens Found and Mach Co res 444 Oconee
(Gann, Murray & Co)
Thomas Bailey c lab   res 620 Hill
W Bailey   carp D S Forrester    
Wm Bailey   watchman Athens Found and Mach Co res 736 Oak
Henry D Bain   carrier Athens Evening Chronicle res 17 East Clayton
John Baker   carder   res 311 South Thomas
Louisa Baker c cook   res 344 John
Thomas Baker c lab   res 325 Pearl
W J T Baker   wks Check Fy res 33 North Peters
Wm Baker c lab   res 344 John
Benjamin Baldwin c lab   res 14 East Dougherty
C W & Co Baldwin   Boots and shoes Broad cor Thomas    
C W Baldwin - John Cohen
Cato Baldwin c carp   res 606 5th
Charles W Baldwin       res 107 East Clayton
(C W Baldwin & Co)
Caroline Ball c laundress   res Green
Frank Ball c lab   res 215 Dublin
Harry Ballard c lab   res South Millege ave
Edward Jr Bancroft   cashier Talmadge Bros res 625 Staterights
BANK OF THE UNIVERSITY   J A Hunnicutt, pres 121 East Broad    
A L Hull, cashier
Adam Banks c lab   res 732 West Foundry
Laura Banks c dressmaker   res 502 North Foundry
Linton Banks c carp   res 502 North Foundry
Martha Banks c laundress   res 622 North Foundry
Mary Banks c domestic   res 501 Prince ave
Banner-Watchman   T L Gantt pub and prop 11 North Jackson    
(daily and weekly)
Baptist Church c Rev C H Lyons, pastor junction Thomas and Factory    
Ellen Barber c     res 30 North Foundry
H B Barber   gen store 808 River res same
S M Barber   clk   res 808 River
W L Barber   gen store 854 River    
Henry Barefield c drayman Gann, Murray & Co    
Eugene Barnard c lab Orr & Hunter Compress    
Nettie Barnard c laundress   res 15 North Church
George Barnett c lab   res Railroad Cut
Miss L Barnett   teacher Lucy Cobb Inst    
John Barr   teacher 902 West Hancock ave    
George Barrett c farmer e of Fair Ground    
Thomas H Barrett   supt Planing Mills   res 750 College ave
Andrew Barrow c lab   res 672 Barber
David C, Jr Barrow   Alderman Fourth Ward Prof University of Georgia res 708 Dearing
James Barrow   clk William McDowell & Son bds 440 Prince ave
Pope Barrow   Barrow & Thomas   res 430 Prince ave
BARROW & THOMAS   attorneys at law cor Broad and Jackson    
(Pope Barrow - George Dudley Thomas)
Eugene Barry   student   bds 508 North Thomas
Joseph M Barry       res 508 North Thomas
Edward W Bass c barber Davis & Harris res 1024 Reese
Michael Battise c     res 430 River
Prince Battise c     res 436 River
Frank Baugh c porter J H Huggins res East Athens
Henry Baughn c waiter commercial Hotel    
Newton Baughn c waiter Clayton House    
Violet Baxter       res 1256 Prince ave
Gus Beal c lab   res 1115 North Church
Miss Elizabeth Beavers   seamstress   res 259 South Church
T P Beavers   carp   res 259 South Church
Henry Bell c lab Orr & Hunter Compress res 215 South Thomas
Henry Bell c lab   res 759 South Lumpkin
Judge Bell c porter Webb & Crawford res 238 South Hall
Julia Bell c laundress   res 22 River
Lewis Bell c lab   res College ave
Mary Bell c laundress   res 215 South Thomas
Mrs N B Bell   dressmaker   res 438 Oconee
Polly Bell c laundress   res 236 Factory
Sallie Bell c laundress   res 1235 West Hancock ave
J T Benedict   spinning boss   res 358 Williams
John A Benedict   Lucas & Benedict   res 510 South Jackson
Samuel C Benedict   physician 106 East Clayton res 9 East Broad
A H M Bennett   wagon mkr and repairer 220 Fulton res South Thomas
John Bennett   wks check Fy res 611 3rd
Wm Bennett c lab   res 146 South Elberton
Wm Benson   wks check Fy res 20 Rock Row
Wm J Benson   woodwkr Klein & Martin    
Jo C Bernard   grocer 201 East Broad res 115 Waddell
Miss M Bernard   teacher Washington st school res 226 South Lumpkin
Rev Hugh R Bernard   contracting freight agt Ga R R 121 East Clayton res 115 Waddell
and commissioner County schools Clarke County
S Bernstien   live stock   res 437 Oconee
