John Gordon Sutherland Bible

This is a literal transcript of the contents of this Bible, including spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Note that the name Sutherland is also spelled Southerland and Sotherland.

SURNAMES: Beam, Bradbury, Buckalieu [?], Dooly, Eskew, House, Jennings, Johnson, Lay, Malcom, Petty, Powell, Sutherland, Whitehead


John G Southerland and Malinda L Whitehead was married December the 19 1869
Santford G Southerland & Cora Eskew was married the 11. of August 1895
Weldon Duly [Dooly] and Lizzie Southerland was married the 22 day of December 1895
Willie O. Sutherland & Ophelia E. Jennings was married November the 5 1899
Alva C Sutherland & Bill Lay was married in 1908
Irene Dooley and J B Petty was married July 1920
Walden L. Sutherland & Georgia Beam was married Oct 16, 1926.
Thelma Sutherland and T Jake Buckalieu was married Mar 22nd 1926.
Agnes Sutherland & Bart Powell was married Aug 25th 1924.
Elisie Sutherland and Lawrence Malcom was married Jan. 5, 1935
Howard Sutherland & Ione James was married Aug. 24, 1935

JG Southerland Bible Marriages

Contributed by Jimmie Boyett