James Jackson Jennings Bible

These are pages from the James Jackson Jennings family Bible. The content has been transcribed exactly, with editorial notes in italics.


James Jackson Jennings was born Sept 4th 1822
Jarusha Antonet (Jerusha Antionette) Jennings his wife was born July 29th 1825
Zadock Henry Jennings was born august 25th 1850
Thomas Jefferson Jennings was born June 14th 1852
Edward Hua (Hugh) Jennings was born Sept 25th 1855
Mary Nancy Jennings was born July 17th 1858 (Entry was struck through)
Nancy Rebecca Jennings was born July 17th 1858
Mary Francis Jennings was born July 27th 1860
Sarah Elizabeth Jennings was born November 25th 1862
Luticia Jennings Daughter TJ (Thomas Jefferson) Jenning & Rutha L his wife was Born Aug 16th 1876
Sarah F A Jennings Daughter of Z H (Zadock Henry and) S B Jennings his wif was Born Nov 19th 1876
Irena A Jenning was born Sept 2 1878
Jas Jennings was born Aug 15th 1878

J J Jennings Births

Contributed by Jimmie Boyett