Harriet Berry c laundress   res 418 West Broad
John Berry c drayman Hodgson Bros res 422 West Broad
Alfred Bertling   meat market 108 N Lumpkin res 40 Narrow
Bethel A M E Church c Rev D L Durand, c, pastor Broad cor Billups    
Zedeck W Betts   J Y Carithers & Co   res 907 Hill
H W Beusse   clk   res 405 Oconee
Henry Beusse   bkkpr G H Hulme res 405 Oconee
Jesse H Beusse   clk S C Dobbs res 405 Oconee
John P Billings   blcksmith Athens Found and Mach Co res 800 Oak
Barbara Billups c     res 602 North Thomas
Cicero Billups c lab   res 646 Morris
Edward Billups c lab Athens Gas Light CO res 437 Oconee
Edward E Billups   dentist 103 East Clayton res Watkinsville, Ga
Lula Billups c nurse   res 5 South Milledge ave
W D Billups c lamplighter   res East Athens
Albert Binnion c lab   res near Grove
Wm Binnion c lab Gann, Murray & Co res 19 Warren
Andrew Binyon c helper Klein & Martin res 204 North Thomas
G H Bird       res 331 East Hancock ave
John Bird   clk O'Farrell & Jankower res 701 Barber
Mark Bird c lab   res South Elberton
Miss Nelia Bird   clk Max Joseph res 331 East Hancock ave
Mrs C R Bird   seamstress   res 331 East Hancock ave
Samuel Bird   lab Athens Found and Mach Co    
Solomon Bird c carp Athens Planing Mill res 422 West Broad
Solomon Birdsall c     res 1511 Branch
Wm Birms c porter T Fleming & Sons res 12 East Dougherty
Alex Bishop       res 114 West Millege ave
Mrs M M Bishop       res 227 South Jackson
R E Blackmon   train hand R & D R R    
J T Blackston   pump tender Ga R R res 37 Williams
Richard Blackston c lab   res 30 South Billups
Mrs Lizzie Blackwell   boarding house 303 North Thomas    
F Blair   wks Athens Mfg Co res 512 Oak
Green Blair   wks Athens Mfg Co res 521 Oak
Linnie Blair       res 521 Oak
Nathaniel P Blair   painter Parr Bros res 937 South Lumpkin
James Blakely c lab   res 713 States Rights
Mrs C G Bloomfield       res 221 Church
Robert L Bloomfield   pres Athens Mfg Co res East Broad
(Bloomfield & Peeler)
Bloomfield & Peeler   R L Bloomfield - J A Peeler proprs Athens Pottery Works   18-20 Wilkerson
Mrs Elizabeth Blount   wks Athens Mfg Co res 3 Pine
George Blumenthal   Hirschfeld & Blumenthal   res 130 West Hancock ave
BOARD OF EDUCATION   see miscellaneous      
Cass Bode   baker, confectioner, toys and ice cream saloon clayton cor College ave res same
Nancy Body c laundress   res 612 Hill
Wm E, D D Boggs   chancellor University of Georgia res college Campus
Alex Boldin c lab   res 1011 West Hancock ave
Miss Minnie Boley   clk casper Morris res Hancock ave
Wm Boling c lab   res 44 Green
Miles Bolles c lab Reaves W House Co res 505 Meigs
Glenn G Bond   prin Washington st school res 203 North Thomas
Edward Bone   painter J L Arnold, Jr res 306 South Lumpkin
George W Bone   butcher   res 604 West Hancock ave
Henry Bone   painter   res 765 Oconee
James W Bone   clk   res 306 South Lumpkin
Joseph H Bone   butcher, wks Booth Bros res 306 South Lumpkin
Mrs C M Bone   seamstress   res 306 South Lumpkin
Minta Bonner   laundress   res 25 Warsaw
Benjamin Booker c drayman Orr & Hunter bds 452 Oconee
Moses Booker c lab Ga R R res 452 Oconee
Asa J Booth   grocer 101 West Washington res South Lumpkin
Edwin J Booth   clk A J Booth bds 501 South Lumpkin
George M Booth   Booth Brothers   res 28 West Hancock ave
James J Booth   clk R R Hipkins rms 501 South Lumpkin
John Booth c dyer Athens Mfg Co res 225 Factory
John N Booth   Alderman Second Ward Booth Bros res 403 North Jackson
W R Booth   drayman   res 842 River
George M and John N
Booth Brothers
  Meat Market   res 5 North Jackson
Booth Building     105 North Jackson    
Alex Bostick c lab   res 419 Hill
Levi Bowles c farmer   res 14 East Dougherty
W R Bowles   lab Athens Found and Mach Co    
W V Bowles   lab Athens Found and Mach Co    
Wiley Bowles c lab   res 313 South Lumpkin
