Carter Cemetery

People believed to be buried in the Holly Carter Cemetery in Dunlapp, Clarke County, Georgia.

Holly Carter

Sarah Carter Kidd
March 23, 1834 - July 3, 1917

Susan Thomas Gilmer
November 21, 1843 - October 12, 1864

Elizabeth E. Gilmer
wife of M.D. Tucker
June 25, 1858 - June 2, 1922

M. D. Tucker
November 4, 1856 - March 23, 1926

There may be others in unmarked graves.

Sarah Ann Carter Kidd was my great-great-great-grandmother and Holly Carter was her mother. My mother took me to the Holly Carter Cemetery about 25 years ago. It was on private property but I don't remember the owner's name. I'm sure I could not find it again but I still have the records of what we wrote and I have included the information below. It was grown-up with vines and brush then and very much in disrepair but I hate for it to be forgotten.

Submitted by Cheryl