John Gordon Sutherland Bible

This is a literal transcript of the contents of this Bible, including spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Note that the name Sutherland is also spelled Southerland and Sotherland.

SURNAMES: Beam, Bradbury, Buckalieu [?], Dooly, Eskew, House, Jennings, Johnson, Lay, Malcom, Petty, Powell, Sutherland, Whitehead

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John G Sotherland ws born Novem the 2 1845
Malinda L Southerland was born July the 25 1846
Minny L Southerland was born November 22 1870
George S Southerland was born October the 10 1872
Lizzie E Southerland was born Febuary the 4 1876
Willie O Southerland was born January the 10 1879
Alva C Southerland was born August the 8, 1882
Annie G Southerland was born Oct the 26 1890
Claud S. Dooly ws born the Feb. 19. 1898
Obey[?] T. Sutherland was born Mar 21, 1899
Weyman I. Dooly was born April 5, 1899
Walden L. Sutherland was born Sept. 4, 1900
Willie I. Dooly Dec. 18, 1900
Mary C. Sutherland was born Nov. 13, 1900
Clarence A Sutherland was born Aug 6, 6. 1904
Agnes O. Sutherland was born Mar 16 1906
Minnie R Dooly was born April 2. 1907

JG Southerland Bible Births

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Warnie Dooly was born Dec 3, 1909
Willie Howard Sutherland was born Feb. 23, 1909
Elsie Marie Sutherland was born Aug. 24. 1915
Sarah Gertrude Sutherland was born Feb. 9. 1919
Forbis Sutherland was born
Sam Sylvanis Sutherland was born
Myrtle Sutherland was born
Johnnie Lillian Sutherland was born May 23. 1907
Herman Preston Sutherland was born June 21, 1919.

JG Southerland Bible Births

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