Bailey Boyce c     res 410 Easet Strong
Martha Boyce c laundress   res 410 East Strong
Mary Boyce c laundress   res 416 East Strong
Mary Boyd c cook   res 22 East Clayton
Minta Boyd c seamstress   res 1019 West Hancock
Thaddeus Boyd c lab Orr & Hunter Compress bds 1019 West Hancock ave
Thaddeus Boyd c shoemkr 232 East Broad res 1019 West Hancock ave
Wm H Boyd c shoemkr 225 Prince ave res 307 North Pope
I E Bradberry   farmer   res 214 East Hancock ave
I E Jr Bradberry   carp   res East Strong
J Bradberry   blacksmith Athens Found and Mach Co bds 214 East Hancock ave
Miss Emma Bradberry   dressmaker   res 214 East Hancock ave
Miss Lizzie Bradberry   tchr   bds 214 East Hancock ave
Miss Lonie Bradberry   (Misses Bradberry)   bds 214 East Hancock ave
Miss Lou Bradberry   (Misses Bradberry)   bds 214 East Hancock ave
Miss Tudie B Bradberry   seamstress Miss Gussie Hale bds 749 College ave
Misses Bradberry   dressmkrs and millinery (Lou and Lonie) 7 College ave    
Mrs Sarah Bradberry       res 214 College ave
A R Bradeen   railroad contractor   res 14 North Foundry
Lewis R Bradeen   clk John Crawford & Co bds 14 North Foundry
Charles Bradshaw   lab   res 703 East Broad
Oswald Bradshaw   clk   res 703 East Broad
Wm C Bradshaw   tinner   res 802 College ave
Frank L Bramlette   clk J H Huggings bds 403 South Baldwin
Jackson Branner c lab   res 11 North Billups
John Branner c carp   res 11 North Billups
PROF E C BRANSON   prin Athens City schools office Washington st school res 219 Hancock ave
Leonard Brazzell c asst cook commercial Hotel res 112 West Clayton
Wm Briggs c driver   res 12 River
Wm P Briggs   clk ticket agt Ga R R res 329 East Clayton
James Bright c lab   res 129 West Hancock ave
George P Brightwell     Talmadge & Brightwell res 470 Oconee
George Briscoe c lab   res 1203 West Hancock ave
John Briscoe   clk John H Newton    
Kisiah Briscoe c laundress   res 25 Valley
M P Briscoe   salesman   res 412 Oconee
Young Briscoe   apprentice Julius Darnblatt bds 412 Oconee
Albert N Brittain   Brittain & Walthall   res 611 College ave
Henry L Brittain   plasterer   res 776 South Lumpkin
Mary Brittain   wks check Fy res 184 Water
Mrs Nancy Brittain       res 184 Water
Brittain & Walthall   dry goods and notions 115 East Clayton    
A C Brittain - E G Walthall
James Brock   sewing mach agt   res 1124 East Broad
John W Brock   lab   res 613 3rd
Alice Brooks c laundress   res 754 Oconee
D W Brooks   supt Brumby's tannery res North Baxter
Henry Brooks   clk 242 East Broad    
Josie Brooks c laundress   res 38 Green
Lucinda Brooks   cook   res 1022 Prince ave
Malinda Brooks c seamstress   res 412 Bridge
Thomas M Brooks   salesman Chas Stern & Co res 442 North Pulaski
Anna Broughton c laundress   res 14 North Billups
Arthur Brown c lab   res 1118 Prince ave
Benjamin Brown c porter commercial Hotel    
Bettie Brown c teacher Normal school res 1116 WestBroad
caroline Brown c cook   res 455 Bridge
Charles Brown c lab   res 628 Prince ave
David Brown c well digger   res 17 Newton
EDWARD T BROWN   attorney at law 107 College ave res 715 Prince ave
(see adv front cover)
Emma Brown c laundress   res 1008 West Broad
ESCOTT H BROWN   mfgr and repairer carriages, wagons, etc 227 Prince ave res 941 Oconee
(see adv)
Gardner Brown c     res 104 North Thomas
George Brown c lab   res 57 North Elberton
Green Brown c teacher   res Barberville
Harriet Brown c     res 454 Bridge
Henry Brown       res 203 East Dougherty
Hulda Brown c laundress   res 603 College ave
James Brown c lab   res 538 Barber
Jane Brown c laundress   res 1304 West Broad
Jerry Brown c blacksmith F G Umback res 1008 West Broad
John H Brown c tchr Jarrell High School res 1116 West Broad
John W Brown   bkkpr M M Maddrey res 941 Oconee
Julia Brown c laundress   res 1221 West Broad
Laura Brown c laundress   res 628 Prince ave
