Williamson Patterson Wise Bible

These are pages from the Williamson Patterson Wise family Bible. The Bible was almost destroyed in a fire at the home of Elmer Wise Jennings, son of Thomas Jefferson Jennings and Ruthan Louisa Wise. The surviving pages are partially burned and very tattered, but much of the information has been preserved. Below is an edited transcript of these pages. Missing information is bracketed in “[ ]” to distinguish it from surviving script and editorial notes are in italics.

Births - Page 1

W P Wise was born May the 15th 1812

Irene [Minish] Wise was born March the 8th 1820

Martha M Wise was born March the 19th 1837

Walden Wise was born Oct the 25th 1837

James Isaac Wise was born April the 9th 1841

Flemon Wise was born Febuary (sic) the 21st 1843

Drury Lacy Wise was born Dec 27th 1844

Jacb (sic) Hutson Wise was born Febuary (sic) the 1st 1847

Sarah Clemon Wise was born August the ___ [1849]

Mary [J. Wise] was born ___ 25th 18[52]

Patterson W[ise] ___ born April __ [18,] A..D.. 18[54]

Ruthan Lo[uisa Wise was] born July the [3rd 1856] (The initialed note “EWJ 3th 1854” was a notation added by Elmer Wise Jennings, i.e., EWJ.)

Irene Wise [was] born Nov __ 1858

Susan Elise Wise was born ___ the 13th 186[0]

Williamson Patterson Wise Bible

Births - Page 2

Lucretia Freeman was born in 1775 September 28[.]  Departed this life December the 22—1864

[A]manda [Freeman]

Frances A Freeman was born December the 6—1835

George W Freeman was born December the 1—1839

Hartwell H Freeman was born September the 18—1842

Williamson Patterson Wise Bible

Contributed by Jimmie Boyett