Williamson Patterson Wise Bible

These are pages from the Williamson Patterson Wise family Bible. The Bible was almost destroyed in a fire at the home of Elmer Wise Jennings, son of Thomas Jefferson Jennings and Ruthan Louisa Wise. The surviving pages are partially burned and very tattered, but much of the information has been preserved. Below is an edited transcript of these pages. Missing information is bracketed in “[ ]” to distinguish it from surviving script and editorial notes are in italics.


W P Wise Departed this life January the 26th 1861

Walden Wise Departed this life August the 24—1862

James I[saac] Wise Departed this Life July the 10th 1862

Flemen Wise Departed this life January the 9 1862

Susan E Wise Departed this life April 18—1866

T? Patterson Wise Departed this life July 18—1870.   (The notation “Mother[‘s] Brother EWJ” was added by Elmer Wise Jennings, i.e., EWJ.)

Frances A Freeman Departed this life October the ___ 1862

Hartwell Freeman Departed this life May the th18—1862

George W Freeman departed this life January the 24—1863

S J Mcleroy departed this life August 29—1865

(Remaining text on this page very fragmented.)

F..J..Freeman Died March the 10 1885 (This is likely Fred J. Freeman.)

Was Beried the 12---- Hamilton M____


this Life


Williamson Patterson Wise Bible

Contributed by Jimmie Boyett