Lizzie Brown c laundress   res 538 Barber
Loyd Brown   shoemkr Stephen Harris res 446 River
Lucius Brown   genl store 1126 West Broad res 3 North Spring
Lucy Brown c laundress   res 446 River
Lucy Brown c laundress   res 3 North Rock Spring
Lula Brown c laundress   res 609 5th
Marie Brown c laundress   res 246 South Lumpkin
Mary Brown c laundress   res 646 Morris
Mattie Brown c cook   res 1238 West Hancock ave
Mrs Fannie Brown   trader   res 203 East Dougherty
Randall Brown c lab   res 119 West Washington
Rev A L Brown c     res 19 Angle
Rev Cyrus Brown c     res 909 Reese
Rev George Brown c baptist   res 655 Morris
Richard Brown c lab   res Barberville
Robert Brown c restaurant   res 2 South Rock Spring
Sandford Brown c lab   res Rutherford
Silla Brown c cook   res 509 Dearing
Sylvia Brown c seamstress   res 655 Morris
W G Brown   carp   res 137 East Poplar
Wesley Brown   carp   res 613 Cobb
Wm Brown c lab   res 603 College ave
Marcellus D Browning   clk Talmadge Bros res 513 Meigs
Ephraim R Brumby     R T Brumby & Co res Pulaski
John W Brumby   manufctr shoes, propr steam tannery, dealer in hides and leather   res 213 East Hancock ave
LOUIS J BRUMBY   Editor and propr Southern Farmer   bds 232 South Lumpkin
Miss Mary B Brumby   tchr Oconee Street School bds 232 South Lumpkin
Mrs A B Brumby   boarding house 232 South Lumpkin    
BRUMBY R T & CO   E R Brumby, druggists 6 College ave    
Richard Brunker c lab   res 896 River
Wm T Bryan   bkkpr Michael Bros    
Daniel H Brydie c tailor S Raphael res 1227 West Broad
E W Brydie c barber   res 601 Plum
Mattie Brydie c teacher   res 1227 West Broad
Ephraim Buchwald   clk L & J Morris res 15 West Hancock ave
Anna Bugg c laundress   res 12 Warren
Henry Bugg c lab   res 1001 Waddell
Lilly Bugg c laundress   res 620 Hill
Malinda Bugg c cook 1001 Waddell    
Perry Bugg c cotton marker R L Moss & Co res 9 Warren
Beauregard Bullock   carp   res East Athens
Boston Bullock   carp   res East Athens
Ella Bullock   wks Check Fy res East Athens
George Bullock   carp   res 22 Rock Row
Green Bullock c lamplighter   res 444 Bridge
J B Bullock   carp   res 17 South Poplar
Mrs E S Bullock       res East Athens
Susan Bullock   wks check Fy res 22 Rock Row
Wm R Bullock   wks Check Fy res East Athens
Felix Bunker c drayman Orr & Hunter    
Frank Bunkley c drayman Gann, Murray & Co res 1120 East Broad
Lou Bunkley c laundress   res 1120 East Broad
Sarah Bunkley c laundress   res 208 South Peters
Ebin L Burbank   bkkpr Jo C Bernard res 227 South Pope
Miss Ida E Burbank   operator W U Tel Co bds 311 North Jackson
Mrs L W Burbank       res 311 North Jackson
Wm H Burbank   watchmaker C A Scudder bds 227 East Pope
Alex Burch   train hand R & D R R res Lula, Ga
Amanda Burch c laundress   res South Elberton
cicero B Burch   trav salesman Hodgson Bros res 17 East Clayton
Jack Burch c lab   res South Elberton
John B Burch   cond R & D R R res Lula, Ga
Joseph L Burch   clk J S King & Co res South Jackson near Cemetery
L N Burch   clk   res 604 West Hancock ave
Mrs S C Burch   seamstress   res 703 Oak
Scott Burch c lab 1599 Arch    
Ephnam Burdell c lab   res 509 Dearing
W B Burnett   lawyer and port master   res 710 Hill
James B Burpee   carriage mkr   res 429 River
Miss Lula Burpee   dress mkr 429 River res same
Robert A Burpee   blacksmith Klein & Martin bds 429 river
Benjamin W N Burrows   clk Michael Bros res 326 East Dougherty
George Bush c drayman   res 657 John
Kate Bush c cook   res 26 Milledge ave
Frank Butler   carp   res 1304 East Broad
Frederick Butler   carp   res cor Simon and Branch
Isaac N Butler   2nd asst eng fire dept   res 648 3rd
John F Butler   carp and builder 225 Prince ave res 38 Branch
Miss Olivia Butler   wks Check Fy res 3 Pine
W F Butler   carp   res near Grove

Transcribed by Frank Jenney